Ramapo, New York’s Last Stand: Sweeping the Corruption Out



There are only a select few elections we have been following, primarily based upon the geography of our readership and the information they have been steadily supplying. We would have been happy to follow more of the elections in locations where they are critical to change but there are only so many hours to a day. We leave it to you, our readership, for the next elections.

The face of corruption in New York, particularly as it relates to the ultra-Orthodox communities within Rockland County (Monsey, New Square, Kiryas Joel) and Crown Heights, Borough Park and down to Lakewood and Toms River, New Jersey is like a caricature of some alternate universe where G-d’s 10 Commandments no longer mean “Though Shalt Not Steal,” “Though Shalt Not Commit Adultery” and “Though Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife.” Instead, they have metamorphosed to a bastardized belief system where everything many of us were taught as children, means nothing. It is okay to defraud social security, welfare and section 8. After all, G-d commanded us to be “fruitful and multiply.” If doing so makes us parasites to the surrounding communities, so be it. It is okay to teach our children religion without teaching them ordinary survival skills. After all, they will follow in our footsteps to continue to defraud the economy. They have no choice. We are not giving them any.

The tightly woven web of corruption, scandal, lies, fraud and sexual abuse runs much of the eastern seaboard as it crosses I87. Where Lakewood has seen scandal, so too has Monsey. Where Crown Heights has been investigated by the FBI for all manner of fraud (including gun permits, financial misdeeds, education fraud, welfare fraud) so too has Rockland and Orange Counties. The connection between Dov Hikind and Aron Wieder and their collective disgusting brand of morally challenged behavior includes political campaign contributions that are undoubtedly intended to guarantee favors. 

In Rockland County, at the heart of it all is a deep-seeded entrenched Christopher St. Lawrence who could likely rape a child on the street (one of the few things he has NEVER been accused of doing) and still be viewed as a savior to the Ultra-Orthodox Communities. He is so lacking in moral judgment that no-holds-barred.

Our view: Vote for any candidate who DOES NOT SUPPORT St. Lawrence, Aron Wieder and the continued destruction of Rockland and Orange Counties and their educational system. We believe, these men are the slime that lines a dirty garbage can. Cleaning up Rockland County means sweeping the place clean of the current establishment, from town supervisor to the justices who decide the guilt or innocence of those accused of horrible injustices.  

The following is an excerpt from the FB page of Bill Weber, the anti-St. Lawrence candidate. We have been provided significant information about him and while we have not done enough independent research, we can say unequivocally, from the information we have available, that a vote for him is a vote away from the St. Lawrence establishment.




Wow! I just received a really great neighbor email from an orthodox woman in Monsey on the choice for Town Council tomorrow. I couldn’t have said this better myself!
“I have been asked by a few people what I think about the candidates, so I am attaching my thoughts here….

Election on November 8 – Thoughts on Town Council Candidates
Tuesday’s election is an important one at the local level, and since a few people have asked, here are my thoughts about it.

TOWN COUNCIL. There is one place open on the Town Council, which is the governing body of the Town of Ramapo. This is the seat formerly occupied by Mr. Tress, who resigned from the Town Council as part of a plea agreement. Now his place is open. The Democratic candidate – i.e. the Town’s candidate – is Mr. Michael Rossman. Rossman was appointed by the Town on February 25, 2016 to serve as an alternate member of the ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals). The Republican candidate is Mr. William (Bill) Weber. Weber is a CPA and has served as Treasurer of the local Republican party. According to the Journal News, “Weber said his candidacy’s three top priorities would be fiscal responsibility, transparency, and enforcement of building and safety regulations. Rossman said his three priorities were a ‘cleaner, safer and more harmonious Ramapo.’”

READ THE ADS. I received two glossy color ads for Mr. Rossman in the mail on Friday. Across the center of the large one is this exhortation: “Don’t let negativity in the door.” This is ironic, and I guess I should have left the ad on my front porch, because the entire ad is not about Mr. Rossman, it is a negative smear campaign against Bill Weber.

“Will the real Bill Weber please stand up?!” fills the back side, in extra large all-caps against a menacing, stormy sky. On the front, we are treated to some shocking accusations against Mr. Weber. Not only is he a “close associate” of Robert Rhodes and Ed Day – whatever that means and with no substantiation provided – but his own spouse works for Ramapo Central School District. (Lisa Weber is the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, obviously in a key position to hatch nefarious plots too horrifying to specify.) And worst of all, even his own supporters admit that he plans to “upset the apple cart.” If you are attached to the current teetering Town of Ramapo apple cart, with all its rotten apples, I guess you’d be quite scared by this.

Finally, in small font at the bottom, they get around to saying something about their candidate. They quote a “known supporter of Preserve Ramapo,” because that is the only way for them to get the scary words Preserve Ramapo onto the ad, given that Bill Weber is NOT a Preserve Ramapo candidate. Anyway, this known supporter – presumably remaining nameless for his own protection – trusts Mr. Rossman “explicitly [sic].” You see, the notable thing about this candidate is that he is “totally legit as far as residency, honesty and legal background issues go.” In other words, he is not a crook with a criminal record. I find this very reassuring and a breath of fresh air, don’t you?

The other ad is a bunch of words and phrases with a cute traffic-signal theme. “It’s time to elect a fellow community member.” Really? Because we don’t have any community members on the Council, the ZBA, or the Planning Board? Or is this just a subtle way to warn us from voting for Bill Weber because he isn’t, you know, one of us? In any case, we should elect their candidate, “for a safer, cleaner, more harmonious Ramapo.” Safer and more harmonious for those on The Apple Cart hoping not to join the list of indicted Town officials, I guess. Having an outsider who owes nothing to the Town machine, who has a sophisticated understanding of budgets and financials, and who has pledged to make the operation of the Town Council more transparent might indeed help make the Town cleaner, and is apparently very frightening to The Apple Cart. Which leads to…

FOLLOW THE MONEY. At www.elections.ny.gov, you can view campaign financial disclosure information for yourself (don’t forget to also look at the 24 hour notice section). If you look at those backing the Town’s candidate, you will note that Friends of Michael Rossman is basically a short list of companies very involved in development in Ramapo – such as the developer/investor of the Elm Street housing project, in conjunction with the discredited Ramapo LDC, and Leonard Jackson Associates, engineering firm producing water supply and sewer capacity analyses and other services for large developments, including Viola Estates, Patrick Farms, and Hearthstone. Money for this candidate is also being raised via the Town of Ramapo Democratic Committee, which collected additional major contributions from several of the same donors.

Both organizations – Friends of Michael Rossman and Town of Ramapo Democratic Committee – are run by Mona Montal, the Director of Purchasing for the Town of Ramapo. Montal is the chairwoman of the Ramapo Democratic Committee; and the address of “Friends of Michael Rossman” is Montal’s home address. Montal has been a suspected conduit of developer donations to Christopher St. Lawrence’s campaigns for years. In fact, at the time of the Ward Referendum she was exposed when an urgent fundraising email she sent to a bunch of developers came to light. The email, to undisclosed recipients, referred to the ward referendum as “a campaign to disrupt what has been a very development and business friendly government here in Town.” She noted that “most of the developers are contributing between $10,000 and $20,000,” and that they had already raised $130,000 to defeat the ward proposal, but needed an additional $40K by the next morning. These are the powers behind Mr. Rossman’s candidacy. (This does not, by the way, reflect on Mr. Rossman himself, who, I have heard, is a lovely person.)

Think about it. Why have developers and supporters of CSL donated so much money to defeat Bill Weber? Why are they accusing him of being the Preserve Ramapo candidate, when he isn’t? Why the scare tactics? After all, there will still be a solid majority on the Town Council to pass whatever they want to pass, to approve whatever they want to approve, even if Weber wins. Think about it and then imagine how would things be different for you and me if a truly independent candidate won a seat on the Council and pulled back the veil of secrecy that surrounds the Town’s decision-making process, even just a little. Think about what you believe the Town needs right now. Whatever conclusion you personally reach, do make sure to vote tomorrow.”

I want to thank this friend for having the courage to share her convictions with her friends and neighbors. There is a reason why my campaign is on the RamapoUnited.org website. Every resident of Ramapo should be united in a single goal… Elect honest, hard working and capable men and women to the Town Board who are committed to working fairly for all the residents of Ramapo. I am committed to being just this kind of Councilman. Thank you, Bill



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