Hikind, Greenfield – Boro Park… Lesser of Two Evils


David Greenfield: Insights

City Councilman Greenfield is the powerful Land Use Chairman with significant control over zoning and zoning restrictions in New York. In our opinion, he already parlays the Mayor’s disingenuous ‘Manditory Inclusionary Housing’ aka MIH- for his developer pals with dire rezoning freedoms.

Greenfield was appointed by deBlasio’s City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, the Mayor’s right-hand-person with regard to real estate and enabling real estate developers to circumvent zoning restrictions.

In our view, Greenfield  has helped to leverage the phony justifications  in MIH to up-zone heretofore protected neighborhoods into monster buildings with non-contextual height intruding on many communities and certainly not providing for equally distributed low-income housing.   

These tear-downs of smaller homes and human-scaled properties are the biggest impetus for so-called gentrification but in reality the wholesale displacement of entire neighborhoods, stores closing, national chains wiping out Mom and Pop stores and destruction of services (like Rivington).

Now Greenfield wants more…a spin-off Kiryas Joel in Brooklyn’s future? 

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.18.12 PM

Hikind, Greenfield Battle For Political Control Of Boro Park


A Boro Park political operative and publisher of a Jewish news website said late last week that it was he and not City Councilman David Greenfield who was behind petitioning the City’s Board of Elections for the Opportunity to Ballot (OTB) as a write-in candidate against Assemblyman Dov Hikind‘s chosen candidate to replace him as Democratic District leader.

Moshe Friedman, publisher of JPupdates, said he has been circulating OTB petitions almost a full week before KCP exclusively reported that Hikind was giving up his district leadership seat and his committee had chosen his communications assistant and political upstart David Schwartz, 22, to replace him.

dov hikind

NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind


Sources close to Hikind than told KCP in a follow-up story that Greenfield was behind starting the OTB petitions so that he could become the write-in candidate against Schwartz – which Hikind likened to a Greenfield power grab at the expense of bringing some new political blood and ideas into the district.

“He (Hikind) claims it’s a power grab, but the OTB petitions were circulated before the Schwartz announcement,” said Friedman. “The only power grab is Dov giving away his district leadership seat to someone who will listen to him.”


Friedman said he decided four months ago that Hikind was planning to retire, and give both his assembly and district leadership seat to his son, Yoni, through election loopholes.

“I decided I was not not going to let it happen. If Yoni wants to run, let him run, but he should not get the seat because of his father,” said Friedman, who added he spoke to many in the community about this, but couldn’t recall if Greenfield was one of those people.

However, after Hikind challenged the OTB petitions, Friedman said he did speak to Greenfield about it and then got an additional 1,200 signatures to allow for a write-in candidate against Schwartz in the Sept. 13 primary.

Hikind said it is no state secret that he wanted give up the district leadership seat, but his son Yoni never had an interest in the district leadership seat nor his assembly seat, which he plans to keep for years to come.

“They were told I was stepping down and wanted to give it to someone young and was doing something in the community, and there’s no question that David Greenfield was behind it,” he said. “Now there’s a lot of opposition and resentment growing to deny a 22-year-old guy that is so so well like by so many people. I don’t believe that David (Greenfield) will run now and take that kind of chance. Imagine if he lost to David Schwartz.”

To read the article in its entirety click here.

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