Yoself Feldman – Not Leaving Well-Enough Alone… Point-Couterpoint



We have a feeling that Mr. Feldman is trying to bait us into a new excuse to add to his repertoire of lawsuits. Those lawsuits are lining his pockets. They are not going to children damaged by the Chabad Lubavitch community. He has already said that.  

We are writing this disclaimer so that it is clear that this is an OPINION based upon his own responses to questions we asked and his refusal to respond to others. Everything we post here a counterpoint to his directly made points.

In the event that Mr. Feldman wants to claim that what follows were not made by him, or in case he decides to remove them, we have copies of Mr. Feldman’s own emails which come with every post. If this is not the REAL Yosef Feldman then let it be very clear, that our counterpoints are relevant regardless. His name could have been John Doe and it would not matter. The statements are a unique example of the representations by the Chabad Lubavitch community through a “spokesman” of sorts.

What follows under LM are our OPINIONS of Mr. Feldman’s own responses. He would have been quite wise to waddle off into the Australian sunset but he did not. He responded last night and it is to that we make our remarks.

As a general matter, Mr. Feldman’s responses to our questions which he promised to answer, say more in what he does not type than in what he does. They reflect a level of hypocrisy and speak to every single criticism we and others have had of the Chabad Lubavitch community. They reflect the community’s beliefs that rape and molestation are a matter of semantics, that a serial rapist can even give Teshuva enough to  help the nightmarish dreams that each victim undoubtedly suffers every night, that Smicha is to be taken lightly, that the Chabad community and frankly Yosef Feldman should not be accountable for their collective misdeeds because, well… those misdeeds are not as they appear. They are not RELEVANT.   

LostMessiah, August 2, 2016

YOSEF FELDMAN AND LM: Point and Counterpoint….

Dear LM
I just noticed your last comment.
I said that I’ll answer RELEVANT questions… 

LM: The word “Relevant” provides you and your community the opportunity to creatively dodge questions that make you uncomfortable. The issue here is that by not answering the questions, you have answered them entirely and given them significant “relevance”. The conclusions to be drawn are quite honestly that your community makes its own rules and lives by its own laws. By not responding, you are simply confirming. You are permitting the default response and are anything but transparent. You are certainly nothing if not predictable.

I answered all the relevant questions and I also explained why the first two weren’t relevant.

LM: They were very relevant. Your explanation is a poor excuse for a response and an affirmation that what is happening is unKosher.

Re the further questions I don’t think there’s any misunderstanding by anyone re what constitutes rape and molestation. The only exception with regard to touching genitals is if it’s clearly not of a sexual nature like by an agreed Bris, then it’s not molestation…

LM: A Bris should not even be part of the narrative. No one is claiming that the Mohel abused a child in front of his family and friends during a brit-milah. We are not going to even begin with the “Metziza b’peh” discussion, however.  

Not of a sexual nature? When a child gets his or her genitalia physically touched by a teacher or a Rabbi that child is being molested, damaged, hurt and forced into a lifelong nightmare, ge’enom. Full stop. Like the priests in the Catholic Church, if he has no orgasm, gets no sexual gratification, it is not “of a sexual nature”? Please define, sir.

There can be no exceptions to touching unless by a doctor or in some circumstances a parent, that makes “touching” okay. Sexual gratification or sexual anything should not be the defining factor. This issue must be black and white. 

I vehemently disagree that lawsuits to defend my falsely affected reputation has anything to do with shaming or causing any negativity to victims and as I constantly emphasise, the contrary is true, that the victims cause is really hampered by exaggerations and lies against anyone involved, as any sensible person understands…

LM: Your reputation is well earned and even better deserved. Your comments to our post, of your own volition, only further solidify that point. You are in court to financially benefit from the criticism of others. There are no exaggerations and lies. You perpetuate everything that is wrong with your community and now you want to capitalize on it. For your defendants, the great collective of journalists and others who have criticized you, we hope to be an inspiration for their defense attorneys. You have not been defamed. If anything, you have been spared the true humiliation and shame you should have felt. The victimizer really should in our view be victimized.  

Re the Teshuva issue I also answered earlier re the three perpetrators I know about.

Again I believe the perpetrator I spoke about re Teshuva tried to do his best to make amends with all of his victims. Perpetrator two who’s in jail I understand didn’t try to make amends and perpetrator three who left the country I don’t know the status but I believe not.

LM: There is no making amends, in our view, for touching a child or adult and violating him or her. Sorry to our readers for the graphic details that follow: 

There is no making amends for a man who forcibly or by way of coercion sticks his penis in the anus of a boy or the vagina of a girl. There is no making amends for the anal fissures that the boy suffers daily for the rest of his life or the possibility that a raped female child will never be able to have children.

There is no way to make amends for the outright theft of a child’s innocense. That can never be returned. It is stolen by a thief and to add insult to injury trampled on and further plundered by people such as yourself and your community who flippantly respond to allegations with comments like those you have provided to us.

These children, the abused, the victims deserve better. They deserve some form of justice and even more a form of redemption. Their souls will forever be haunted and you and your ilk are only a small piece of the shadows that will forever hang over their heads.

You are a shameful man, Mr. Josef Feldman. The Chabad Lubavitch with whom you associate, whom you defend, whom you shield from scrutiny tarnish the very soul of the greater Jewish community. Your comments here shed light on the very thing we want to change about the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world that idolizes you and your rabbis, its lack of humanity, skewed morality and all in the name of G-d. Your G-d sir, is not ours. 

I also responded my opinion re the organisations and individuals who have harassed victims who have come forward and family members of such victims, that proper Teshuva hasn’t taken place even though that most that were involved I believe are trying to rectify that but I am amazed and extremely disappointed that Tzefania Waks hasn’t as yet received an apology from anyone in Melbourne…

LM: Mr. Feldman, your opinion, amazement and disappointment are of little consolation to Manny and Tzefania Waks and others like him. It is all lip-service, a tale full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. You would have been better off never responding to our questions or our criticism. You fed the fire and we thank you for it.

We will continuously remind people of your words, as they clearly represent the Chabad Lubavitch community with which you associate. While we would never wish something bad upon someone and certainly not a child, you will never understand the voices of the abused, silenced and then ignored children, until you walk in their shoes. You will never understand the feelings of the families until you have felt their pain for yourself. Until then, it will always be easier for you to diminish, respond flippantly, and file lawsuits to capitalize.

Were it not for the very fact that we would be dooming your children or grandchildren to inevitable destruction, we would wish that one day you do get to walk in those shoes. Dare we not.

Instead we will say that we hope you will do the right thing and donate every penny of your proceeds to causes that openly and outrightly help families and their victimized children. We hope you will acknowledge in every paper and synagogue, class and family discussion, that there is a problem of abuse, molestation, cover-ups, harassment and shunning that poisons the lifeblood of your community specifically and the entire Jewish world generally and needs to be extricated.

We surmise that you not capable of doing the right thing because your narrative is so ingrained that right and wrong have become muddled existential debates enshrouded in a cloak of blue and white tasseled robes. Even were you to understand the parlance, the cost would be too high for you to have the “betzim” necessary to take steps toward the purification of your communities’ ills.

With the depth of insensitivity reflected in  your own comments and correspondingly by default your community, one day you might just walk in the shoes of those whom you so flippantly ignore.  Only then will you truly understand.  It will be at that moment in time that you will know that which is irrelevant from that which is, indeed, RELEVANT.


16 thoughts on “Yoself Feldman – Not Leaving Well-Enough Alone… Point-Couterpoint

  1. Dear LM
    What a speech!
    I’m not sure who’s better you or Obama… I think you should nominate for president of the USA with the platform of advocating for sexual abuse victims. It’s a shame that Trump hasn’t thought of it yet or else he would have hired you to be his spokesperson and he’d be way ahead by now. It’s such a waste of talent that you’re spending so much time managing a blog for about a hundred followers… Or maybe since you don’t tell us your name because -as you wrote to me- you’re scared for your life (Ha Ha who’s the one with no ‘beitsim’) maybe you really are Obama having a little hobby on the side to denigrate commited Jews to Judaism which is so easily achieved with this very sensitive issue…

    A case in point of how you just ‘cleverly’ manipulate my words is with the touching sexually. Obviously one cannot touch
    genitals of a child for any other purpose besides for a clear non sexual purpose like medical or changing diapers. I never said or implied that touching sexually means that there needs to be gratification etc For you to suggest that, actually means that you hold that touching sexually with no sexual gratification is different and more lenient.
    Shame on you LM!
    There is no difference in the crime whether one has gratification or not and both are just as bad as the other in the damaging of the victim who you purport to be defending. For you to suggest that difference really shows that you don’t really consider the damage to the victim as the defining factor. Shame on you!

    On that issue re damage to the victim and Teshuva. The Jewish philosophy is that G-d created and controls the world in a way that we don’t understand besides for what the Torah tells us. ‘My thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways so says G-d’ which I think is also with the G-d you believe in. Why bad things happen to good people in an age old question. Why are some born handicapped, children suffering etc ?Why does G-d allow the righteous to suffer? All of this is beyond our understanding (presently). Accordingly this that some children are put in a situation beyond their control to be abused and others not is also beyond our understanding. But at the sime time our Torah tells us that every perpetrator can do Teshuva with regard to any crime with even life long effects as long as the perpetrator tries his best to ask for forgiveness and to make amends. Even if the victim doesn’t respond with forgiveness one is still forgiven by G-d. It is the same G-d who created us who decided so in the Torah. How can that be the case if the victim is still suffering is the same ‘my thoughts are not your thoughts’ from G-d. If you believe that the Torah is the word of G-d then, not withstanding our lack of understanding, we do believe in the same G-d. Let’s hope that in these 3 weeks of mourning, Moshiach will come and as the prophet says ‘these days will be overturned to joy and happiness as we’ll only then see the benefit of the Galut and all of our suffering which is why Tisha Beav will be a great Yom Tov!
    Wishing it upon all of us!

    • Yosef Feldman,

      “Why bad things happen to good people in an age old question.”

      So that good people will use their God given FREE WILL to effect change in a physical world instead of passively letting it happen and blaming it on God.

      “Why are some born handicapped, children suffering etc ?”

      Again, so that good people will use their God given FREE WILL to effect POSITIVE change in a physical world instead of passively letting it happen and blaming it on God. When you break your leg does the doctor set it, or tell you it’s God’s will? Did Jonas Salk develop a polio vaccine, or did he just accept polio and declare it God’s will? He saved lives. You and your ilk ruined them. He didn’t have a black costume with hat and beard, but he accomplished more than you or your fellow cult members can ever hope to accomplish.

      Compare that to Chabad rabbis who turn a blind eye to child sexual abuse and declare it God’s will so they could avoid uncomfortable conflict and embarrassment. And then, of all things, they turn to the criminal looking for teshuva while at the same time blaming victims and going out of their way to compound their pain and that of their families. I won’t speak for God, but I think you’re full of bullshit.

      “Why does G-d allow the righteous to suffer?”

      Uhm, maybe he was waiting to see if Chabad would act a bit righteous and not allow the innocent to suffer.
      Ha ha, just kidding. God is outside of time-space, so he already knew you were full of crap and would have to go down in public scandal.

      You don’t appear to know a thing about God, nor about simply being a decent human being as God would expect (Jewish or not). Take off that stupid black costume and shave that messy beard. IT MEANS NOTHING. Spare God your stupid customs like spelling His Name with a dash and take some real righteous action. Because you’ll probably have a hard time explaining to Him why you thought the dash was so important, but preventing the suffering of children was not. Disgusting.

      • Dear Chafraud Depravitch
        So you are justifying G-d that children suffer so others should act. And LS likes what you write.
        Like LS you disgustingly couldn’t care about the victims suffering and they can and should suffer as long as someone else benefits. Basically you are in a sense condoning paedophila and the abusers since according to your logic it’s fine to be abused since the abuser is benefiting with his pleasure!
        How totally sickening and disgusting and of you!!
        The Torah says that we should be proactive with regard to healing and this doesn’t mean according to your warped understanding that you can justify someone’s suffering since another can benefit by healing, like you have!
        I personally have helped hundreds of children with their education and welfare including stopping abuse in many ways. From the way you falsely hate and abuse you probably never helped anyone in your life and in your later years you occupy your time -instead of helping people and victims- by trolling hate sites and making your own blog to hate, to justify to all why you’ve left Chabad and the religion and likely -like the Gemoro says- as an excuse to be able try to satisfy your every sexual desire which is probably why you and your ilk get so excited bashing others with sexual issues what you don’t have a desire for, which in your warped mind justifies even more all your other likely sexual activities against the Torah!

        • You really have lost it, yossi.
          Underneath the beard, you are a nasty, self-serving POS.
          You deflect too much, you defend too hard…what a shame you didn’t make such efforts to stop your friend kiddy-fiddling.
          It seems that each and every time you post on this blog, it is to reinforce the belief of every reader that your ONLY priority in life is….. Yossi Feldman.

        • Mr. Feldman, it is LM, not LS. You still have not answered the questions posed. Nor, quite frankly have you provided any details about helping anyone but Yosef Feldman. It is you who are capitalizing on the abuse of children and on your own stupidity and insensitivity in how you characterize the abuse. We hope that we are providing you with a forum to continue spewing your sickening and self-serving comments. Hopefully they can and will be used against you in your courts of competent jurisdiction. We don’t think that there has been a single comment on this site that has claimed that you have sexual problems or that you, yourself are guilty of abuse. To the contrary. Yet, the man who doth protest too much, has such an easier time demoralizing someone else’s character than responding to simple questions posed of you. Yosef Feldman, you have said everything that needs to be said and have left to the imagination everything you have not said. We thank you for that. You are a despicable human being in our view and that last piece we use very loosely. We will leave you to it, though, and hope that people reading our blog will be turned away from Chabad Lubavitch and those like you who represent the greater Chabad community. You are morally bankrupt and the fewer lives you can tarnish the better.

          • Dear LM
            Sorry for the LS Typo…
            Please do me and probably some of your readers a favour. I don’t and have never initiated hateful and abusive comments on your site or on any other site. If you and your commentors abuse me I unfortunately have responded accordingly. If I’m questioned with respect I’ll respond with respect. It’s not rocket science…

            • Mr. Feldman, in fact, you were asked a series of questions which you strategically avoided by claiming “irrelevance.” Our scrutiny of your subjectivity was anything but abusive.

          • Dear LM
            I hate to break it to you but I believe that -different than Failed Messiah- practically all your readers save for one or two have left Chabad and they can only go back up… And the one or two
            include myself… You actually strengthen my resolve to be a Chabad Shliach when I see how shallow in content you and your ilk are… And even more so your commenters who argue so unintelligently and with basically just abusive and hateful words…

            • Mr. Feldman, if we have succeeded in strengthening your resolve, then we have proven our point regarding you and your level of moral bankruptcy, as well as that of your community. We have undoubtedly provided support to the countless defendants who, if settling, will be only lining your pockets. We hope that we can think out that lining by providing information to people that tells everything that they need to know about your community, namely that it is a cult and that it supports secrecy or non-reporting, does little to help the victimized children and stands as a support to the serial and non-serial abuser. You have solidified our points on this and we must therefore thank you for your source material – your words. Keeping quiet Mr. Feldman would not have been rocket science either.

            • How extraordinary that you should use the word shallow to describe others.
              An adjective I would use for you, Alongside, simple, self-serving, selfish and ignorant.

  2. @H – agreed – Great post.
    but probably should have delved more into why the question of whether he is still giving smicha is very RELEVANT.
    Also, do they really wear blue and white taleisim or should that be black ‘and white tasseled robes’?

  3. “Mr. Feldman’s responses to our questions which he promised to answer, say more in what he does not type than in what he does.”

    It’s the things Chabad doesn’t tell that are the most dangerous for their typical unsuspecting cult following customers.

    • http://www.suggestibility.org/cult3.shtml
      “A destructive cult is a pyramid-shaped authoritarian regime with a person or group of people that have dictatorial control. It uses deception in recruiting new members (e.g. people are NOT told up front what the group is, what the group actually believes and what will be expected of them if they become members). It also uses mind control techniques to keep people dependent and obedient.”

  4. Great post.
    In the meantime the T’Shuvah continues with more abuse for the victims and their families in Shul in Melbourne last Shabbat- See Manny Waks’ Blog

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