Was Stark’s Death Actually a Planned Hit?


Prosecutors believe slain Brooklyn landlord was victim of a hit in opening statements

A Brooklyn landlord whose body was found burned inside a Long Island dumpster may have been the victim of a planned hit, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Kendel Felix, 28, is on trial for his role in the kidnap and murder of Menachem (Max) Stark on Jan. 2, 2014.

“Why Max?” asked Assistant District Attorney Emily Dean in her opening statements in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

“He was a real estate developer. He had tenants. Most people hate their landlords. He also had contractors, who felt they hadn’t been treated equally,” she said.

Landlord murder suspect wasn’t coerced into confession

Stark was suffocated during the alleged kidnapping and died in the back of a van. That night Stark was expected to go to a wedding and to be home around 11:30 p.m.

“I called him, I called Max. Every minute, every second. I called and called,” said Stark’s widow Vashie Stark.

Felix admitted to investigators on video that his cousin talked him into participating in the kidnapping of Stark to get money and he was the driver.

But his lawyer, Jack Goldberg, said “Kendel Felix denies committing this crime…not a single piece of evidence connects Mr. Felix to Mr. Stark.”

Man accused of killing B’klyn landlord may have falsely confessed

Felix, his cousin and other suspects not charged with the murder, worked for a contractor named Jeff Sealy who was hired by Stark to do work on one of his properties.

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