Emmanuel Althaus’ fence and the Great Irony

emanuel althaus

Emmanuel Althaus is bound by an intervention order issued under the Victorian Family Violence Protection Act. That order was bestowed upon Althaus for, well… violence. And yet…

In 2015 Emmanuel Althaus was chosen by Victorian B’nai B’rith Menorah Awards Committee to receive the Menorah Award for work he had done during the decade prior in technology and providing the community with information…

Those who live in his community and who are willing to speak out will tell you that he selectively chose what information he did or did not provide to members of the community and was even more selective in which members of the community were deemed worthy of… information.

Those who were not were brutally ostracized, outcast and made to feel like pariahs. He was, in essence, a bully.

B’Nai B’rith was advised of this information prior to bestowing an award upon Emmanuel Althaus and paid little attention.

To date:

There have been two Family Violence Orders granted by the courts against Emmanuel Althaus prompted by the following:

Emmanuel Althaus allegedly physically assaulted a number of congregants at the Yeshivah Centre.

Emmanuel Althaus bullied and intimidated the Waks family in the most despicable ways for years. (See the Walkley Award winning documentary “Code of Silence”)

Emmanuel Althaus bullied a community information website into closure presumably for competing with a website that he had at that time. http://www.theshtetlvoice.com.au/


The following sign, in a show of sick irony or the B’Nai B’rith brand of award-worthy humor was posted on Althaus’ front gate…

anti violence



7 thoughts on “Emmanuel Althaus’ fence and the Great Irony

  1. 6.15 has many more people than 7.30.

    I think its an important point to make as ZW makes it sound like EA has a very prestigious position as gabai when in effect it is more of a shleper job organising and chasing volunteers to go chazan. I am confident that if elections were held for this post, no one would run, except for those heading in opposite direction.

    • You’re really clutching at straws if that is the only troublesome thing in the article for you. P.S. Which minyan has more people?

    • The main minyan is the one in the shule as you well know. Strange that this is your biggest problem with the article.

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