Did the Rebbe Hand Out Compassion for the sexually abused children His own Community Betrayed? PLEASE DO NOT CONTRIBUTE!!!










LM – 10/11/15

By the Grace of G-d

Erev Yom Kippur, 5777 • October 11, 2016

Dear Friend,

A few hours before the onset of Yom Kippur each year, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, would enter the synagogue for prayer, holding a bag of coins. The tables were covered with scores, perhaps hundreds, of charity plates, representing an array of causes, from food for the poor and assistance for needy brides, to schools and mitzvah campaigns and more.

Despite his impossibly tight schedule, the Rebbe would deliberately and carefully place coins into every plate, taking great care not to skip a single one. Each represented a community or an individual who needed help, materially or spiritually.

In his urgent desire to help each individual, the Rebbe did not consider even one of them to be insignificant.

•   •   •

Emulating this extraordinary example, when we dig deep into our own resources to fill the plates of others, we encourage G-d to throw open His bank account of abundant blessings to each of us, to be judged with mercy and compassion for a truly happy, healthy and sweet year. And G-d, we know, has plenty to give.

•   •   •

At Chabad.org, where millions regularly turn to fill their plates with spiritual inspiration, Torah learning, or practical tools to enrich their Jewish experience, we try to do our part.

Year-round our rabbis, editors, programmers and designers work with extraordinary urgency and devotion, motivated by the constant awareness that at the other end of the screen is an individual — millions of individuals! — who seek a lifeline.

Our team is able to fill those needs only thanks to wonderful, caring people like you who, recognizing the importance of this mission, happily partner with us to provide the necessary funding.

As Yom Kippur quickly nears, please consider:

Can you please partner with us to fill the plates of the Jewish People?

Remember: For many who turn to us every day, we — you! — are their only Jewish lifeline.

Would you please open your heart real wide and partner with us to help them?

•   •   •

To donate, please click here.

(You can contribute via Credit Card, PayPal, E-Check (ACH) or Bank Wire / Transfer. Checks can be mailed to:
Chabad.ORG High Holiday Appeal • 770 Eastern Parkway Suite 405 • Brooklyn, NY 11213)

•   •   •

May your charitable partnership stand you in good stead as G-d opens His bank account wide, to bestow all of the deepest of His blessings upon you, your family and the entire world, to be inscribed and sealed for a Good and Sweet New Year!


The Chabad.org Team

P.S. – For all of your final Yom Kippur informational needs, please visit our Yom Kippur site. For one of the many inspiring talks by the Rebbe listed there, click here.

P.P.S. – If you have already partnered with us during this campaign, we apologize for the repeated emails. We are trying our hardest to avoid duplication and we are most grateful to you for your support!

Also, if you are unable or unwilling to contribute, please note that this request is not a requirement but simply an appeal to those who are able to help. You are always welcome to enjoy our website and subscriptions, regardless of whether you make a contribution.

Finally, these books make great ones: My Rebbe (Even Israel-Steinsaltz), and the New York Times bestselling Rebbe: The Life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, the Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History (Telushkin) (updated paperback edition).


20 thoughts on “Did the Rebbe Hand Out Compassion for the sexually abused children His own Community Betrayed? PLEASE DO NOT CONTRIBUTE!!!

  1. 10.19.16 – 1:35pm Wow, we appreciate all of the comments this particular post generated. To Sarah and those that refer to us as anti-Semitic: we are not anti-Semites despite your misplaced sentiments. We are, however, anti any organized group with a consistent habit of covering up child abuse, sexual misconduct, child molestation, suicide and drug abuse within its community. Chabad Lubavitch is one such organization. The Chabad members and rabbis can feed strangers in their cities. They can be inviting into their synagogues. They can publish interesting posts on their Chabad website. That does not change the very fact that Chabad is a business and the culture of that business is to cover up the horrible and unthinkable crimes institutionally within that business community. There simply is, in our view, no way to wash their hands clean of that, except to act as a group and clean house. Should Chabad take affirmative action to clean up its act, we will support and publish about that action. We have seen from dozens of posts and comments to this blog that the Moshiach will come or hell will freeze over long before that happens.

  2. Wow- are you an idiot?
    Bast vast majority of Chabad’s don’t charge for the meals etc they serve.
    Yes, there are those that charge. But in my experience it is vastly subsidized. Try getting kosher catered food on most of those way out places

    I find it very telling that this site consistently highlites and showcase highly skewed comments by CL who, if anyone had followed his comments (those that are even slightly readable) , is clearly deranged and probably thrown out of any Chabad he ever visited to seemingly partake of any free alcohol they used to serve

    Shows The low level this site reaches to

    I just spent the holidays at my local Chabad.
    They did ask for a modest ( almost nothing compared to the local temple) donation to reserve a seat. But turned nobody away )like other temples)
    There were hundreds of Jews who were grateful for an opportunity to worship. They did sell certain aliyot and people donated most didn’t
    The Rabbis did an excellent job of explaining the services and provided a nice break fast. All without charge
    The rabbis were very welcoming and pleasant
    I’m sure that there are exceptions but in all my years visiting various Chabad centers around the world o found my experience to be the rule not the exception and I simply don’t accept the wild general accusations and tirades often expressed here
    Any mental retard homeless druggie can write whatever he wants and he is taken seriously
    Do your own research

    • @anonymous
      Whose the idiot now?
      did you actually read my comment or do you just enjoy ranting?
      I wrote “Same with the hospitality of Chabad if its kosher I’ll pay reasonable prices for it”
      As I further wrote: I consider many Chabad services to be businesses. Pay a reasonable price no problem.
      Voluntarily donating (not in exchange for a place to daven or for food or similar..)
      but rather just to further their cause is another story. That is where I agree with CD – (its not CL btw) – and presumably with the author of this blogpost -on the issue of just ‘donating’ to Chabad as a general tzedakah contribution.


      • and @anonymous
        I cant speak for the ‘vast majority’ but I know of quite a number of Chabads located at tourist attractions who do have set prices for meals. Those are the Chabads with which I am most familiar and to which I was referring as ‘businesses’. I have been to a number of those Chabads and found the food to be quite good and the prices reasonable.

        Now go rant at someone else.

        • Oh wow. You’re willing to pay a reasonable price but never a donation….
          Do them a big favor take your “business” elsewhere and stay away from all Chabad institutions.
          Take your pathetic tuna cans and matza and wash in a plastic cup and enjoy sea world
          In my experience it’s jerks like you who don’t dontae anywhere anyways

          • @anon
            “In my experience it’s jerks like you who don’t dontae anywhere anyways”

            wrong again. I’ve donated lots of money because there are- lots of causes out there without the extra baggage… BUT its people like you, in my experience, who only value people for the amount they donate …so you would actually like me a lot if you knew me!
            …but I digress…

            Next time I’m at a Chabad location that ‘sells’ meals and Im enjoying the food I’ll be sure to tell the Rabbi that some ‘jerk’ on the internet suggested that I take my business elsewhere. I’ll get back to you on the response.. Something tells me they’ve always been and will continue to be VERY happy to sell the meal at the stated price like any other food purveyor…but lets leave THAT question open for now and get to the rest of your ranting:

            Now suddenly tuna (delicious) is ‘pathetic’ ?
            Sure, anything you say, I’ll be sure to think of the ‘jerk’ or was that ‘idiot’ the next time I have a fantastic tuna meal…at home or on the road…meanwhile go google why people boycotted Seaworld and realize the irony in your ‘pathetic’ statement……

    • Anonymous,

      “Bast vast majority of Chabad’s don’t charge for the meals etc they serve.”

      And you call my comments unreadable? Anyway, not being “deranged,” nor a “mental retard homeless druggie” as you would characterize me, I’m able to figure out what you’re trying to say there. Try proofreading, okay?

      You’re correct, they don’t charge for meals, not exactly. For a typical Shabbos tish, they typically troll for “sponsors.” Here’s how that works: They often charge $180 for the “sponsorship,” then put the meal together for $50 to $80 depending on how many they have to serve, and pocket the rest. They get to come out looking really generous, hospitable, and make money as well. If someone wants to bring the meal in, as one friend did offering to get kosher catering, they decline because there is no surplus funding to grab. They may claim it’s not kosher enough for them, or that “the rebbetzin” enjoys doing it herself. The meals are often done on the cheap; bowls of chips, pots of chollent (potatoes, beans, a bit of meat), and salads. More formal meals are generally attached to a “suggested donation” and their profit margin is much higher in those cases.

      Next… since you want to attack me on the subject of alcohol, let talk about it a bit.
      “probably thrown out of any Chabad he ever visited to seemingly partake of any free alcohol they used to serve”

      In fact, I can attend any local Chabad I want and have never been asked to leave one.
      And I don’t appreciate the taste of alcohol very much at all, and was raised with traditional Jewish values regarding the consumption of alcohol. It was mostly foreign to me and even my own father would not finish a beer when offered one. I was not raised religious, so we didn’t make kiddish on wine for any occasion. And the wine bottles from my parents wedding were a fixture that sat in a high cupboard gathering dust.

      The worst alcoholism I’ve ever engaged in was in the company of, and with the encouragement of the Chabad rabbis I’ve had the misfortune to know. I have watched them vomit on several occasions from too much drinking (Simchat Torah and Purim). And I’ve walked home drunk too many times after being encouraged by them to share too many “l’chaims!” which I recognize (and tell my children) is a chillul HaShem. It has also resulted in personal injury to me in one horrible instance (after which I simply don’t consume any notable amount of hard alcohol anymore). And if I would, it would be in the safety of my own home. I take responsibility for my bad judgement and realize that I made a grave error in considering such a low value, alcoholic individual (the Chabad rabbi) to be my spiritual mentor.

      I simply do not have the same tolerance for alcohol as they do. Alcohol is a very common part of Chabad culture (typically vodka) and I also noticed that the time of day doesn’t matter to them when it comes to drinking alcohol. It’s common for them to drink at an early morning brit milah, and at the early kiddish on any Yom Tov. The last time I was at one of their early morning brit milas, the idiot rabbi went around to every table with his vodka to “say l’chaim!” so he could have an excuse to get intoxicated.

      One of the local rabbis here (the same idiot) reportedly has liver damage due to his excessive drinking. He has admitted it to another congregant, but I have not verified it independently. I do believe it. And it is a Chabad custom to make Kiddish on vodka through Sukkot (possibly before) through Simchat Torah.

      Chabad is famous for alcoholism. One example:

      My oldest child had his first hit of vodka at the age of 10 or 11 years-old at Chabad. Not intentionally. There were so many clear cups of vodka laying around that he mistook one for his glass of water and took a big gulp of it. He choked and it burned his throat. The rabbi was amused, me not so much, my wife not at all.

      So don’t imply I’m an alcoholic while defending your precious Chabad. You’re an ignoramus.

      Now, let’s examine your comment:
      “I just spent the holidays at my local Chabad.
      They did ask for a modest ( almost nothing compared to the local temple) donation to reserve a seat. ”

      Here I will start on a more positive note about Chabad than you do. High holiday services at the Chabads I attended were always “free.” There was absolutely no charge to attend or get a seat.
      However, there was incredible pressure with the constant droning on and guilt trip to give charity (tzdakah) to avert a bad decree for the coming new year. The rabbi, playing religious holy man, never openly accepted money (except checks) on Yom Tov. But he certainly pushed his “free” calendar to everyone which contains that ever present donation envelope inside. And on every monthly page of that calendar there is a plea for money: for a given holiday, in honor/memory of, or plugs for “planned giving” (that’s in your will upon your death). You’ll also find them begging for donations of cars, boats, real estate, and appreciated stocks.

      In the end, Chabad costs more if you allow yourself to become a sucker.

      Okay, next…
      “The Rabbis did an excellent job of explaining the services”

      Yes, I’ve heard the dumbed-down explanations over and over, year after year. Judaism pre-101 with a Lubavitch minhag slant that they portray as traditional greater Jewish world Judaism. They often sell their own brand as Absolut Judaism (pun intended) and those who don’t know better typically accept it as the complete truth. I did.

      But this is our major difference:
      “but in all my years visiting various Chabad centers around the world”

      You’re apparently a casual visitor. I went full cult-dive into their empty pool. My family was told we were loved and were like family to them. Yes, they really said “loved” and “like family.” We were looking for some kind of Jewish validation and acceptance, so being loved and “like family” was what we wanted. And during that time, I had a valid credit card and pocket$ full of what they loved and wanted.
      When it ran out, so did their “love.” And I came to realize too late that I never needed the validation of those criminals to begin with.

      I am not “deranged.” Even if I was a Chabad outreach sucker.

      And I was fully aware of what I was saying when I wrote earlier:
      Misleading and using people in the name of doing God’s work is a horrible transgression.

      It’s YOU who needs to do YOUR research. I’ve done mine the hard way, through bad experience and later by reading a lot of accounts on the Internet of people who experienced the same or similar.

      • For someone who loaths chabad so much you’ve amazingly attended so many of their services. And for free no less!

        And with minors as well!
        I’m sure it’s only because other Shul’s don’t allow or tolerate utter pathetic hacks like you and your family. So with no choice you head to the only place that accepts your ilk -Chabad.

        Last I checked Chabad’s are growing at a fast clip and film to the limit but of course to a mental angry midget like you that’s meaningless cuz everybody else is crazy

        Your math is pathetic they charge 180! give 50 etc.
        are you for real??
        I know homeless people hardly shop cuz they eat out of the mazon or homeless shelter but when have you ever bought food lately?
        How bout paper goods? Cleanup etc?

        You moron.
        I’ve read thru -or attempted to- dozens of your crazy dim witted axe grinding agendas on Chabad
        You’re probably the loser guy we all know who finally ticked the Rabbi off and was told (thankfully) not to ever return and you’re angry you’re upset. Your feelings were hurt
        Get over it !
        You’re a misfit a unwanted nobody who wouldn’t donate a dime to the best of causes
        Go back into your hole with your imaginary family and stop taking up library time on the internet

  3. I agree 100 % with Chafraud , bc he is saying the truth about chabad .
    What Chafraud is saying is what chabad really is and he describes it very well .

  4. Sarah, you are a fool .
    And you do not know what you are doing , pretty sad .
    Till you will be aware of the reality about chabad , you will stop giving and you will realize you made a big mistake , just because you did not know .
    Btw, I don’t think you are ‘Sarah’ , but a chabad male who logs in under ‘Sarah’ .
    chabad is well known for being dishonest, so there is no surprise .

  5. “No one should expect any help from any of the rabbis aand rebbetzins who get constant requests for meals and shelter and other vital assistance in its thousands of Chabad houses”

    That’s a fact. Granted, I haven’t sampled “thousands” of Chabad houses, rather only a couple. But the behavior is the same, just like their fundraising, infrastructure, and dynasty building formulas.

    I have personal experience of a Chabad rabbi who solicits money in the name of the poor while simultaneously increasing his own affluent lifestyle. He takes from donors who are so enamored of him that they send his kid spending money for summer camp while other kids in the community can’t even afford to get to camp! I know. The kids who couldn’t afford to go to camp were mine!

    I’ve seen an alcoholic Chabad rabbi with a table full of alcohol worth many times more than the amount it would take for me to put a Shabbos dinner on the table when my family had a hard time doing so. And that same rabbi is known to have treated a convert and a non-observant woman with visible characteristics of down syndrome – both as Jewish as any other – like crap! Had they both been millionaires, the Chabad rabbi would treat them like royalty. But they were not very useful attendees capable of advancing that Chabad in meeting its financial goals.
    And, that same rabbi ‘kisses the tuchus’ of non-observant Jewish celebrities and local political figures.

    When the danger of fallout on my yeshiva aged kids has passed, I will reveal the names of the Chabad rabbis I know with very questionable integrity.

    Their financial compass and moral compass are one in the same.

    Chabad is NOT the organization it may have been decades ago. Shlichus (sending out rabbi emissaries) IS A BUSINESS. Appearing to help Jews is merely a means to meet their business goals, not their end game.

    And misleading customers about their messianic beliefs is OFFICIAL CHABAD POLICY designed not to scare away donors who do not hold to the belief that a dead Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson will return, like Jesus, to be the messiah.
    That would be a turn-off to any Jew, religious or not, who is familiar with and holds to traditional Jewish beliefs.

    But the ignorant will always lean of the line: “But they do so much good”. It’s nonsense. They appear to do good and certainly show a lot of hospitality. But it’s just a means of reaching their own selfish goals.

    It’s erev Yom Kippur. And it’s about time we expose the public relations lies that are designed to create Chabad funding.

    Misleading and using people in the name of doing God’s work is a horrible transgression.

    • And the MANY stories of institutionalized child sexual abuse and corresponding cover-ups of the crimes – which are documented in reputable news sources – are another reason NOT to give to the Chabad organization as well.

      Who wants to risk their child getting molested for a bit of Chabad hospitality?

      • Hey Jay, I’m pretty tired of your nag. Why don’t you go fk yourself and get off my ass?
        What makes you think I haven’t taken responsibility for my error in foolishly giving to Chabad without doing my research first? I’ve said as much before.
        But that’s no reason not to spread the truth about Chabad so others don’t make the same mistake.
        They are expert people users. Especially when the uninformed are spiritual seekers trying to reattach to their heritage.

  6. Please follow up with a post that no one should visit any Chabad institutions for food and services while traveling the world.
    No one should expect any help from any of the rabbis aand rebbetzins who get constant requests for meals and shelter and other vital assistance in its thousands of Chabad houses
    Ask them to stay away

    I sincerely doubt that most people on this site who even remotely believe your anti semitic anti everything “cholent pot” -where you miz together all groups even those that don’t see eye to eye- rantiings are donors to anything. Most are unemployed mentally stunted morons like yourself who don’t even have Shmaryas semblance of class.
    I come on this site for the (pretty good) collection of hard to find published news stories.
    But when it comes to yoour personal opinions and ravings you have to know that nobody literally nobody takes you even remotely seriously
    You know that right??

    • This site is an apalling attempt at what it claims to be. Go to facebook and check out frum watch for a decent non insane and actually pretty good stab at it.

    • @anonymous
      ‘nobody literally nobody takes you even remotely seriously’
      Not true
      I take this seriously.
      I know others who do as well.
      and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Chabad centers worldwide that offer hospitality and food.
      Nothing wrong with buying meals or donating to meals or services.
      Chabad centers – as Chafraud has written many times- are BUSINESSES.
      Do I ask the owner of a kosher restaurant in a city I am visiting which shul he davens in?
      NO. I pay for my meal and am on my way. Same with the hospitality of Chabad if its kosher I’ll pay reasonable prices for it.
      Donating as ‘tzedakah’ is enitrely another matter.

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