Alden Wolfe – Gotta Wonder Whether by Appealing your Own Victory You are Trying to Help a Failed Bidder?



Has Chairman Wolfe Completely Forgotten the Order of the Seder?

He, and the county, won a lawsuit. It was settled in his and the taxpayers’ favor. Now he is may wish to appeal the decision?

We believe that he is appealing the decision because by so doing he may be opening up a door for one of the despicable healthcare doms to revisit issues related to the cancelled sale. If you will recall, the sale to Sully Braunstein and his conglomerate failed because of lawsuits pending, amongst other things…


Wolfe to Appeal Summit Park Decision in the County’s (and His) Favor

NEW CITY, NY — A lawsuit brought by Rockland’s public employee unions against county officials over the sale of Summit Park hospital has been dismissed by a judge — and that decision may be appealed by Rockland County Legislature Chairman Alden Wolfe, one of the original defendants.

Summit Park Hospital and Nursing Care Center was closed late last year after a plan to sell it to a private company fell through, partly because the sale had been challenged in court by the county’s unions. Wolfe and many county officials were named as defendants.

Wolfe had retained independent counsel for that challenge, which was dismissed Aug. 3 (the judge ruled it moot); and that lawyer, Dennis Lynch, is acting on his behalf for this as well. A notice of appeal (such a notice must be filed to commence appellate review) was filed Aug. 17.

Lynch was not immediately available for comment.

Wolfe is also using Lynch in a defamation suit he filed last week against Rockland County Executive Ed Day that is connected to social media comments during a 2015 spat over transparency between county departments, the Rockland County Times reported.



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