Yeshivas and Substandard Education



Some Hasidic Yeshiva leaders and their PR and lobbyist representatives often argue that they don’t have enough funding to provide their students with a secular education.

Many uninformed taxpayers fall for this.
In reality, millions, if not hundreds of millions, of tax dollars are already being poured into these very schools that often don’t even meet the funding criteria or misuse the funding.*

Additionally, Yeshivas receive hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contributions from wealthy individuals, often oblivious to the fact that the children attending those schools are being denied an education.

DISCLAIMER: THESE GRAPHS ARE ROUGH ESTIMATES**. It’s extremely difficult to figure out specifically how much money Yeshivas get from various sources, or how much of their revenue comes from federal, state, and local government programs. (This reflects a serious lack of transparency on their part and on the part of the various government agencies.)

For that we turn to you and ask that you help us paint a more complete picture of the Yeshiva funding, so that we can properly include it in our discussions.
Do you work at a Yeshiva or at an agency that funnels money to non-public schools, or have experience working the books at any private school?

If yes, please email us with whatever info you have at

Why Don’t Yeshivas Provide a Better Education?


6 thoughts on “Yeshivas and Substandard Education

    • Vomit. What funds, if any, are they getting for the camps?

      I also clicked the article below about Rubashkin. They’re making a Torah “in his merit”. Again, vomit. When he gets out after his 27 years, they’ll say it worked.

  1. It looks like you want a piece of the pie
    I understand you mr yaffed
    There was once a thief in the jewish community and he used to steal very every jewish store
    So the storekeepers decided they need protection
    So they started asking around
    The thief heard about it and went to meet the storekeepers and told them he can offer them protection himself if everyone gives him 3$ a year
    Guess what they gave it to him
    And do u know how much he made just from the storekeepers
    Every year over a million bucks;-)

  2. Unfortunately, until there is a core group of chasidic parents demanding change, the yeshivas will continue business as usual. They view all secular learning with grave suspicion, in large part as a holdover to the threat the Maskilim posed to traditional Judaism in the old country. They get away with this through a few large donations from wealthy donors and Govt. funding. However, the tide seems to be turning, albeit very slowly. Chasidic parents are slowly recognizing that section 8, WIC, Medicaid, Food Stamps, can only go so far. While Moster is to be admired for his tenacious advocacy, God helps those who help themselves.

  3. Muster of Yafed is a Tzadik. If at any point th Hasidic or any frum community would change their education system, it is clearly to Muster’s credit. I am a victim of that system and I do not understand why is not giving children a chance for proper education, not considered abuse. One idea is to make votes available only for those with a regular American degree. All of a sudden you will see how fast things change. I want credit foe this idea but I can’t say my name, lol.

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