Joel Landau – Removing Photos – An Alluring Reminder…

rivington house

Rivington Street, Joel Landau, a Photograph and a Video Describing his Healthcare Facilities. If anyone has a photo of Landau that he or she has taken, please send along.

It appears that Joel Landau does not like having his photo online. If you will notice, his photo has been removed from all of our posts, as well as a number of YouTube videos. Unfortunate as it may seem, it’s also another example of hypocrisy. We have decided to air his PUBLICLY AVAILABLE YOUTUBE VIDEO.

Mr. Landau, in the future, ask us to take down your photo and we will, voluntarily. No need to waste so much time. We hope to find one that someone has taken.


7 thoughts on “Joel Landau – Removing Photos – An Alluring Reminder…

  1. yeah, destined to have money like madoff was destined to have money. sheesh!! you people are out of your minds. of course you get all this from your holy rebbe who takes his cut off the top. every one of the hasids are cut from the same cloth and are genetically unable to tell the truth or act honestly. they have always been and will always be gypsies (with fur hats).

    • FARGIN a guy who lied his way through a huge chillul hashem fraud? ARE YOU FU%$ING INSANE? Jealousy? That’s what you think? This guy Landau is the WORST OF THE WORST! Well, maybe not as bad as Rechnitz because at least he didn’t kill anybody. Landau like most Hasids in business is a lying piece of garbage whose day will come soon.

    • @someone – Fargin is not “beshert” it means “to not withhold favor from someone or perhaps more accurately to not begrudge someone something. No one is begrudging him his money. We are simply remarking about how dirty his hands had to get to come to to his financial fortune. Fargin is generally used to define something that is deserved. Landau may very well deserve his money. We won’t begrudge him his special place in hell either.

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