di Blasio and Clipper Equity, David Bistricer – Correction?


David Bistricer, Clipper Equity, the Chetrit Group –

Letter to LM re: Corrections

On June 17, 2016, LostMessiah reported  information we obtained from The Real Deal and the Wall Street Journal regarding Clipper Equity and David Bastricer. Today we received an e-mail indicating that our sources had erred and quoted as follows:

I am writing you about the post titled “di Blasio and Clipper Equity, David Bistricer”. The content in the blog post reports an untrue statement in its sub headline, “Feds subpoena info on Bistricer’s de Blasio contributions”, and by omitting key facts from the story. Your readers, as you state in your mission, deserve the truth. The factual truth is that David Bistricer was never subpoenaed, as reported by both The Wall Street Journal and The Real Deal.

LostMessiah has indicated it is committed to reliable journalism and the worldwide community of people who want to make the world a better place. To be reliable, and maintain your stance as a trusted blog that aims to unite the Jewish community, it is imperative that this article be corrected with the truth or simply removed.

I look forward to working with you to address this issue and bring the facts to light.

In an effort to indeed make certain that our reporting is correct, we are passing along this information and posting the source material and will follow-up as applicable. To the woman who sent that email along, thank you. We too look forward to corrections to the story if necessary.

Feds subpoena info on Bistricer’s de Blasio contributions


Investigators seeking evidence of pay-for-play at Mayor’s office

Federal and state corruption investigators are studying documents, emails and financial records related Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign donations. Their subpoena reportedly targets specific donors, and the list includes landlord David Bistricer and his firm Clipper Equity.

Officials are looking for evidence of direct connections between donations to de Blasio and his allies and actions on donor’s’ behalf by the city.

De Blasio and his allies haven’t been accused of wrongdoing, and de Blasio himself has said many times that he and his administration have followed all campaign finance rules

Bistricer, whose family-run firm owns 60 buildings and thousands of residential units in the city, said he hasn’t received a subpoena himself, the Wall Street Journal reported

Bistricer held a fundraiser for de Blasio’s campaign on March 17. Back in 2010, de Blasio, in his role as public advocate, placed Bistricer on a “worst landlords” list. A spokesperson told the Journal he’d been removed from the list because he’d invested in the offending properties.

Clipper Equities bought the Sony Building at 550 Madison Avenue along with the Chetrit Group in 2013 for $1.1 billion. They sold it earlier this year to Olayan America, a division of the Saudi conglomerate Olayan Group, for just over $1.3 billion.


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