Profiting from the Horrors of Sexual Abuse – Nechama Bendet and Josef Feldman


Taking from the Yosef Feldman Playbook

Diminishing all of the Lies that were Swept Under the Chabad-Lubavitch Carpet

An Editorial: Lost Messiah, 22 August 2016

While Yosef Feldman has chosen to file suit against numerous institutions, with the “help of a benefactor,” “philanthropist” or whatever word Feldman chose, Nechama Bendet has chosen to toss her hat in the ring for a little financial compensation from one person, Bruce J. Cooke.  

At issue? Did Bendet discourage reporting of abuse to authorities? Did she call those who reported abuse “Moser”for reporting abuse? In other words, did she use seemingly Halachic arguments and commands to silence the abused and their families?

Our opinion, absolutely. That was the culture of her institution at the time. It was a culture of sweeping abuse under the rug. She was and is certainly no revolutionary. She is not the mother who cries for all of the children whose lives have been forever altered. Were she to be that mother, there would be no lawsuit. 

In reality, Ms. Bendet, why does it even matter? Why do the words of Mr. Cooke on his Facebook page even have any real relevance in your life? You were not nor have you been outcast? You still hold the same position in the higher echelons of the Chabad institution. Where have you been harmed?

From our perspective, you were doing what everyone else was doing; silencing victims.

Bendet claimed during her Royal Commission interview that there had never been discussions of payment to be made to victims (presumably to silence them). Letters dated before her testimony indicated that there were such discussions. Money was offered to some of the victims and their families.

Bendet claimed to the Royal Commission that the meetings that were taking place were taking place at her institution were “general meetings.” Documents from the time indicate that the meeting were specifically intended to be discussions regarding abuse and how to deal with it. She cannot honestly claim that she did not know the abuse was happening? 

Do claims like Bendet’s libel claim and Felman’s libel/defamation claims really do anything but aggrandize those Plaintiffs while diminishing the very victims of all of this, the abused?

Should these people even be permitted to raise these claims when they were in seemingly public positions within their institutions while children around them were being virtually destroyed?

Should they not have been held to a higher standard simply by virtue of their position within the community?

Would it not be appropriate for victims to be coming forward to hold these people accountable for their collective sins?

Feldman, by his very words on these posts has proven himself to be a despicable human being. His own words, typed on the pages of this blog speak louder than anything we could have written, any pictures we could have painted and any arguments made against him. In our view Feldman incriminated himself and proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he is was an will always be utterly and completely lacking a moral compass.

Bendet, by filing suit against Cooke for his scathing commentary on Facebook has, in her own dehumanizing and crippling way, further shredded the lives of children who could have been saved had action been taken by her and others at her institution sooner. She has not spoken on these pages and we would be willing to bet she is far the smarter and more conniving one than Feldman. She will likely say nothing. 

We would not put it past Feldman to add more fuel to the fire and comment further though, of course, not answer any of our questions to him.

Were either Feldman or Bendet interested in anything but themselves, from moment one until today, more would have been done to help the victims. These people would have been revolutionaries. The very lawsuits in which they are now engaged prove that both of these people, in our view, are simply opportunists.




February 11, 2015

The former general manager of Yeshivah College, Nechama Bendet, told the commission today it was a mistake that Yeshivah College had never apologised directly to Manny Waks.

His lawyer Melinda Richards cross examined her.

MELINDA RICHARDS: Do you acknowledge, Mrs Bendet, that Manny Waks did nothing wrong by going to the police…




MELINDA RICHARDS: And again in 2011?


MELINDA RICHARDS: Do you acknowledge that he has done nothing wrong by speaking publicly about his abuse?


MELINDA RICHARDS: And you would agree that he has in fact done a great deal of good by speaking publically about his abuse?


MELINDA RICHARDS: Do you agree that his parents have done nothing wrong by supporting him in going to the police and speaking publically?


MELINDA RICHARDS: And his broader family have done nothing wrong and are not to be blamed by association?


MELINDA RICHARDS: Do you condemn ongoing harassment and intimidation of Mr Waks and his family?


Mark S said…

And now they’re saying that when they said

“[I]t must be recognized that there cannot be any change in the overarching authority under which these institutions were established….. Lubavitch institutions are put in place and entrusted to ensure this hierarchical structure and they have neither the right nor the power to do otherwise. Unfortunately, the documents from the Governance Review Panel do not reflect this reality at all.”


“[A]ll Lubavitch institutions are, by necessity, under the Halachic purview of a Lubavitch Rabbinical body…”

What they really meant was:

“It was not our intent to interfere with the important restructuring process that you are engaged in. The Yeshivah Centre carries its own management responsibilities, and, as such, has the authority to determine what is necessary and what is best for the institution.”


“The purpose of our letter was to offer Merkos’ guidance in guaranteeing that the spiritual standards of Chabad-Lubavitch are maintained and safeguarded.”

So, basically, we’re here if you need us. Big backpedal. From thanks H.

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18 thoughts on “Profiting from the Horrors of Sexual Abuse – Nechama Bendet and Josef Feldman

  1. Btw re Bendet -if she knows about the site which she likely doesn’t, again illusions of grandeur- I agree with LM that she’d be much smarter not to respond.
    I had thought that LM is a reasonable person who’d respect the fact that I’m actually ready to communicate to clarify issues (like Chafraud mentioned). How wrong was I that instead of him responding like a mentch like I tried to relate to him, he just lies and twists my words to degrade me further…

    • Unfortunately therefore the blog is clearly just for abuse and hate in any instance whether ‘justified’ or not, whether ‘rational’or not, against Chabad and Orthodoxy. Sorry all for being naive in not initially realising this…

      • And just to conclude that I’ve come to the realisation that unfortunately LM is no substitute to FM and Shmarya who wasn’t a coward and debated me intelligently, sensibly and rationally and even though we obviously strongly disagreed, he didn’t -regarding myself- lie or twist my words albeit that he didn’t treat me well to put it mildly… But he displayed a serious level of integrity which is so sorely lacking with LM…

        • Answer the questions, Mr. Feldman, and perhaps we can have a “rational” conversation (using that word loosely). Your avoidance techniques make you the dishonest one in this back and forth. There is no reasonable conversation with someone who picks and chooses his talking points.

    • Yosef Feldman,

      “I had thought that LM is a reasonable person who’d respect the fact that I’m actually ready to communicate to clarify issues (like Chafraud mentioned).”

      I don’t think I said respect. I believe I said it was refreshing compared to the secrecy common in Chabad.
      If you would realize that your peers are corrupt and take a stand against them in a real show of exposing truth, that would be respectable. Make a stand for God and emet, not Lubavitch. All of these lawsuits are about money, pride, and ego; not exposing the truth.

  2. Boruch Hashem we are not like the goyim!

    In both cases terrible wrongs were done to our own children in our own care.

    The Catholic church eventually apologised and appears to be trying to clean its act up.

    We appear to prefer to obfuscate and litigate in the hope it can be hushed up a bit and the old guard can keep their positions. Whoever is finding this litigation – you are complicit in a terrible crime and this is not tzedokah which in essence means “tzedek-justice”.

    ashreinu ma tov chelkeinu…

    • Dear Tzefania
      How could you call the piece excellent when LM writes like a psychopath.
      It seems that anyone who disagrees with him is descipable!
      Because I didn’t answer 3 -in my opinion- inappropriate questions, 2 of which were regarding my professional life when I had already challenged him for any evidence that I had done anything wrong re CSA and until that could be proven I had stated that those questions to me were irrelevant and another which I already answered, and therefore didnt respond to them (different than other questions I did answer) he then vociferates like an immature child. I even tried to encourage a fund from his followers here for him to manage for victims. Was that descipable to him?
      LM is a coward who doesn’t give his name out because he’s worried that someone might kill him -as he wrote to me- and is therefore besides showing that he’s really suffering from delusions of grandeur he’s again showing his immaturity and is also likely suffering from schizophrenia. That’s besides how he must also be senile or just simply an outright liar, as I’ve mentioned again and again on this blog that the lawyers are doing my cases pro bono (for LM and others who didn’t seem to understand, this means practically that I’m not paying now and if I win Ill give them their costs from the income and if I lose I won’t need to pay) and that there’s no benefactor or anyone paying anything at present and he still writes that I have a benefactor!
      He is a shameful sick person who should go to a psychiatrist for medications which may help him and accordingly his little over 100 followers who he’s been misleading. No wonder he has PL and many others like that following him as dirt mixes well with dirt…

      • That’s besides any normal person understanding that we’re not profiting from victims but from how we are being abused in word and wrongly defamed. This is besides how Ive already written ad nauseum that it’s not about profit as there’s likely no profit. It’s about clearing an innocent persons name besides ensuring that the defamation is not propogated further.
        Even if one is an actual victim (which isn’t what these cases are about) it doesn’t give the victim a blank cheque for them to abuse even in word any innocent person. How much more so for a non victim!
        According to LMs twisted sick logic, as he seems to be really sick as per above, many abusers were victims themselves and therefore shouldn’t be held accountable for abusing and if their victims start civil cases which some of them are, is he going to write posts how it’s despicable of them to profit from victims (their abusers)…
        LM is really showing himself to be mentally deficient besides being a sick person…

      • …and here you see the truth of the Lubavitch Modus-Operandi.
        If you can’t answer reasonable questions – label them mentally ill and then moisers. Queer the pitch with all in thee community so that they feel isolated and lost.
        Despicable truly describes you Yossi.
        Some Rabbi you are.

      • It’s called a funding arrangement you yokel. This is a bunch of ambulance chasers who, like you, hope to make a few bucks out of a child abuse scandal.

        Pro bono means the lawyer is acting free for the public good.

      • “he’s worried that someone might kill him -as he wrote to me- and is therefore besides showing that he’s really suffering from delusions of grandeur”

        Ask ex FM blogger SR about death threats, FBI protection, property damage etc. No delusions mate.

      • Mr. Feldman – pro bono is where the attorney gets NOTHING for services. It is purely altruistic. You are paying your attorneys on a “contingency fee” basis which means that they take a percentage of what you manage to plunder from your litigation victims. There is a huge difference between the two types of legal engagements. As to the rest, ZW said everything that needed to be said. Your decision to not answer questions was a complete lack of transparency, for obvious reasons. The answers to those questions represent inconvenient truths. And as for the fund, let’s see you donate everything you loot in the litigation and we will believe that you are being genuine. Anything less is simply a lie. Perhaps we could find some of your Chabad friends to match donations?

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