Shimon Cowan – Another Chabad Intellectual – “Conversion Therapy”? A Lobotomy Perhaps?

Rabbi Shimon Cowan and the “Facts About Sexuality”…

The rabbi who is the subject of the attached article from this week’s Jewish News is Shimon Cowan (son of the late former Governor General, Sir Zelman Cowan.) His extremist attitudes are the hallmark of the religious zealotry that often characterises the ‘born-again’ who either adopt religion or change their religious allegiance to (ultra-)Orthodoxy in middle adulthood.



3 thoughts on “Shimon Cowan – Another Chabad Intellectual – “Conversion Therapy”? A Lobotomy Perhaps?

  1. Look deep into the article, near the end. Rabbi Cowen insists that it is not his intention to offend, but rather to help. Of course I hear this all the time: no offense intended. no disrespect intended. So what is a rational person supposed to believe when surrounded by all these people who mean no offense, but are only here to help?

    Perhaps this maxim will help: extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. Same sex attraction (or any sexual attraction) as a learned behavior is a rather extraordinary claim. Where’s the extraordinary evidence, or for that matter, any evidence at all?

  2. It’s his favorite topic, bashing gays. I’ve never heard him bashing his parents and relatives for not keeping Shabbos which is the same level of non observance. He should at least keep his mouth shut. Or a lobotomy would also work.

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