Montreal’s Chabad Center and Clean Money…. Laundry?

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Montreal Chabad center investigated for money-laundering

Authorities find large amount of cash; suspect link between charity and head of online gambling company

MONTREAL — Quebec securities officials are investigating possible connections between a Montreal Chabad group and an alleged money-laundering scam involving the ex-CEO of Amaya Inc., the world’s largest publicly traded online gambling company.

David Baazov, 35, is facing charges filed in March that he tried to influence the Amaya stock price by using privileged information.

Securities officials found $66,000 in cash during a raid of the Chabad affiliate, called Centre Chabad, in June, The Canadian Jewish News reported Tuesday.

According to the officials, the Chabad center — ostensibly a charitable group — was used to launder money by donors who are now also being targeted in the Amaya investigation.

The raid was undertaken to view the Chabad center’s banking records and communication between its employees and those connected to the Amaya investigation or Baazov, according to The Jewish News.

Baazov resigned as Amaya CEO in August, but denies the charges and is contesting the legality of the raid.


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One thought on “Montreal’s Chabad Center and Clean Money…. Laundry?

  1. $ 66.000 for ChaBAD is a penny .

    The Canadian authorities should see how many millions they are in ChaBAD bank accounts AND WHERE THOSE MILLIONS COME FROM ?

    But , Canadian authorities might not find anything , because those millions are deposited into LLC’s and other fictitious names than ChaBAD .

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