Here Comes the Bride, Shomrim, Really?

Cops stage fake traffic stop to help man’s marriage proposal

Three NYPD cops staged a fake traffic stop to help a man propose to his girlfriend in Queens after a friend connected to the scandal-plagued Shomrim patrol group asked for a favor, the future bride said Friday.

The officers from the 101st Precinct in Far Rockaway performed the stunt Wednesday when they pulled over Yehuda Coriat, 22, and his 20-year-old girlfriend, Sorah Oppen.

The cops made a bogus accusation that they were transporting weapons and drugs in the car.

After “questioning” Oppen about her boyfriend, the cops asked her to pop open the trunk — and out came the balloons.

Coriat then got down on his knee and proposed.

Oppen told The Post that a friend named Yoel Tyrnauer is a volunteer with the Shomrim patrol in Brooklyn’s Borough Park and asked the cops for the favor.

But Tyrnauer distanced himself from Shomrim — which is ensnared in a bribery scheme involving NYPD pistol permits — saying he simply walked into the precinct as just another citizen and convinced them to play along.

“I just went into the precinct and tried my luck,” Tyrnauer said. “I don’t know the cops. This whole thing has nothing to do with Shomrim.”

Oppen said the cops “weren’t on duty at the time. They did him a favor. They came in dressed up [in uniform], got the car and did the whole getup just as a favor.”

Tyrnauer said he “doesn’t know” whether the police officers were on or off duty.
Police would not immediately say whether the cops had been on duty.

In April, a Borough Park Shomrim leader was arrested for allegedly giving cash bribes to “expedite” pistol permits for members of the patrol, which operates in Orthodox Jewish communities.


4 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride, Shomrim, Really?

  1. What if somehow they’d stopped the wrong guy and all hell broke loose? This isn’t what we need the police to be doing.

  2. @Sarek
    (it wasnt my idea:)
    On the other hand, were this guy Coriat and his friend Tyrnauer living together under a rock for the last few months?
    What a stupid stunt in light of everything going on now!

    According to the WCBS 880 website, indeed, the officers were on duty at the time. Did ANYONE think this wasnt going to bring more bad press for the frum community and their entitlement mentality?

  3. With all the tragedies that the Police are suffering, and vice versa, lets celebrate. This was a beautiful friendly thing, which will lift the image of the NYPD among the 250,000. Orthodox Jews living in the Metro Area. These cops are mentchen and their precint commander should be given an award, for thinking out of the box.

  4. Wow, great idea! I will ask the NYPD to assist me when I propose to my girlfriend. Anyone want to guess what the response will be???

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