Setting the Record Stright – David Bistricer and Clipper Equity, Morality Aside

David Bistricer Asking for “Factual Correctness” – Follow-up

Lost Messiah Contributor, August 5, 2016

This past week, we were asked to correct some factually inconsistencies we had posted with our source material being The Real Deal and the Wall Street Journal which we were advised had gotten their facts incorrect. The claim was that Mr. Bistricer had not been subpoenaed by the U.S. Attorney’s office. We still question that validity of that response, providing the benefit of the doubt, we posted.

In our opinion, while U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara may not have subpoenaed Bistricer, the request for a correction opened an investigative can of worms for us. Mr. Bistricer can hardly be referred to as the fair haired landlord. His history precedes him. Surely all of the reports are not “incorrect”. Whomever sent that gmail pushed back to our blog stating:”Your readers, as you state in your mission, deserve the truth.”!!!

Well, in the endeavor to find that truth, and inspired by the request that we correct the record, we decided to do some digging. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Mr. Bastricer was de Blasio’s re-election fundraiser this past March! We have already determined that being in Mr. de Blasio’s court offers significant political and future financial clout to his players.

To “set the record straight” we have posted information a screenshot from a Facebook post dedicated at uncovering the ills of landords like Bistricer/Chitrit and Clipper. We have posted from the Wall Street Journal. We have posted an article in the New York Post outlining Bastricer’s modus operadi techniques, terrorizing tenants to inspire them to move out – most of them elderly and in poor physical condition. This is shared directly from the Haysha Deitsch playbook. We have posted a review on Yelp (one of many which we feel deserves significant attention) outlining some of the deplorable conditions in buildings owned by Clipperer Equity/Bastricer, an interview with Mr. Bastricer (for which the video is also included at the top of the page) and a clip of the Wall Street Journal Report regarding the de Blasio fundraising investigation.

Of course the Yelp review can, for damage control purposes be chalked up to a disgruntled tenant. We highly doubt it as the review reflects nothing less than a pattern of abuses which we are fairly certain is in Bastircer’s operational playbook.

If Mr. Bastricer wants to clean up his image, getting information to us that he did not receive a subpoena, might not be the way to do it. And, if he did not himself receive one, we must ask what on earth the attorney general is waiting for.

In our view, David Bastricer, Chitrit and the funds/companies/entities they work under deserve the scrutiny. This is to be one of may posts on this subject.


From the Wall Street Journal 6/16/16

“A federal subpoena, which was issued as part of the investigation and reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, showed the authorities asked for documents related to a small number of donors, including David Bistricer, a Brooklyn businessman who Mr. de Blasio in his role as public advocate had placed on a 2010 list of the alleged worst landlords citywide. 

Mr. Bistricer, who has a number of properties in the city, held a fundraiser for Mr. de Blasio’s re-election campaign on March 17, according to a person familiar with the matter. Prosecutors requested documents related to him and his firm, Clipper Equity, according to the subpoena.

Mr. Bistricer said he personally didn’t receive a subpoena and declined to comment. A spokeswoman for Mr. Bistricer said he was taken off the landlord list after making investments that improved the properties.


Slumlord David Bistricer sent elderly tenants eviction notices for excessive partying in building

Davis, who says she has no children or wild guests, was floored by the allegations – and terrified of losing her $680-a-month one-bedroom home.

“Most of my friends are my age,” she said. “My friends sitting in the hallways and smoking and drinking? I love that. It should be a comedy skit on ‘Saturday Night Live.'”

The 59-building Flatbush Gardens complex includes 44 buildings that have a stunning 6,475 code violations, including 827 deemed “immediately hazardous.”

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who put Bistricer on his “worst slumlord” list, said the city should cancel lucrative leases with him unless the landlord cleans up his act.

“Landlords will think twice about neglecting their buildings if they risk losing city business,” de Blasio said.

Bistricer wrote in an email that he believes the evictions are valid.

Michael Grinthal, an attorney with South Brooklyn Legal Services, says 15 people got letters about smoking and drinking identical to the one Davis received.

Davis remains scared and angry.

“It’s like being accused of murder when you haven’t murdered anyone,” she said.



 Or look at the many appalling reviews for this complex owned by Clipper Equity/Bistricer-here’s just one:




I only gave this place 1 star because I wanted to write a review.

            I moved here within this past year and it’s been a NIGHTMARE and that’s putting it nicely. Let me start out by saying the apartments are in fact newly renovated and yes all your utilities are included. Now as far as the free laundromat and gym facilities? It’s all a blatant lie! I have lived here almost a year and have yet to see 1 “security” personal. The playground they refer to is there but unless you want your child running amongst the rats and mice sized roaches I would pass.

            My first 30 days here were pretty good. I don’t know what happen but on the 31st day it all went to hell. The leasing agent told me that the hallways were getting redone but the cleaners keep them clean until the repair starts. I spoke with a few neighbors and that’s been the lie that has been told for years now. My building has NO incinerator!! They use a big garbage bag that everyone puts their garbage in and the next morning maintenance comes and empties it. ITS A BREEDING GROUND FOR RATS ROACHES AND MICE.

            They have a laundry room that’s also connected to the mail room. I’ve never used the laundromat because it smells like mold and looks unsafe because of the lack of lighting and no sense of security. Anyone can walk in and be there at any given time because it’s 24 hours. Some people have said homeless people come there in the winter!

            The mail room is a JOKE. You’ll be getting mail from people who no longer live there which is normal but you have no way to even give the mail back so most people just throw the mail on the floor which just sits there. The infamous package room is an even bigger joke! They are only open on Wednesday 10-2pm and Saturdays 9-1pm. They only hold your package for a week and then send it back. So if your like myself and work both of these days your entirely screwed. UPS and FedEx do not come to your apartment. They ring your intercom and when you ask who is it no one answers. That’s the extent of you getting your delivery.

            The front desk personnel have got to be the most unprofessional rudest people you will EVER meet. You go in there to ask questions or make request and your met with attitude and rudeness. IF your able to even speak to them because they love to be on personal phone calls or talking on their Bluetooth.

            For a 1 bedroom apartment they want you making close to 70,000 a year but have the quality lower than homeless shelters.

            Their are some people who like myself come and go to work and home & try to stay under the radar. But majority of the people here don’t work, sit in front of the buildings on the steps and just smoke weed and talk loudly all NIGHT long , all the while playing music. Let’s not forget standing in the hallways smoking weed and playing music off their phones all night. I haven’t bought any furniture because I’m not staying here. Besides my bed set and TV that’s the only thing I have here and I’m keeping it that way. It’s no sense in buying a living room set because you won’t be able to sit in your living room from weed smoke and rift raft in the hallways.           

            If you plan to move here DONT. Leasing agents will show you the apartment during the day when nothing is really happening but tell them you would like to view it at 4:30pm. Or just ride thru during the evening and night hours and you’ll see just what your getting.

            It’s a HORRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE. I haven’t even invited anyone other than my boyfriend here because it’s such a sorry place to live and I’m mortified to show anyone that this is where I reside.

            Please don’t ignore my review and take it very serious.”


From the March 2016 interview in the Real Deal (video posted above):

Q: Clipper landed on a “worst landlords” list a few years back because of violations at Flatbush Gardens. Have you fixed those problems?

A: When we bought it, there were 12,000 violations. Now there are maybe 500. That was done by putting in an enormous amount of capital — $20 million.

Q: Clipper was banned from selling co-ops and condos in the 1998. Was that a fair ruling?

A: Somebody wrote that and people were trying to cast it that way, but it’s not factually correct. There was never a time I wasn’t [allowed to] sell co-ops and condos.

Q: Speaking of condos, you’re doing five projects with the Chetrit family. How did you meet?

A: We met when we bought the Caledonia Hospital [in 2007]. I had the stalking-horse contract.


Investigations Into Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Fundraising Focus on Specific Donors

Authorities are examining whether the New York City mayor and his allies traded favorable government action for contributions to his various political efforts

Federal and state investigators have received thousands of documents related to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s fundraising activities and have begun interviewing some of his donors, people familiar with the matter said.

Investigators have focused on specific donors to Mr. de Blasio as they examine whether the mayor and his allies traded favorable…

To read the remainder of the article click here.


UPDATE: We have corrected Daniel Bastricer to David Bistricer. We apologise for the errors. The name got picked up from two separate articles, the Daniel in the narrative having nothing to do with this article.



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