Chafraud-Depravitch:  A Public Reply to Chabad Rabbi Yosef Feldman

Chafraud-Depravitch:  A Public Reply to Chabad Rabbi Yosef Feldman

Yosef Feldman,

I owe you much gratitude.   Though your opinions are typical of what I experienced in my years with Chabad, it is rare that one gets to see it expressed so openly.  Usually we have to wait for a mask to slip to see the truly ugly face of Chabad.  For example, when Chabad rabbi Manis Friedman revealed his true feelings about the impact child sexual abuse has on its victims by flippantly comparing it to having a case of diarrhea.  One can see the video here:   For this he received a lot of backlash and attempted to make an apology which appeared to be a damage control measure rather than sincere remorse, especially when compared to the original video where he apparently took a lot of joy in making the comments.  Or, when Chabad’s head figure on the west coast, Boruch Shlomo Cunin, was exposed as a hard core messianist (or worse, idolator) by claiming that “it’s the Rebbe that runs this world” and will come to take us [Jews] out of exile.  See video:  These glimpses of the Chabad mindset are infrequent which leave many attendees and admirers of Chabad uninformed of beliefs popularly held within their organization.

However, your openness offers a view of Chabad which many are not aware of, but should be, before they turn over donations to an organization that projects an image of being intelligent, righteous, and charitable.  So for this, I thank you.

I often write about problems within  Chabad-Lubavitch.  For example, their inadequate level of secular education which often leaves them lacking in basic English skills.  I have met several barely literate Chabad kids and adults.  But for the most part, people just have to take my word for it or seek their own verification (which is a very important thing to do).  But your responses on this blog recently have provided living proof of a typical Lubavitcher’s level of reading comprehension.

It’s not for you exclusively that I write this reply.  More importantly, it is for the observers who may be prone to falling for the false image your movement projects.  Most readers can see by your incoherent reply that you don’t understand what I’m writing.  I suggest that you read what I am writing four or five times before attempting to reply and further making a complete fool of yourself.

I want to address some of the comments you made to me on August 3, 2016 (see link: However, first I want to point out that when I use these punctuation marks ” ” with words inside of them, it usually means that I am quoting your words.  Here is an example:

“So you are justifying G-d that children suffer so others should act. And LS likes what you write.”

Okay, this is easy.  Evil, at least as we recognize it as humans, exists (In my honest opinion your cult and their behavior are proof of that).  My point is that it’s theological evasive nonsense to declare it God’s will and be satisfied with that.  To not exercise our free will to combat the evil we perceive is to ‘spit in God’s eye’ for the gift of free will given to us.

“Like LS you disgustingly couldn’t care about the victims suffering and they can and should suffer as long as someone else benefits. Basically you are in a sense condoning paedophila and the abusers since according to your logic it’s fine to be abused since the abuser is benefiting with his pleasure!”

You are so off base here that it would take me hours to correct you and address it completely.  But your reply again serves as an example of your inability to understand what you’re reading.  And by making that statement you also describe, almost precisely, the behavior of Chabad in their child sexual abuse cover-up.  I think what you’re really demonstrating is a classic case of projection as the term is used in the psychological sense.  Most people reading will know what I’m talking about.  You however, should probably look it up.

And it should be quite clear that neither I, LostMessiah, Frum Follies, the former FailedMessiah, nor any of the media outlets that reported on your scandal are condoning child sexual abuse.  In fact, we’ve done our best to expose it.  I understand that bothers you a lot.

Let me express for you what is likely obvious to readers worldwide: It was YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR CHABAD RABBI COLLEAGUES, YOUR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION, AND YOUR LOYAL CULT FOLLOWERS who were involved with child sexual abuse, child sexual abuse scandal cover-ups, and the subsequent attacks on the victims and their families.  It was not me, not the bloggers, not the media, nor the other posters you have attacked here.

Let’s try another quote:
“The Torah says”

Stop.  You are not a person qualified to lecture me (nor anyone else) on Torah or God.  That you have been a criminal’s advocate and not a victim’s advocate turns my stomach.  You have ZERO credibility as a scholar and ZERO credibility as clergy.  If you cared about the Torah that tells us not to steal, then you would enumerate everything stolen from those children while Chabad turned a blind eye.  You would acknowledge everything stolen from the parents of those children.  And I don’t mean monetary theft as your simpleton mind might interpret it.  I mean their dignity, their sense of security and stability, their support systems and communities, and everything else that keeps a life from falling apart.  Instead the Chabad community compounded the pain of the victims!  What do you know of Torah?  What do you know of being a good Jew?  You have to be a good human being first.  It’s a prerequisite for being a good Jew.  Anything less is living a lie.  If you can’t even act according to the Ten Commandments, you have no business addressing the remainder of the 613 commandments found in the Torah.

Quote:  “we should be proactive”

Something you certainly were NOT!  Had you been proactive you never would have had to come before Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse!  A real proactive person would have exposed the crimes ASAP without regard to stupid religious extremist concepts like mesirah which is all too often used to protect criminals and has essentially no application in today’s world.  To you and your Chabad bretheren, Manny Waks is a moser (an informer).  To me, he’s a hero.  And I’m very pleased that his actions exposed some of Chabad’s FRAUD and DEPRAVITY.

On a side note, I’ll ask you, do the words FRAUD and DEPRAVITY look familiar?  They should.  Chabad’s many examples of fraud and depravity are the inspiration for my selected user name, Chafraud-Depravitch.  It’s a name that I believe reflects the nature of your organization far more accurately that the name it currently uses.  It’s not a name I use with pride.  Rather it’s intended to be a warning incorporated into a logo featuring Chabad’s yellow meshichist flag and a vomiting shliach drunk on vodka (something my family has witnessed too many times).

“instead of helping people and victims- by trolling hate sites and making your own blog to hate”

My blog,, may do exactly that, help people; who may be fooled by the phony righteous exterior of Chabad.
It’s for all of the people who may get sucked into your money scams, or who may buy into your foolish Rebbe as Messiah Christian-like theology.
It’s for the people who believe their Chabad rabbi cares about them when he’s really just a self-serving individual stroking their egos so he can build infrastructure and a large Chabad-Lubavitch family with other people’s money.

It’s for the people who fall for Chabad’s misinformation, or have erroneously filled in the blanks of Chabad’s lies of omission and mistakenly believe Chabad is a righteous organization.

And that is why my blog exists.  And if it does that for anyone, I will go to whatever spiritual realm that awaits me after this life and proudly let God know that I cared, and refused to remain silent (unlike Chabad itself).

And …
“to justify to all why you’ve left Chabad and the religion”

I left Chabad because they are primarily a fundraising scheme run by cult elitists who call the people they look down upon “tzadik” so they’ll open up their wallets and hand over their credit cards.  And there are many more reasons far too numerous to spell out here.  Some can be found on this blog, which is not mine:
In my case, leaving Chabad and recognizing it as a cult took way too long.
As for leaving my religion, my family is observant and our children go to Orthodox (non-Chabad, yes haredi) Jewish schools.
That you equate leaving Chabad for mainstream Judaism to leaving a religion doesn’t surprise me.  Chabad is rapidly becoming its own religion, and drifting further from Judaism.  For anyone who missed the split 2,000 years ago, this is a second chance to see Judaism give birth to another religion just as it did to Christianity.

Another foolish, but revealing, babble of yours:
“likely -like the Gemoro says- as an excuse to be able try to satisfy your every sexual desire”

I find it strange that a Chabad-Lubavitch cultist who calls himself a rabbi, and trained other rabbis, would address my sexual desire or anything about my sexuality.  I don’t recall having ever contemplated yours.  I don’t believe I’ve ever said you’re a pedophile, even if you did defend one and focus on his “tshuva” rather than empathize with the pain of his victims.
Do you understand that a man who had to give testimony in front of Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has no business whatsoever addressing any aspect of my sexual nature?

Yosef Feldman, I sincerely believe you are an accurate representative of what many will find in the Chabd-Lubavitch organization after they scratch the surface.

I hope that people worldwide will see the way you think, and that they will look for similar behaviors and beliefs held by their local Chabad shluchim (emissaries / missionaries / rabbis).

One last quote to conclude this exercise:
“you and your ilk get so excited bashing others with sexual issues what you don’t have a desire for, which in your warped mind justifies even more all your other likely sexual activities against the Torah!”

My likely sexual activities against the Torah?  I’ve made my point quite clearly that you really have no business attacking me this way, nor even approaching such topics, whether it’s my wife’s practice of going to the mikveh (which is Torah), the shalom bayit we gain from a healthy monogamous sex life (a complex Torah related topic well beyond your qualifications to address), or the beautiful result of the family we have produced in intimate relations (a mitzvah and blessing).   Who are you to assume that personal and  intimate aspects of my life go against Torah?  I find it beyond bizarre, and wholly inappropriate, that you’ve made such comments.  I’ve never heard such things come from any real rabbis I’ve met (Sefardi, Ashkenaz, Yeshivish, Modern Orthodox, Conservative, etc.).  However, I don’t consider you a rabbi of any merit whatsoever.  Rather, you are completely unworthy of the title in any regard.  With the exception of one very important aspect: you provide an example of what Chabad tries to pass off to the Jewish people as a “rabbi.”

And for that, I will conclude as I started.  I (and those who will discover the truth) owe you much gratitude.





32 thoughts on “Chafraud-Depravitch:  A Public Reply to Chabad Rabbi Yosef Feldman

  1. Dear LM and all
    For the 18th Chay comment…
    Why don’t we try and make this site a little positive by us all -instead of just bashing- coming together to help victims. If just half the followers donated $100 each (which isn’t a fortune for anyone especially for such a cause) then that would be 5k to help the cause. I would be happy for LM to arrange the 5k for a victims cause of his choice which he would let us know what it is. I’m ready to start with giving my cc details for 100. Let’s see from all the followers of the Religion bashing if they’re interested in uniting for this cause. I’m ready and let’s see who else of the followers including LM, CH D, H are ready… I’ll only do so here if there’s another 20 of the so far just bashing followers who comment here that they agree to give their cc number to LM…

    • Yosef Feldman, how about a triathlon – and instead you add a zero to the end of that. We have about 5 already in. And then, you drop the frivolous lawsuits against all of your critics.

      • Dear LM
        Let’s not judge anyone’s means but begin with 100 each and each should post their post name to us all and that they’re participating. Also if I benefit financially from any case (that as I mentioned isn’t my main goal and is doubtful…) then I certainly would arrange more than a triathlon for victims…

        • Yosef Feldman, you have mastered the art of deflection, dishonesty, and diversion. There are a group of us who are triathletes and a large majority of what we raise when doing these for causes go to helping Cancer victims (Chai Lifeline), Rape and Abuse Crisis centers, though in the US women and children are “discouraged” (or more like it coerced – to put it gently) into not reporting. After all, according to your theory, G-d has given his blessing to those who abuse children. It is a oft used argument. If you want to put your money where your mouth is, then donate every penny to the abuse you have perpetuated. We do our part, perhaps now it is your turn to do yours.

          • Dear LM
            Let’s try and communicate without abusing each other.
            Once again it is you and your followers who are deflecting from the real issue.
            It’s very easy to find excuses not to put ones hand in ones pocket and to say I already give. That’s the FIRST excuse in the book. We were only talking about starting this project by uniting to give a small amount…
            I’ve basically called the bluff of my main critics on this issue.
            Why don’t you post how CH D (and H) are all about just hating and bashing and refused to be involved in a united transparent, positive project for victims run by yourself. They claim to be Orthodox and for the greatest Mitzva of Tzedoko and also regarding helping victims of abuse, with you in charge they weren’t interested….
            You were ready to post CH Ds article against me, so why the double standards? It’s obvious as I’ve noted in the past that your site is not about the truth or helping victims but just to hate and bash Chabad, Orthodoxy etc
            I challenge you to prove me wrong!

    • Yosef Feldman,

      “If just half the followers donated $100 each”

      I indicated to you before that you should not direct your thoughts to what’s in my pants or what I do with it.

      And that includes my wallet!

      If I want to donate money to anything it will be to someone of my choice and only after great scrutiny.
      And never to, or at the behest of, a Chabad rabbi.
      I learned that Chabad tactic the hard way. Chai! Double Chai! 100x Chai! Gala Banquet!

      Never Again.

      Chai my tuches!

      • Dear CH D
        Even I was ready to trust LM in this…
        It seems that I am vindicated with my assessment that you (and many like you) are ready to attack others but when it comes to trying to unite to actually help victims, you come up with all sorts of excuses. It’s clearly seen and especially with your last comment that your attack of Chabad etc is to find another excuse to ease your conscience for not being a good Jew with regard to our main duty of giving Tzedaka. Even in your books what can be a better cause than giving for a victims cause and even for that you find any excuse not to give… How sad…

  2. I’m the typical guy you all deride.
    I went to yeshiva barely made it they HS but I read avidly and I like to think I’m well rounded.
    and I’m also doing great BH in the financial dept.

    As much as I despised the personal beliefs of FM and many of the comments he allowed
    (I find myself amazed that i’m about to write this)
    There was a certain class to FM. Though not to many of his commuters, a few of the notables are on this very thread right now.

    Although I was offended , hurt and angry by many of the posts and comments I found myself continuously going back and reading , many actually had me change certain perceptions.
    I was sorry SYR closed down Shnarya.

    When I stumbled upon LM I hoped for a continuation of a hybrid of “news nobody else would print” and acerbic yet readable comments
    What I am finding is pure garbage , angry personal feelings expressed in the actual news posts. instead of letting the reader come to the obvious conclusion the poster(s) waste no time or effort in feeding us his bias
    A certain unnecessary witch hunt that lowers the intellectual level tremendously.

    A perfect example is giving an open forum to these deranged nuts who so obviously have some personal axes to grind

    A pity cuz you guys could actually do something positive.

  3. LostMessiah wrote:
    I often write about problems within Chabad-Lubavitch. For example, their inadequate level of secular education which often leaves them lacking in basic English skills.

    I Reply:
    As much as I despise Schneersohn for setting up this straight-from-gehenna demagoguery and idol worship that pervades Chabad (as it does in all branches of hareidi “Judaism” where the yeshivish worship their rebbe’im etc), I must respectfully dispute our host’s statement quoted above….

    It is up to the parents whether kids succeed in “secular education” and “basic English skills”. There are kids coming out of public schools, Catholic schools, etc who lack these skills as well. I know of families whose kids were born and bred in Chabad, attended Chabad day school and yeshiva high school etc and today as young adults are well integrated into the secular world and are making legitimate incomes working at legitimate jobs. Examples: One young man that I know is a CPA, another young man is living modestly within his means in kollel as an exceptional scholar (and not only of Chabad bullshit, but of stam gemara, Shulchan Aurach etc,), another is a U of C Berkeley graduate and successful entrepreneur. There are many more examples that I can give that prove the above quote from LostMessiah to be an incorrect and unfair generalization.

    Why are these young men successful? It isn’t because they were somehow spared the endless harangue of “the Rebbe did this”, “the Rebbe ha-kodesh taught that” crap etc etc in their daily environment… Their success stems from the fact that their parents kept them well grounded and centered by insisting that they do their homework, learn secular studies, and that, above all, they were grounded in honesty and menschlich’keit.

    It is the parents’ task to insist that their kids learn how to read and write, do mathematics, learn natural science etc… The school system, whether Chabad, yeshivish, Catholic, fundamentalist, are MINOR influences on whether a kid will be grounded in the secular studies that they need to live honestly as adults and support their families without relying on the welfare system, Section 8, etc.

    • I apologize sincerely… In my last comment, I should have said….

      “It isn’t because they were somehow spared the endless harangue of “the Rebbe SHLITA did this”, “the Rebbe SHLITA ha-kodesh taught that” crap etc etc in their daily environment…”

    • Robert Wisler,

      I think your disagreement with the comment should be directed to me since I wrote the full reply to Yosef Feldman.
      However it’s been my experience that Chabad, like many haredim, place a very low value on secular education. My wife and I have encountered many examples of this. When we first started attending Chabad we noticed that the rabbi would often ‘coin’ new words simply for having a lack of English vocabulary and not knowing the correct word to use. Initially we thought it was “cute” and gave it a pass. But as time went on it became clear that he was lacking command of the language. As we met Chabad bochurim and other rabbis we noticed the same. This is more common among males and less so for females. This is likely due to the fact that Jewish studies are the primary focus for males and secular studies are often abandoned in their curriculum.

      Once my young son was playing with a Chabad rabbi’s child who was about the same age, 9 years-old. At one point, the spelling of the word ‘money” came into their conversation. It was either through discussion or while reviewing the rabbi’s son’s schoolwork. Whichever, the rabbi’s son spelled the word “muny.” From a 5 year-old, this may be understandable. But from a 9 year-old it is unacceptable. I found it especially ironic that the child could not spell “money,” but is being groomed to schnorr for it all his life as a Chabad shliach.

      Understandably, my exposure does not include the entirety of Lubavitch. And anecdote is not data. However, the frequency in my sample is too great to ignore. Yosef Feldman’s usage at this blog alone further proves the point.

      I also don’t believe this was always the case. As Chabad becomes more and more extreme, it appears that newer generations of the “Rebbe’s Army” are suffering the phenomena more.

      I read an interesting article via Frum Watch recently about a woman who left Lubavitch at the onset of her college career.
      She was from the generation before the RebbeHaMelechHaMoshiach™ and the outreach scam instituted in the 1970’s. There may have been a time when English illiteracy was less acceptable in Chabad, or at least not ignored to such a great degree. But this has changed and the effect is becoming more and more visible.
      There are likely some very well educated people who enter professional fields, but among the hundreds of rabbis that Chabad sends out to earn their living as professional beggars, notable levels of illiteracy is common. And it stands to reason that they don’t need such skills, since they live off of the incomes of professionals who worked to obtain those skills for themselves.

      I absolutely agree with you that parental input is a major factor in the education of a child. But when the parents are professional beggars grooming four or five sons to be the same, secular education takes a back seat. After a few generations of this the results are disastrous.

      To end on a humorous note, the rabbi father of the “muny” kid once claimed to me that his smicha was the equivalent of having a Master’s degree. Should his sons get shlicus in affluent enough communities, I suppose they can claim to have the equivalent of PhD’s.

      One of our local Chabad rabbis married into a very wealthy family.
      He didn’t want to marry the girl for her money.
      But that was the only way he could get it.

  4. I’m still trying to process C-D’s argument that the Rebbe DOESN’T run the world. News to me. I look around and see, just as one example, Trump vs. Hillary. This proves the Rebbe has a sense of humor.

  5. Dear CD

    I must apologise to you once again since I have been a cause for you to disgrace yourself amongst the hating (Judaism) troller community in revealing that you’re Orthodox and that Heaven help… Here comes… You send your kids to a Haredi school! That’s for them as bad as being a paedophile!! I hope that you have a day job besides blogging and trolling as it seems that you’ve now probably lost most of your fans… Either way I hope this great ‘loss’ causes you to move on like with FM and you find yourself something positive to do like actually helping people and victims.. We at Chabad, no matter what you got up to will always love you and would accept you back any time with open arms…

    • Trust me C-D didnt lose a fan here. And btw – NO! sending kids to a Chareidi school is NOT ” as bad as being a paedophile!!” I specifically referred to the level of secular education.

      On the other hand, making that jump to such a conclusion based on my comment or any other here shows a lack of critical thinking effort. As C-D said please read and reread and then reread again to try to understand what is being said.

  6. @H
    Agreed. No actual response to the anything substantive. Lots of ‘attack’ for being anonymous. Really??
    It is Chabad and others who have forced the bloggers underground – look what happened to FM – threats and threats until he was ‘silenced’.
    Please G-d one day it will be the bloggers who are public and the ’embarrassments’ who must be anonymous. Until then may the anonymity be protected!

    One disappointment in the original article;
    C-D: after all that your kids are in a HAREIDI school????
    I get the Orthodox, but HAREIDI?
    I have to admit after being a huge fan for so long I was greatly disappointed. I hope to ‘G-d’ you are supplementing their secular education!

    • Wow,

      Thanks for the question. It’s a good one, and I think my reply may alleviate your disappointment.

      My children have always gone to Orthodox schools run by haredim. Their Rosh Yeshiva at their elementary/middle school is one of the finest people who ever stood under a black hat. He’s the kind of man who will hand a neighborhood non-Jew $10 for their merely approaching him with a need. He’s especially accepting of those who are not uniformly like him and his colleagues. And I see him as someone who has the qualities of loving his fellow Jew that Chabad only pretends to have. He educates the children of single mothers, often at $0 tuition, and makes education affordable for families like my own. Having him in our life has been a blessing and has made it possible for us to preserve our Jewish culture which is very important to my wife and myself. He does not offer a high school. If he did, my children would get their entire K-12 education with him.

      High school is a bit harder to navigate, but again we have been fortunate. Haredi schools here in Southern California are likely very different than elsewhere (namely the east coast). They are less likely to be underground operations who thumb their nose at the state secular education requirements. They work to achieve accreditation which is very helpful to the school in terms of funding and other benefits. As a result, they offer an adequate (though not always fantastic) secular education program; advanced mathematics, science, history, English literature, grammar, etc. Secular subjects are taught by Jews and non-Jews. Not all haredi schools here may be this way, but we found a good one that has an in-house secular principal, who still answers to the Rosh but has a great deal of input regarding the education students receive. Among hardcore isolationist haredim, the school is likely viewed as barely haredi. Though they are very much haredi in their policies of uniform dress (including black hats), strict demands in middot, no smartphones, and VERY long hours of intense Jewish study. On the other hand, they are somewhat “fringe” haredi. For example, the subject of human reproduction is not censored from biology textbooks.

      At the school, I am likely considered not the highest quality of their parent body. All the same, we have been treated well and they do come from a sincere position of caring for the well-being of my children and family. Despite our differences, I hold respect for the Rosh Yeshiva and see him as a man dedicated to education.

      We do encounter some religious extremism in the high school with the perspectives held by the rabbeim (more the exception than the rule). However, as a parent I direct my children with a more level-headed approach to undo any offensive teachings (homophobia, bigotry, elitism, simple religious foolishness, etc.) they may encounter. I monitor their learning and when necessary will tell them flat out “your rebbi is wrong” and explain why. As a result, my children have obtained high quality Jewish learning, adequate secular education, and parental moral guidance that will direct them away from extremism and toward being good human beings and good Jews.

      • @C-D
        Thank you for your thoughtful response. Greatly appreciated. I do have other questions on this topic but I know this is not the forum. Maybe at some point in the future.

    • corrections:
      1.Not sure exactly WHO has forced the bloggers underground but something has!
      2.Not sure if it is lack of critical thinking effort OR just basic reading comprehension effort Or something else that lead to the outrageous conclusion that sending children to a Hareidi school = “That’s for them as bad as being a paedophile!!”

  7. Dear Chafraud
    I always love to help others, as is the Chabad way, so I’m delighted that I’ve helped you to the extent that you really appreciated it and thanked me publicly.
    But I was upset to see that it seems like you were offended by my words especially that I suspected you of not adhering to a sexually Kosher life. I’m delighted that you were offended by that as that means that different than FM and probably LM you have meanwhile stayed frum. It is refreshing to see that not every basher with such great sins as public Loshon Horos and moitsee Shem ru and being Choished bikshairim etc means that they’ve already become totally not frum…
    But I must admit to you that I don’t feel that I have much to apologise to you for as I’ll explain.
    You post name is Chafraud Depravitch and you go on to bash Chabad and its Rabbis with all sorts of frauds and depravities. The problem is that like with most who bash others with issues our Sages tell us Kol Hapoisel bemumoy poisel ie that they put down others with issues they themselves suffer from and usually in a greater way.
    I and many Chabad Rabbis are happy to be honest with regard to who we are and notwithstanding our work and messages that can be controversial in this secular world, and at times we even err, we’re unabashed to do what we feel is right and express our beliefs. This is why we receive the respect from people. You LM H and others hide yourselves like cowards in your ‘ivory towers’ and then you bash. That is real fraud and depravity. When you do let yourselves be known like FM no one is ready to support that cause. Have you thought that maybe it’s your cause of hating and bashing people and even Chabad (and especially through your and LMs most fraudulent way) that that’s not the way to touch people in a positive way and especially not to receive support for your cause. We’ve seen it also with Trump that the more he was bashed the more support he got. It’s only other losers of haters and bashers (who seem to have nothing positive in their lives to do) that are interested in your sites. Maybe if you, LM and others had a site -not to bash others which doesn’t really work in today’s society- to show how you’re supporting victims in a real way (not like FM, LM, your site-I’ll leave Frum Follies out as I perceive him a little differently) then you’d get some support. But unfortunately you guys can just criticise others in this but do nothing or very little yourselves, so therefore you really have nothing much to show or any really positive cause for people to support.
    In any event as you don’t let us know your identity so I haven’t really offended anyone. Maybe you or LM are known paedophiles who deserve to be offended and are just bashing as that’s your tendency to abuse people and whos better to abuse than with an issue that’s close to your heart (paedophiles) and against Religious leaders or Chabad who’s at the forefront of Religious influence in the world today.
    I’d be happy to spend more time responding now if you’d let everyone know who you are, like I have done, or would you now be embarrassed of FM or LM of them knowing that you bH try to live an observant life -albeit that you should really be working on your Loshon Horo that according to the Chofetz Chaim it is so strict with so many negative commandments?
    Awaiting your rectification of your fraud and depravity by revealing your identity…

    • Yossi, with that guff you just posted, i can only assume that you get up each morning, look at yourself in the mirror and congratulate yourself on how great a man you are.
      Except that you’re not.
      Every word of your response was to attack. There is no mention of any of the points raised save a brief allusion to God and his mysterious ways.
      You, like so so many others are not worthy of the title of Rabbi.
      Try being a Human Being first.

      • Dear H
        Bla Bla…now what’s your opinion about yourself based on what and how you write? Please try and be as objective as possible!

        • I am an educated professional who hates bullshitters.
          I can smell them a mile away, and you Yossi stink to high heaven.
          Lubavitch was once a great movement.
          Then you turned into neo-Christians. You are barely Jews. Who are you to call me ‘self-hating’.
          I love myself.
          If either one of us hates Jews, think of the Chillul Hashem of you and your family, Constantly in the press for nothing good.
          Shnorers who just want mre and more.

    • Yosef Feldman
      August 7, 2016 at 8:07 am

      I’ll get back to you later. It’s a beautiful day here right now and I plan to spend it with family.
      Replying to you requires time I am not willing to take from them. Chabad has taken far too much time and money from us already.
      The money we can replace. Time can only be lost.

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