The War Against One v. A Decrepit Immoral Corrupt People 7 System

A Letter to the Editor – Chabad Leaders’ Immorality…

We are posting the the following and the associated PDF documents. There are four PDF’s. We are doing so for the purpose of understanding the events leading to the letter we received. Admittedly, we are not 100% clear in regard to the circumstances of this email. The letter we received was simply too compelling to ignore in light of the current events and the Royal Commission. We ask that comments be made to this post and hope that those with a greater understanding of the events in their totality can assist.

We thank the person who sent this along for his plea.


psakdin-Korfpsak din englishpsak din dantuni xhaichon dantuni english

Dear LM:

The following are some E-mails sent out to the Shluchim by one shliach, dealt with totally unfairly, and against their own rules the Rebbe set down, ( to listen to a Din Torah when he would leave the world) and the rules of their Torah, but NO ONE REALLY CARES.

These email ( this is only the last few) were sent for the past few years to trigger and arouse a response for the terrible act of a head shliach with the support of the higher ups. ( the shliach put in against the shulchan aruch, against the Psak Din of the Chabad Bait Din of the Shluchim, and on the heels of a 100,000 donation to this head shliach is the grandchild of Rabbi Yehudah Krinsky ) In all these years NOT ONE shliach has come to the side of this poor chap. (ousted Shliach)

If they aren’t sued in court or at a Royal Commission they don’t listen to their own Rabbonim they don’t care for their own Rebbe. They have no internal moral compass to distinguish good from bad. Like the Waks family, this saga goes on because  these fat good-for-nothings could not care less for anyone or anything but themselves.  They are no different than the Nazis who looked the other way while gross injustices took place under their noses.

first link is most recent

Dear Shluchim – Shluchois,

Anybody who claims all these recent deaths, (shluchim & shluchois) are מקרה נקרה    is just a plain old אכזר and has his own problems with faith in ה אחד. There is a מגפה specifically amongst the Shluchim/shluchois & Children (loi olainu — Bar Minan) , AND people connected with shluchim, and no one is doing or saying anything about it!!!!!

We are entering a new year, IYH praying for improvement – but for better results we need better and improved action and deeds.

Below is info. on a chilul Hashem and Chilul Chabad “HUUUGGGEEE” perpetrated by GROISEH SHLUCHIM … In the Capital

of the strongest nation, this garbage regarding shluchim!!!! Where is Rabbi Kotlarsky to administer even and fair handed justice or because we’re dealing with different names there are two standards??? What a down right low life hypocrite.
When a good Jew is mechalel Shabbos with one avairah,

it doesn’t matter that he davened for the omud and runs a Yeshivah — he is A MECHALEL SHABBOS == CHAYOV MISAH.
When a good Jew murders one person,

it doesn’t matter that he gives Tzedokoh and can run a good farbrengen. HE IS A ROITZAIACH and receives MISAS BAIS DIN.
Rabbi A. Korf lied before a Bais Din and is therefore POSSUL LE-AIDUS. Anyone who uses or used him doesn’t practice Halacha, and has no yiras shomayim. Rabbi Korf is אינו ציית דינא ומחויב להכותו   . If he is even worthy of this title, he is a Zoken Mamreh and is חייב מיתה.
How can anyone in good conscience have anything to do with this piece of art? Do you not believe in G-d and his Torah? It is clear he transgressed the above, ask the dayonim of the Din Torah.

I don’t have to quote to you what the Rambam and others write regarding those who can be moicheh and are not, what their punishment is……

unfortunately ITS HAPPENING!!!!!

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky is a thief who stole, and supported this act by Rabbi Korf against the psak of the Bais Din …… THERE IS A GEZAIRAH MILMALO — WHERE IS EVERYONE TO OPEN YOUR MOUTHS (HIS OWN FAMILY???)…..WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?????????

The Rebbe spoke about MIHU Yehudi (still a problem), not giving back parcels of land in Israel (still a problem), all the mivtzoim,which according to the Pew study Judaism is falling and losing more and more ground…. (Still a problem). Moment of silence (not implemented) seven noahide laws (who even heard of that)!!

Abi everything is a gelechter and COL between all the smiley pictures of the GRAND EVENTS ( like during the wars) squeezes in some of the TRAGIC OY VEY OCCURENCES!!!

Here is the way one person sees the trend in Chabad.

The Rebbe spoke about Moshiach and we are still in a bitter golus!!!! Is there anything that requires being controversial, and TO stand for principle, that our Rebbe fought for, that Shluchim are standing up and fighting for – WITHOUT FEAR – as chayolai Bais Dovid would stand and challenge, at the expense of some personal loss???
This fellow Dennis Prager is a MUMAR Ledaas. How does Chabad put up on the wall of our gatherings and Chabad houses a clock for everyone to see (even when it may show the right time several times a day) that is so deficient in critical, essential and significant issues. Is it for the small gain that we are prepared to compromise so much danger and misrepresentation of the faith before our mekurovim????

Here is one example of his mindset we are helping to promote by giving him credibility at our events.

My concern, is my own עולה AVLO and the outright undisputed disregard of the Rebbes own system, and what he instructed us to follow

as he said , באחרית הימים which is, to listen to the psak of a Bais Din. My issue which includes at least seven other Shluchim is corruption, crookedness, openly, defiantly, without any dispute an affront and challenge to the Rebbe. You think the Rebbe will just turn the cheek to this???
WHAT RABBI KORF HAS BROUGHT ABOUT THROUGH HIS EVIL AND WICKED ACTS IS AN ONGOING CURRENT ISSUE OF CHILLUL HASHEM AND CHILLUL CHABAD.  At the same time, it seems like G-d has placed me against my will to raise the above issues which also exists in so many other places.

I hope someone, or more than one, wakes up to TAKE ACTION SOON, so we can save any further heartaches, and see Moshiach Tzidkainu soon.
Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui
Chabad of Palm Beach Headquarters mission is to bring together the Jewish Community of the greater Palm Beach’s and to serve the spiritual, educational and social needs of the community. We accomplish this through classes, social get-togethers, holiday events and more.

Here is my opinion on the following, and

A private story I will  reveal at the end.

איש צר ואויב ….ואת דתי המלך אינם עושים

..זו מלכו של עולם

The two are related. Because the Jews did not listen to Hashem, through Mordechai, they brought the decree upon themselves.

Our Rebbe made it clear.

If there are disputes we must listen to a Din Torah. Abraham Korf agreed to go to a Din Torah with me (Vaad Rabonai Lubavitch) and signed a paper he would carry out its verdict.

After receiving a $100,000 donation from one of the parties involved in the Din Torah, he decided to totally ignore and go against the Din Torah!!!!

A total and complete LACK OF justice. You are welcome to ask the dayonim of the Din Torah (Rabbis Schochet Chaikin Winner WHOM I BLAME FOR NOT SAYING OR DOING ANYTHING) (the same as everyone else is doing.)

You wonder why the world says nothing when it comes to the Jews or Israel when we are singled out and treated wrongly with double standards?

All of you are acting the same way.


How can Merkos, Moshe Kotlarsky put on A. Korf as any example of chassidishkeit when he is a ZOKEN MAMREH, A LIAR   (ALSO TO THE BAIS DIN), A REGISTERED INVENTOR OF A TOILET CONTRAPTION, AND MOST LIKELY POSUL LAIDOS KIDDUSHIN.

Merkos and Moshe Kotlarsky are supporting this small, dimunitive evil bad man as if,           all is well in Rome??????

Speak up my boys. AD MOSAI will you not listen to the Rebbe??? Ad mosai will you bring upon yourselves all the decrees loi olainu that are going on these days?????WITHIN THE WORLD of Shlichus and as a result elsewhere..

NO ONE should go on today’s conference call, in protest of having Korf on it.

An    AVRAYON עבריין   of the tallest order.

Send e-mails to Merkos and Moshe Kotlarsky that you protest this outright disregard of this Din Torah.

My story.
When Korf decided to go ahead and disregard the Din Torah, I was very distressed. My wife and myself wrote a letter into the Igrois and more than one time, randomly, turning to the Rebbe for support and guidance, we opened (seperately) to a letter where there Rebbe responds to a shliach telling him, ” Don’t worry/or take to heart…..whoever hit you, has hit ME in the face ………”

I showed this to Moshe Kotlarsky ( who was personally involved in going against this Din Torah AND in support of Korf) who seemed a bit startled.

Moshe asked me if I showed this to Korf and I said no, because I know he wouldn’t care or listen anyway. And I left it at that. And Moshe left it at that…….

Not long afterwards, Moshe Kotlarskys grandson was killed…..

I have many other similar stories. Loi olainu. Bar Minan.

BTW. For todays e-mail I used a nickel the Rebbe gave out, and said the Rebbes kapitel, and said out loud – if the coin falls at least twice on heads I will send out an e-mail — Something Rabbi Wineberg once told me regarding

אתה תומך גורלי……גורלות ביום כיפור וכו……

I hope and pray some of you will be brave enough to take action on this travesty of justice, today!!!

May we see Moshiach Tzidkainu miyad Mamosh.

Rabbi Shloime Ezagui
Chabad of Palm Beach.


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