Future Top Cop – In Bed with the Borough Park Corrupt – Community Board 12

Ringel and Community Board 12

Community Board 12, Yidel Perlstein… Bringing our Old Friends Back to the Forefront…


Community leader boasted about snagging favor from future top cop


A Borough Park community leader bragged on a taped phone call how he pulled some strings to get future top cop James O’Neill to transfer a friendly lieutenant back to the neighborhood, The Post has learned.

Community Board 12 Chairman Yidel Perlstein wanted Michael Andreano returned to Borough Park’s 66th Precinct from the 60th in Brighton Beach, where the cop had been shipped following his promotion.

Perlstein, speaking in Yiddish, describes in the secretly recorded conversation how he approached NYPD Assistant Chief Steven Powers at a September 2015 breakfast meeting in Williamsburg and asked that Andreano be moved.

Perlstein claims that he offered Powers dinner at a local kosher steakhouse to grease the wheels for the personnel move, with Powers then talking to O’Neill, who was the NYPD’s chief of department at the time and happened to be at the meeting.

“I told Powers, ‘I will take you out to The Loft for supper,’ ” Perlstein says on the recording.

“So I told Powers, go over to O’Neill, to tell him to make an exception, to have Andreano back. So Powers and others went over to O’Neill and made the request to O’Neill and O’Neill said, ‘No problem, permission granted,’ with a big smile on his face.

“And [Andreano] was already the next day at work,” he adds.

The phone call was taped by a community activist who shared an excerpt with The Post. New York law permits people to secretly record conversations in which they take part.

Captains-union President Roy Richter said the commanding officer of the 66th put in a request to retain Andreano as soon as he was promoted — though he did not return until after the September meeting.

On Monday, The Post exclusively reported that Andreano had been stripped of his badge and gun over his ties to Alex “Shaya” Lichtenstein, a leader of Borough Park’s “Shomrim” safety patrol.

Lichtenstein was busted by the feds in April on charges he offered nearly $1 million in bribes to score pistol permits from the NYPD’s License Division for clients who paid him up to $18,000 a pop.

Andreano’s transfer back to the 66th was highly unusual, because protocol dictates that cops get moved following a promotion to avoid animosity from former colleagues and to prevent corruption, a high-ranking NYPD official said.

To read the NYPost article in its entirety click here.


7 thoughts on “Future Top Cop – In Bed with the Borough Park Corrupt – Community Board 12

  1. It is all Lies. Chief Powers is an Honorable, and Honest person. He has an amazing reputation, and keeping our Community very safe,

  2. @jm, Snitch? how do you know this?and besides, what is this, the mob?, these groups are here in order to protect and serve, not take money, not harass, not to get even with people, not to promote their own power, not to enforce gender separation, and certainly not to disrupt and ruin peoples lives, we dont owe them a code of Omerta, the minute they start to engage in the aforementioned activities we should snitch them out and get their butts fired, levi yitzchak is a good guy who was harassed by the shomrim and the nypd because they didn’t like the fact that he isnt in line with the shomrim, hats off to him.

    btw, speaking of messirah, the shomrim dont recognize the laws of messirah, they snitch out whom and how they please, and they have no right to complain against being victims of messirah, karma is a bitch baby

    • Thank you for confirming my post. I’m sure Levi Yitzhak is a good guy… If you say so.

      Not sure who you are but the 66 is one of the safest preicents in the US. They had a perfect relationship with the community and for the most part super nice cops. That was until people like Leifer came along. Professing otherwise is a lie. Did Leifer help or harm the long cultivated trust. That is what I call mesira, when you harm a community and hide behind your so called self riotous work.

      • @Jm, i dont know and neither do you if he snitched them out, what im saying is that if he did or whoever did this you shouldn’t have a problem with it because its a good thing, will make the world a better place to bring some accountability for these people.

        Yes its a safe neighborhood, but so was Howard beach when john gotti lived, the murder of Karina Vetrano wouldn’t have happened, but that doesnt make them less mobster., and yes the shomrim do do a good job in certain areas but are very corrupt in other areas.

        perfect relationship is very nice, maybe they did have it maybe they didnt, but they did trample on human rights, yes maybe for the most part they are probably good, but its the small part that cause a lot of problems.

        leifer didn’t harm anything, he stood up for his rights, they had him arrested for bogus charges and he filed a lawsuit, you are allowed to masser a mazik l’rabim which is what the shomrim are in some instances, i know for a fact that snitched on yidden, and even made up stories on people to either advance their own power or to exact their will and way on those people.

      • @Jm
        “They had a perfect relationship with the community”
        Really? a perfect relationship with the entire community or with the self proclaimed leaders of the community? Clearly, not everyone in the community was happy – clearly some people were being mistreated……
        and .. a safe neighborhood for everyone? Is it yet safe for parents to report abuse? Is it yet safe for kids who might be abused? It hasnt always been that way in the past. Has this perfect relationship you describe addressed that history? I dont know Leifer nor do I even know more than a couple of old timers in the 66th precinct neighborhood but I am still wondering what you mean by a perfect relationship. From the outside it certainly looks like a perfect relationship for the people whose job it is to keep the frum masses in line..

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