Haysha Deitsch – Among the Despicable


Whether or Not Haysha Deitsch Will be Held Accountable – Remains to be Seen….

Our View: We hope there is a special place in Hell waiting for him….


Park Slope assisted living facility keeps plummeting into debt causing them to kick out elderly residents



A debt continues to grow in Brooklyn.

The owner of a troubled Park Slope assisted living facility’s debt is only getting bigger, the Daily News has learned.

After two years of battling in Brooklyn Supreme Court to prevent several elderly residents from getting kicked out of Haysha Deitsch’s Prospect Park Residence at 1 Prospect Park West, the five remaining tenants agreed to leave by August 31 — but only once $3.35 million was paid out.

Deistch made the first two payments of $125,000 under the settlement agreement, but defaulted on the last installment, according to court documents.

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Lawyer Frederick Millet filed a motion Tuesday requesting that a judge order a lien against two other Park Slope properties Dietsch purchased on Fourth Avenue in September 2015 for $10 million.

“Defendant failed to make the final $3.1 million payment to plaintiffs … because (Deitsch) did not make the primary payment within the 45 days of the signed agreement the second penalty provision has been triggered, which means that defendants now owe an additional $3.35 million to the plaintiffs under the agreement,” according to the motion to order the attachment.

Meanwhile, because of Deitsch’s broken promise, three of the women — all over the age of 91 — are in jeopardy of losing their non-refundable down payments for their new homes, their relatives said.

Deitsch also has seven pending wrongful death claims with $10 million in liens and a third $5 million lien is pending approval.

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