Tuition BOGO – DO NOT DONATE!!!!!!!!!!


Tuition BOGO,, Kars4kids… SCAMS ONE AND ALL!

Over the last several months we have been provided with a series of requests that we write about the above three scams, as well as many others. Our plan was to publish an extensive expose of sorts which would provide information on each and warn against all of them. However, on the pages of our blog we came across comments recently about TUITION BOGO, which included a link to The Lakewood Scoop and in the interest of saving people hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in our opinion, it would be derelict of us to wait until we have as much written as we had initially intended.

In the interest of full disclosure, has provided money to some charities for which they have fundraised; and they have matched. But their practices have been in our view less than Kosher. It is for that reason that we do not think that people should be putting their money into Charidy or any related entity.

Kars4kids and its pretty jingles, we covered and will continue to do so.

Tuition BOGO is as follows:


UPDATE: BOGO Tuition Campaign “Broke terms of Service” host says; Donations cancelled

The host of the failed BOGO Tuition campaign says the campaign broke the terms of service.

Nobody’s credit card was charged, the host, YouCaring said.

Over $140,000 was given to the campaign, which Lakewood schools and Askonim say had no information about.

bogo-tuition-fundThe site has since been deleted.




5 thoughts on “Tuition BOGO – DO NOT DONATE!!!!!!!!!!

  1. This is a huge problem. Let me add that many of the flagship Israeli charitable organizations are huge cash machines that dole out high salaries to the senior managers, have high overhead, consultants, send their people to overseas fundraising junkets, hotels, etc. The point is Israel is a wealthy nation. Millions of Israelis vacation abroad every year, many own investment apartments in berlin and other locales, there are more and more luxury cars. Why dont these orgs raise money in Israel? Because Israelis know most charities exist to fund themselves. JNF…which in Israel is KKL has 4 billion nis in the bank, do they really need us jews to donate money? No.

  2. Been warning about this for some time…if these charities had such substantial generous donors they would not be in the dire straights they find themselves in. And to be honest, even if these “donors” did appear, I wouldn’t trust that the money they “give” isn’t returned back to then through the back door. Just another scam in a different flavor.

  3. You are all missing the point. The bait uses to get people to donate is the promise of 3 people to match the donations dollar for dollar, hence the 4x multiplier. The problem is that: 1) it is just not believable that all these hole-in-the-wall (and I mean this literally) charities have deep pocketed donors willing to shell out extra money; and 2) these “donors” are never identified, always anonymous. gets around this obvious fraud by preying on people’s gullibility to the extent that, well, it’s still charity so what’s the big deal. There is at least one case where this fraud was brought to the attention of a prominent rabbi who refused to do anything because people were still giving the charity of their free will.

    The point here is not whether charidy steals the money. The point is that the money is raised under false and fraudulent pretenses, at least that is what is being claimed by others who cannot locate any of these so called magical donors. It is a scam unless they publicly account for these matching funds.

  4. I donated to a cause through Charidy. All donations are immediately listed on their page. I gave $36 and waited for my donation to appear as I am pretty cynical about everything. There were many $18 donations etc but no $36 ones, so I waited to see if mine would come up. After waiting two hours it did not come up. I emailed Charidy back and forth, they were not really interested but finally they manually put my donation on the list. I wanted to take it further but don’t know where to take it. There is great potential for fraud as most people give $18 anonymously and if they were to “skip” a few no-one would notice.

    • You need to go through the lists of charitable donations on the sites of organizations that charidy has allegedly supported. We reported on one organization wherein in order to meet the proposed amount, the beneficiary donated money to charidy at the 11th hour. The question arises, did that money come back three-fold or was it returned to the origination side as it was only used to cover deficiencies.

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