Reply to LostMessiah: Can we judge Chabad-Lubavitch by the incessant rantings of Josef Feldman and are we asking Feldman the right questions?


A question posed by LostMessiah in this post asks:

“Can we judge Chabad-Lubavitch by the incessant rantings of [Australian Chabad rabbi] Josef Feldman Chabad-collageand are we asking Feldman the right questions?”

Judge Chabad by Yosef Feldman alone?  No, not exactly.
Yosef Feldman is a composite and caricature of many Chabad shluchim (Chabad emissaries / missionaries / rabbis).  His most outstanding character difference is his openness, which you call rantings.  But I see it somewhat differently.  I find it exceptionally refreshing compared to my experience that shluchim are too often misleading, covert, unprincipled, secretive, and simply dishonest on matters such as “tzedakah,” use of tax dollars, beliefsabouttheirRebbe, or sex abuse within the Chabad movementArticles, news stories, discussions, and video all over the Internet will back this up.  I don’t have to rely on my experience alone.

We can’t hold…

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43 thoughts on “Reply to LostMessiah: Can we judge Chabad-Lubavitch by the incessant rantings of Josef Feldman and are we asking Feldman the right questions?

  1. Yosef, you are incoherent. I really havent a clue what you are banging on about. So Im not going to try decipher much. You and those with you in positions of responsibility totally fucked up in relation to abuse. You didnt report it, hushed it up and connived in victim blaming. Or are you really so deluded and batshitmental to think that you handled it properly? That you’ve given the rebbe nachas and caused a kiddush hashem?

    • Jay
      The only one who seems to be constantly banging is yourself (to yourself…) which explains why there’s a lack of blood supply to your already deficient mind which in turn causes you not to have a clue about anything which needs more than a second of thought…
      Anything I knew about was immediately reported, I never hushed up or connived in victim blaming.
      Either keep on banging and write just BS or notify here that you’ve stopped banging for a while so everyone here would know that you possibly may write something coherent and that may be even minutely close to fact…

      • Mr. Feldman, are you the shining example of a Chabad Spokesperson? Perhaps you should speak to the children within your community before making “banging” comments to someone on this thread. They, we are certain, have horror stories to tell on that subject.

      • So you claim to be different to the rest of those in charge at the moisad? Were you shut down by Groner and or Telsner as you desperately tried to contact the police?

        Talking of banging, you tried cheating on your wife again recently and justifying your lecherous approach through twisting judaism? A man who will cheat on his wife is not a man I am likely to believe on anything else where his own interests are concerned. If you are happy to lie and cheat to the mother of your children why should we think you are not doing it on this subject? You have no credibility.

        You are an immoral disgrace.

        Heres the recording given you seem to want facts rather than allegations. I can, of course, name the lady in question but theres no point in doing that.

        • Jay
          Again being dishonest. I responded to that as you most likely know and it was posted.

          Btw it wasn’t recently but about 7 years ago.
          My wife knew about it then as I mentioned to the lady and had absolutely no issue with it and we continue to have a great relationship. There was more involved even from what’s written there but it was supposed to remain private. There was nothing against Halocho said or done…
          What about your relationship? I’m sure if you have one it’s been rocky and probably now non existent. Let’s hear!

          • Heh, just heh at your wife supporting you in seeking out a pilegesh. You might be a total fucking idiot. Try not to take everyone else as the same.

            And halocho is cool. Morality you cannot even see. Rosho ben rosho.

            • Jay
              You really cant control yourself lying even when so obvious to all. You should really see a psychiatrist…
              Anyone who reads the above post would see clearly how it wasn’t cheating and why my wife had no issue with it. You didn’t answer what’s with your relationship and whether such a hater and abuser like you ever got married or if you hid that from your wife initially how long could you do so before she divorced you. Cmon coward tell about YOUR relationships and who you are and if you can’t take the heat of the truth get out of the kitchen and see a quack and stop wasting anyone’s time here with your lying BS…

          • “My wife supported me in cheating on her”

            “I didnt know it was an issue fiddling with childrens genitalia”

            Spot the similarities anyone?

            • Jay Liar
              I’ll from now on call you just pathological liar. In short PL.
              You put it in quotation marks as though they’re my words when you and most know that they aren’t and weren’t…

              • Well there you go folks. Draw your own conclusions. Another sociopath involved in running a chabad mosaid. Now aint that a surprise.

                A man so evil and twisted he is simply incapable of recognising truth or indeed reality. Its all about self interest and ego, I was there and heard the rebbe say he had done all he could one afternoon in 770. The rest was up to us.

                Now I know that what he meant was actually that against people like this and such wickedness there is no point in even trying.

                • PL
                  Now you bring the Rebbe into your shenanigans. So you are a Rebbe supporter and that’s great to see. But Tanya brings a good analogy of what you’re about which is putting the Kings head in a toilet bowl r”l…
                  Low life PL Coward you still haven’t responded to who you are etc

        • thanks Jay for reminding of that story
          great opportunity to re-post abracadabra’s comment then (all her FM comments were spot on but this one really resonates…)

          “Abracadabra said…
          This is a great example of what is wrong with boys learning Gemara day and night for years on end. This moron is mumbling about how he is going to make it kosher for him to be having a relationship with her. If he doesn’t give her a watch, it’s not kosher. But if he gives her a watch, it makes their relationship kosher. The Gemara says so. And Halachah is so very important. That is all he is concerned about. Mentchlichkeit, decency, morals, ethics – no. Just finding loopholes in Halachah with his “Gemarakup” is what is important. So he’s finding the loophole to make it halachically okay for him to have a relationship with her, despite abusing his position of authority as a rabbi, and despite having a wife and 10 kids.

          Don’t worry about my wife, he says, she has her own problems and she would be perfectly okay with me having a relationship with you. But don’t ask her! Just trust me. Uh huh.

          This guy is a real moron. Forget about the fact that he can’t string together a coherent sentence without mumbling, hemming and hawing like he was learning a blatt gemara. It’s just painfully pathetic.

          That this man has any position inside a Jewish community other than that of a janitor is an absolute embarrassment to said Jewish community.”

        • Jay
          Again dishonest! That wasn’t at all about blaming him for the abuse. It was written within the context of a private communication re the , in my opinion then, the down side of public statements by the Rabbis. It was further explained at the RC. In any event I apologised to him for the excessively harsh language used albeit privately by email to a few Rabbis…

          • Yeah. We see your inner mind in private. Unlike the supplemental statement to the commission in which you blatently lied to tell the goyim what they wanted to hear. You are basically a zonah, arent you?

        • Jay
          Again dishonest!
          Have you ever been able to control yourself from lying or are you have you been diagnosed as a pathological liar…
          As explained (besides being clear from the emails themselves) I was president at the time and questioning the issue of reporting according to Halocho which is a proper thing to do as there was the position of the Aguda besides. That was besides suggesting how we could deal with it more than the law in a way similar to the JCW. I never even in that email proposed anything against the law. I also NEVER knew about abuse that wasn’t immediately reported…

          • Go on, explain you cheating on your wife you shtik drek liar.

            Every time you open your mouth I see you are even worse of a menuval than I imagined. Rachmono litzlon that a kehilla ever stood by you, that you had the yuhoro to claim to be a rov.

            You are totally morally blind, and whats worse a wicked evil man.

            You literally make a mockery of yiddishkeit, of chassidus and of basic human decency.

            • PL
              As now it’s even harder for a PL like you to justify your statements so all you can do is hurl abuse and hatred…
              What you haven’t done was to tell us who you are and about your relationship status so we can be on an equal standing… But you’re obviously too much of a coward for that…

          • Theres a pathological liar here. And it isnt me.

            Love your hair splitting. Listen, if the Judaic thing doesnt work out for you Im sure Christian theology has a thing about angels on the head of a needle.

    • Sorry
      The last comment was meant as a reply to Jay and Chafraud as a typo to what I replied to them earlier as can be seen below…

  2. CD . Not everyone who got involved with chabad was an emotional misfit or wreck. Your constant ranting like a two year old mid tantrum, the vindictive unbalanced bile and, lets be honest, what looks like obsession, makes you look every bit as meshugah as those you rail against. As emotionally damaged.

    Grow up already. “Somebody” did some unspecified “bad” to you. And the courageous warrior hides on a roof top and timidly pisses into the wind behind an internet keyboard by way of retaliation. You have photoshopped a flag. Ooh get you! Cordelia Chase herself!

    You ought to be getting therapy not trying to aid the cause. Your rantings are much the same as the fuckwit Ozzie twerp you engage with (i use the term loosely). Heads or tails? Same coin.

    • Jay, why are you on this site ? HUH winner? You are a looser with no life. Get some therapy for your lack of any self identity. Buch up and make something out of yourself. Have a better reason to be breathing air.

      • Seeing all these comments in my inbox, I realize my comment was misdirected to Jay when it should have been directed to this imbecile Feldman. And we both do know each other Yossi. The more you comment here the more of an ass you make of yourself. The funny thing is that your so stupid and twisted you don’t even realize.

    • @jay, very well said, i envy your verbiage, but its useless arguing with these people, they are batshit crazy, their hate drove them to lunacy long ago, you can argue with them for hours on end, and they think they are always right and will use very strong language against anyone not towing their line, if its hating on jews it must be true, in their eyes, so save your energy…

      • @someone… as you suggest that the rest of us are self-hating jews [sic] and driven by hatred and lunacy are you then denying that children are being molested and secrets covered up? Just curious. And are the Catholic children molested and raped by Priests making up stories too? And, gosh… what about the woman who committed suicide and penned her ordeals within the Belz community before doing it? What she making it all up also?

        • @lm, some of what you write is true, but alot of it not, be it molesters or any other issue, such as the drowning of Isaac Rosenberg on which we had some back and forth arguing, what you write alot of times is not true in essence of whether the fact happen, not true in how you are overdoing the effects, and not true in the amount of punishment deserved, not true in the amount of blame you dole out to the whole of jewry. the catholics have molesters too, true, but is everybody who accusses always correct? of course not, but truth be told im not familiar with that can of worms so i wont comment, besides, what im concerened about is the negative hate you spew on jews.

          the Ger(you meant Ger not Belz)community is a bit lunatic in my opinion, that woman might have had issues too, but il grant it to you, the Gerers can use a Psyciatrist.

          BTW, i have done some research, and the official position of the Nypd sex crimes unit is, that a guy who approaches a girl in boro park to start a conversation, in a manner not uncommon in the whole wide world, that would constitute harassment, now you expect me to follow and respect people who enforce gender separation on me? really? should i just buy every word they say regarding molesters?

    • I had a long reply written. But I don’t think Jay the troll (who’s not even at the level of Feldman) is worth it.
      He left some of his droppings here too:
      You’re a piece of work, Jay.

      But here’s one part of that reply worth posting:

      —“Your rantings are much the same as the fuckwit Ozzie twerp you engage with (i use the term loosely). Heads or tails? Same coin.”

      To whom do you refer to as a “fuckwit Ozzie twerp?” Ozzie meaning Australian? Are you perhaps referring to any members of the Waks family who have championed efforts to expose child sexual abuse in Chabad, and thereby provided a service to the world that can never be repaid?

      If that’s the case, then it’s you who is the misfit; a moral wreck. And it’s you who needs the therapy.

      • @ CD. Feldman is the twerp I was referring to. I have nothing but respect for the Waks family. My issue with your posts is that you are purely critical. There is much to dislike and critique in Chabad but neither it nor its adherents are without some good aspects. You just come across as an angry man flailing about. It weakens any criticisms you make rather than strengthens them as people just write you off as a hater.

        ps. Not everyone who disagrees or criticises is a troll.

        @H, I have no time for Manis Friedman. He has the ethical and intellectual depth of a puddle. I make no comment on the video as I dont know the context and judging things on excerpts alone is the behaviour of a fool.

        • Jay,

          “Feldman is the twerp I was referring to.”

          Well thank you for clearing that up.

          “My issue with your posts is that you are purely critical. There is much to dislike and critique in Chabad but neither it nor its adherents are without some good aspects.”

          Well I’m not writing to praise them. I’ve said before that their basic premise was once a good one but they’re not that organization anymore. People can find better options for their Judaism 101. Expecting Chabad to cleanse their corrupt ranks is like expecting Feldman to acknowledge he’s no longer a shliach. They don’t give up that to which they feel entitled. Don’t read that as angry flailing, that’s just a fact.

          Your “damaged…get therapy…get over it” nonsense makes you look every bit like a troll, and you do sound just like something out of the Manis Friedman playbook. Go up the thread and reread your stupid attack here. Just because someone says they were hurt, and cites reasons for feeling that, doesn’t make them “damaged.” That’s the way you chose to read it. We take our lumps in this life. I just choose not to use Chabad’s preferred method of remaining silent about it.

          I hope to publish a post soon about a couple who found their young daughter pictured on a Chabad web site with her panties crotch in full graphic view. The image was taken while the child was in a Chabad preschool in the presence of the rabbi. The family discovered it years after it was published and the father wrote that he and his wife were “hurt” by that. Would you tell those parents “you’re damaged… get over it… get therapy… shut up?” Absurd.

          And Manis Friedman’s video comments were not a mere 2 or 3 minute excerpt taken out of context. They were almost 15 minutes of insight into the way he thinks with real attempts to hide it from public view afterward.

          You can characterize my pointing that out as angry flailing if you want, but most people will recognize it as the exposure of Manis Friedman that it is. At least we agree that Friedman has the ethical and intellectual depth of a puddle.

          • I was overly strident in my initial post and apologise for that.

            How we react to issues in life is a pretty good indication of the impact they’ve had. To be the guy on a hate mission sends a certain message as to your emotional state. My basic point is that your theatrical approach di inishes your message rather than enhances it. Crude photoshop links look rather like a bitter guy lashing out than a justified critique.

            As to the video. Perhaps it does, I certainly cringed listening to the stupid crap he was glibly spouting. But, what else was said and to whom? I well recall listening to my dear friend Christopher Hitchens describing Johnnie Walker Black Label as “the breakfast of champions” – you can, ofc, see how easily that is to take out of context and write the man off as a drunk with nothing of value to say. And you would be wronger than a wrong thing.

            • Jay,

              “I was overly strident in my initial post and apologise for that”

              Thank you. I accept your apology

              “To be the guy on a hate mission sends a certain message as to your emotional state.”

              I don’t think I’m on a hate mission. That is, its intended purpose is not for the sake of hating. That in and of itself would be a very stupid goal to reach for and no accomplishment whatsoever.

              “My basic point is that your theatrical approach di inishes your message rather than enhances it.”

              And that’s a valid point worth considering. After years of some deep ignorance and some willful blindness, I find myself very motivated to speak out now on what I probably should have over the last decade. I won’t get into the details of why, but I did buy into the Chabad approach of ‘don’t make loshen hara, let HaShem take care of it, don’t start a machlochet,’ and so on. Perhaps I’m playing a little catch-up, and it would serve me (and others) better to tone it down some.

              But you’ll have to forgive me, I’ll hang on to the graphics for now. I just enjoy them so much. They’re worth a 1,000 words, you know. (Except in Chabad where everything is in multiples of 18. So I guess these are worth 1,800 words.)

              With that said, I think I’ll pass on the current offerings of Yosef Feldman popping up in this thread. I’ve made more than enough points on the guy recently for the WWW to consider. And I deserve a break from it as well.

          • Dear Chafraud and Jay
            You are both being dishonest as to be expected from those who’s main agenda is to hate and bash. Once you stop bashing yourselves with truths about the other as it damages your main cause you continue to bash me with the sale falsehoods you were bashing the other with. What exactly did I do wrong in any of your eyes. Please be factual or else you’ll continue to perpetuate your dishonesties like LS does when he asks me the question re what constitutes sexual abuse which I already answered in a previous post which he commented on and just to mislead some readers to some false sensationalism or asking me again about which positions I hold or with whom am I involved which I already answered is not relevant as I feel I did nothing wrong in this area and he continues to lie to all that I haven’t answered.
            So are you both like him with your dishonesties just to try to make yourselves feel good about leaving Chabad or the religion?

              • In continuation re LS
                Obviously lacks common sense (besides decency). On one hand he calls my responses rantings and on the other he invites me to respond…
                So besides his dishonesties as per above he also displays a basic lack of common sense besides that I already mentioned that I’ll only respond respectfully (or at all…) if I’m treated with respect. The choice is his…
                I’m still waiting for anyone to factually point out what I did wrong with regard to CSA…

                • Yosef accuses others of lacking common sense.
                  This coming from a double-digit-IQ moron who has farshamed the entire community!
                  Irony clearly not his strong point!

                    • Yossi – I was mocking you, not laughing along with you.
                      I was looking at your ‘pre-Commission-photo’ – there isn’t a line on your face, not a grey hair. A photograph of a man who has never had to strive or work for anything in his life. A man who has coasted on others efforts. A spoiled, over-protected child, who projects blame and expects the adults to believe him because he shouts loudly.
                      Your post-commission photos are different. Reaity sucks eh?

                • Mr. Feldman, how long were you coached to provide the responses you have provided? Which lawyers from your civil suits told you what to write so as not to implicate yourself in the lies that you are using to substantiate your lawsuits in Australia? You have not responded to our questions with straight answers. Thus, your comments are simple rantings. By the way, when you write LS are you referring to FM? Perhaps you should simply respond to the questions asked.

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