Shomrim Hoping for Better Deal – Cultural Diversity a no-go…


Hasids who beat gay black man try to dodge service in ‘diverse’ neighborhood

Two Shomrim thugs who dodged jail after beating a gay black man into a pulp are now trying to shirk the conditions of their plea deal.

Pinchas Braver and Abraham Winkler — who admitted to jumping Taj Patterson as he walked down a Williamsburg block in Brooklyn in December 2013 — have now taken issue with the DA’s recommendation that they serve their 150 hours of community service in a “culturally diverse neighborhood.”

Taj Patterson was beaten by a group of Hasidic men in Williamsburg.

Instead, the men want to toil at Chai Lifeline, an organization for sick Jewish children.

While Braver, 22, and Winkler, 42, were in court Tuesday for sentencing, prosecutors opted to return to court Aug. 16 after a more thorough investigation into Chai, which describes itself as an organization dedicated to offering “a number of services for Jewish children with life-threatening illness.”

As part of the plea, the two men agreed to be sentenced on charges of unlawful imprisonment to three years’ probation and to pay $1,400 restitution for the vicious attack, which left Patterson permanently blind in one eye.

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7 thoughts on “Shomrim Hoping for Better Deal – Cultural Diversity a no-go…

  1. If the judge falls for this, there will really be no community service. These two will have their sheets filled out and handed to the judge without them actually doing anything. Put them to work in a culturally diverse neighborhood, and make them sweep streets, clean toilets etc etc etc. In any way shape or form these two violent thugs took a man’s eye out. They need to pay.

  2. You gotta love America.

    Probation for blinding someone. 800 years for stealing money. Your average banana republic has a more coherent justice system.

  3. Maybe they should be assigned to cleaning men’s mikvas. After all , many of them are gay baths. . any many molestations have taken place in them.

  4. If their idea is okayed, I bet they won’t even show up.
    If their idea is okayed, they will have learned nothing. (Even if they do their service for a diverse group, they will wave their tallit at it to prevent any accidental learning.)

    They need to do their service for a group that helps gay African Americans.

  5. for what this comment is worth…..i believe that these fellow yidden should do the service within the gay community…… after all, this is the pace where they will learn tolerance………………………. anyway

  6. They got chutzpah. What they did was very wrong and they shouldn’t be able to choose where they want to do community service. I think Taj Patterson (the victim) should be the one to say where they should do the service and not them. If they do service of their choosing someone may just sign off that the service was done when it in fact wasn’t.

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