Child Abuse Commission -Australia


Royal Commission seeks submissions about various religious institutions

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will hold a public hearing commencing in February 2017 into the current policies and procedures of each religious institution named below in relation to child protection and child-safe standards, including responding to allegations of child sexual abuse.

This hearing is expected to include consideration of factors that may have contributed to the occurrence of child sexual abuse in religious institutions and factors that may have affected the institutional response of religious institutions to child sexual abuse. This hearing may also examine the responses of named institutions to relevant case study report(s).

The Royal Commission invites submissions from individuals and organisations concerning the current policies and procedures in place and the response of the institution to the relevant case studies and case study reports.

The Royal Commission may invite selected individuals or organisations to speak to their submissions, however, it is not proposed that leave to appear will be granted.

Those institutions are:

· Catholic Church authorities in Australia;
· Anglican Church authorities in Australia;
· Yeshivah Melbourne and Yeshiva Bondi;
· Uniting Church in Australia;
· Jehovah’s Witnesses and Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Australia Ltd.

The identity of anyone who provides information will be protected and will be kept confidential.

Submissions should be made by 25 November 2016 in writing to GPO Box 5283, Sydney, NSW, 2001 or via email to Submissions can be anonymous.

If individuals have participated in a private session and would like their session to be recognised as a formal, confidential submission, please contact the Royal Commission at




One thought on “Child Abuse Commission -Australia

  1. “Those institutions are:”…
    Ah, a bit of ecumenism, or alternatively interfaith dialogue, depending on your view of one of the players…
    But a wonderful bit of company to be keeping in any case in this context.

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