Yosef Feldman – Not Leaving Well-Enough Along, Point-Counterpoint Part II




Dear LM

What a speech!

I’m not sure who’s better you or Obama… I think you should nominate for president of the USA with the platform of advocating for sexual abuse victims. It’s a shame that Trump hasn’t thought of it yet or else he would have hired you to be his spokesperson and he’d be way ahead by now. It’s such a waste of talent that you’re spending so much time managing a blog for about a hundred followers… Or maybe since you don’t tell us your name because -as you wrote to me- you’re scared for your life (Ha Ha who’s the one with no ‘beitsim’) maybe you really are Obama having a little hobby on the side to denigrate commited [sic]Jews to Judaism which is so easily achieved with this very sensitive issue…

A case in point of how you just ‘cleverly’ manipulate my words is with the touching sexually. Obviously one cannot touch
genitals of a child for any other purpose besides for a clear non sexual purpose like medical or changing diapers. I never said or implied that touching sexually means that there needs to be gratification etc For you to suggest that, actually means that you hold that touching sexually with no sexual gratification is different and more lenient.
Shame on you LM!
There is no difference in the crime whether one has gratification or not and both are just as bad as the other in the damaging of the victim who you purport to be defending. For you to suggest that difference really shows that you don’t really consider the damage to the victim as the defining factor. Shame on you!

LM Response: Mr. Feldman, you must have missed “Spotlight” the story of the sexual abuse within the Catholic Church and the Boston Globe’s reporting on that abuse. One argument made by a noted abuser in the movie is that he thought that he was doing nothing wrong because he got no sexual gratification from molesting little boys. Our commentary on that point you raised was quite simply, that ANY touching of the genitalia of a child or an unwilling and non-consenting adult is molestation or sexual abuse unless, and only unless, it is of a medical nature or a parent washing his or her child and changing diapers. 

We would guess that you misspoke above when you said: “Obviously one cannot touch
genitals of a child for any other purpose besides for a clear non sexual purpose like medical or changing diapers.” What exactly does that mean. They “CAN” and they “DO” which is the problem. Perhaps the words “should not” might have been what you intended to say?

One should not touch the genitals of a child for any reasons other than medical or changing diapers. You see, sir… the semantic games on this subject are very easy to play. If we were to quote you directly, you could be interpreted as having said that there is no such thing as improper touching. But… we are certain that is not what you meant to type.

On that issue re damage to the victim and Teshuva. The Jewish philosophy is that G-d created and controls the world in a way that we don’t understand besides for what the Torah tells us. ‘My thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways so says G-d’ which I think is also with the G-d you believe in. Why bad things happen to good people in an age old question. Why are some born handicapped, children suffering etc ?Why does G-d allow the righteous to suffer? All of this is beyond our understanding (presently). Accordingly this that some children are put in a situation beyond their control to be abused and others not is also beyond our understanding. But at the sime time our Torah tells us that every perpetrator can do Teshuva with regard to any crime with even life long effects as long as the perpetrator tries his best to ask for forgiveness and to make amends. Even if the victim doesn’t respond with forgiveness one is still forgiven by G-d. It is the same G-d who created us who decided so in the Torah. How can that be the case if the victim is still suffering is the same ‘my thoughts are not your thoughts’ from G-d. If you believe that the Torah is the word of G-d then, not withstanding our lack of understanding, we do believe in the same G-d. Let’s hope that in these 3 weeks of mourning, Moshiach will come and as the prophet says ‘these days will be overturned to joy and happiness as we’ll only then see the benefit of the Galut and all of our suffering which is why Tisha Beav will be a great Yom Tov!
Wishing it upon all of us!


LM Response: Are you suggesting, Mr. Feldman, that molestation, rape and abuse are the will of G-d? Are you suggesting that the torture of these children is the result of a series of events put in motion by G-d? Are you suggesting that no one should be held accountable because if it happened, G-d wanted it to happen? Please, sir, explain. What you are saying could be applied, if taken as you appear to mean them, to anything and everything. Was the slaughter of Jews at the hands of the Nazi’s the will of G-d? Or, was it an act of man? Please provide some clarification to your statements. 

Moreover, are you teaching the children as they are being molested (and we are not suggesting it is you who is doing the molesting) that they should accept their fate because it was G-d’s will? Are you educating the abused to believe that G-d intended them to be abused? 

Again sir, we implore you to kindly clarify. Certainly you cannot be intending to be interpreted the way you have written your statements.

While you are at it, please answer the questions asked without providing the “RELEVANT” caveat.



Yosef Feldman,

“Why bad things happen to good people in an age old question.”

So that good people will use their God given FREE WILL to effect change in a physical world instead of passively letting it happen and blaming it on God.

“Why are some born handicapped, children suffering etc ?”

Again, so that good people will use their God given FREE WILL to effect POSITIVE change in a physical world instead of passively letting it happen and blaming it on God. When you break your leg does the doctor set it, or tell you it’s God’s will? Did Jonas Salk develop a polio vaccine, or did he just accept polio and declare it God’s will? He saved lives. You and your ilk ruined them. He didn’t have a black costume with hat and beard, but he accomplished more than you or your fellow cult members can ever hope to accomplish.

Compare that to Chabad rabbis who turn a blind eye to child sexual abuse and declare it God’s will so they could avoid uncomfortable conflict and embarrassment. And then, of all things, they turn to the criminal looking for teshuva while at the same time blaming victims and going out of their way to compound their pain and that of their families. I won’t speak for God, but I think you’re full of bullshit.

“Why does G-d allow the righteous to suffer?”

Uhm, maybe he was waiting to see if Chabad would act a bit righteous and not allow the innocent to suffer.
Ha ha, just kidding. God is outside of time-space, so he already knew you were full of crap and would have to go down in public scandal.

You don’t appear to know a thing about God, nor about simply being a decent human being as God would expect (Jewish or not). Take off that stupid black costume and shave that messy beard. IT MEANS NOTHING. Spare God your stupid customs like spelling His Name with a dash and take some real righteous action. Because you’ll probably have a hard time explaining to Him why you thought the dash was so important, but preventing the suffering of children was not. Disgusting.


2 thoughts on “Yosef Feldman – Not Leaving Well-Enough Along, Point-Counterpoint Part II

  1. Dear LM
    We’re touching on an intensely philosophical issue which I’m happy to elaborate on a little later as long as your’e fair with your reporting.
    What really irked me with this post is your unfairness in posting Chafrauds comment without posting my response to it. Please also add my response to him in this post.
    Thanking you in advance!

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