Efforts to Get “Saint” Lawrence and His Ilk Out of Office

Please note that running this letter should not be deemed to be an endorsement of our site by Bill Weber…

While LostMessiah will not endorse a candidate for office, we have been asked to post this as a Letter to the Editor:

Bill Weber and Letter to the Editor

There is an Town of Ramapo election for Town Councilman on Tuesday and I am writing to ask you to support Bill Weber.
· If you can, please make a last minute donation, we need $2,000 more to do what we need to do. http://bit.ly/2fRUf7R
· Please join “Bill Weber for Ramapo Town Council”page and share updates to it today and tomorrow – https://www.facebook.com/WeberforRamapo
· Volunteer on Monday with passing out reminder cards in low turn out neighborhoods.
· Volunteer on Tuesday with car rides, passing out cards, or poll watching.

The Town of Ramapo democratic committee has been dedicated to running the campaigns of Christopher St. Lawrence and his rubber stamp running mates. This time they selected a total unknown – Michael Rossman, a friend of Mona Montal who can use the money. The republican party agreed to back William “Bill” Weber of Montebello, who ran against Samuel Tress in 2015. It doesn’t matter how you plan to vote for president, i am emailing you to ask you to make sure that every single voter gets to the poll on Tuesday to vote for Bill Weber on Row B or Row H. A vote for Michael Rossman is a vote for St. Lawrence.

Read this if you want more info: http://ramapounited.org/rossman-montal-stlawrence/

I am supporting Bill Weber because he is a friend and a neighbor, and much more importantly, because he is qualified to do the job and has demonstrated an interest in Town government. Here is a link to a word document that highlights my position:https://www.dropbox.com/s/k3hq9h3mv9yqcq3/Vote%20For%20Bill%20Weber%20for%20Ramapo%20Town%20Council.docx?dl=0

I looked through my emails to share as widely as I can but we all have different circles of friends/neighbors in Ramapo. Pass this on and direct any questions to Weber4Ramapo@gmail.com




September 15, 2016

For immediate release

I, William J Weber, Jr, formally announce my candidacy for Ramapo Town Council to be held on the next General Election, November 8th, 2016. This election is to fill the Ramapo Town Council vacancy for an unexpired 3 year term. The position was formally held by Samuel Tress, who recently resigned. My commitment is to bringing honesty, integrity, and transparency to the Town of Ramapo government. In addition to living in Ramapo, I have worked as the CFO for a private, family‐owned Ramapo‐based company for the last 16 years. I hold a BBA in Public Accounting from Pace University, am a NYS Certified Public Accountant, and a member of the AICPA. Previously, I worked for a Rockland‐based CPA firm for over a decade. These positions have allowed me to specialize in auditing, corporate and individual taxation, budgeting, and forensic accounting. For a number of years, I have been actively engaged in research and analysis, highlighting the fiscal condition of the Town of Ramapo. Some of these analyses and comments have appeared in the Rockland County Times, Rockland Journal News, and social media outlets. During that same time, I have held executive‐level positions for Rockland County and Ramapo political parties. I have also been actively involved in many county, town, and village political campaigns.

In 2015, I used that experience and knowledge to run for Ramapo Town Council as part of a multi‐party coalition where I received nearly 11,000 votes in that spirited race. During that campaign, I was endorsed by the Rockland County PBA, a number of local civic groups, and people from all political affiliations. I am a lifelong resident of Rockland County. Born and raised in Pearl River, I lived in Nanuet for nearly a decade and have resided in the Village of Montebello since 2007. My wife, Lee, and I are the proud parents of four children, all of whom attend the Ramapo Central Schools. My two brothers currently serve in the NYPD and my father, a retired NYPD officer, previously served as president of the Rockland County Shields. I am truly excited for this opportunity to put my life and business skills to work in order to put Ramapo back on the path to excellence. Please join me on this journey. I will not let you down and I humbly ask for your vote.

Bill Weber



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