Religious Schools in Bloomingburg, finally being investigated

Religious schools under investigation in Bloomingburg

BLOOMINGBURG — Multiple Bloomingburg locations are under investigation by the Mamakating building inspector as sites of a religious girls school which lacks the proper approvals or licensing.

Building inspector Mary Grass said no one filed any complaints with her office about the alleged school, but she was watching a live stream of the Sept. 8 village board meeting when residents complained that they saw on Twitter an announcement of a Satmar girls school opening on Sept. 12 at 45 River Lane, a home that is not approved to be used as a school.

“Next morning, I was there at 7 o’clock, and I’ve been working on it ever since,” Grass said.

Grass posted stop work orders Sept. 9. If the home owner or tenants want to run a school out of that house, Grass said they have to go before the planning board to have a change of use approved. The newly formed Village of Bloomingburg planning board has not met yet.

Despite “No trespassing” signs posted at 45 River Lane, Grass said she found two men whom she questioned about the house being used as a school and any construction being done on the property. The men first told her it was just a home, Grass said, and then one said there was a daycare. Grass informed the men that a daycare would need to be licensed by the state.

Since that encounter, Grass said the school has been moved to a different site, where students are transported by unmarked vans. She is investigating the second site, but declined to give an address. It is a seasonal residence that does not have heat, Grass said.

The owner of 45 River Lane is Brooklyn resident Yocheved Perlstein, who told Grass he has been approached about a lease for a school in the house, but no lease has been signed yet. Perlstein told Grass that he would not sign a lease for a school unless it is approved by the village.

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2 thoughts on “Religious Schools in Bloomingburg, finally being investigated

  1. “All residents of Bloomingburg have to be held to the same standard of code,” Grass said. “That’s what we’re looking for.”

    What an antisemite! Rules are for goyim! Stupid shiksa just doesn’t understand.

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