Philip Esforme, Odetta Baracha and Arnaldo Carmouze…. Being Old in Miami…

Thanks to our contributor… August 1, 2016

$1 Billion Health Care Fraud Took Advantage Of Medicare In Florida, Agents Say : The Two-Way : NPR

$1 Billion Health Care Fraud Took Advantage Of Medicare In Florida, Agents Say

The Justice Department calls it the largest criminal health care fraud case ever brought against individual suspects: Three people are accused of orchestrating a massive fraud involving a number of Miami-based health care providers.

The three facing charges are all from Florida’s Miami-Dade County; they include Philip Esformes, 47, owner of more than 30 Miami-area nursing and assisted living facilities; hospital administrator Odette Barcha, 49; and physician assistant Arnaldo Carmouze, 56, the Justice Department says.

“Medicare fraud has infected every facet of our health care system,” U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer said as indictments against the three were announced Friday.

The indictments accuse Esformes of leading “a complex and profitable health care fraud scheme that resulted in staggering losses — in excess of $1 billion,” said Special Agent in Charge George L. Piro of the FBI’s Miami field office.

Investigators say Esformes used his access to thousands of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries to perpetrate a fraud:

“Many of these beneficiaries did not qualify for skilled nursing home care or for placement in an assisted living facility; however, Esformes and his co-conspirators nevertheless admitted them to Esformes Network facilities where the beneficiaries received medically unnecessary services that were billed to Medicare and Medicaid.”

More money was in play, investigators say, in the form of kickbacks Esformes and his co-conspirators received in return for “steering beneficiaries to other health care providers — including community mental health centers and home health care providers — who also performed medically unnecessary treatments that were billed to Medicare and Medicaid.”

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Comment by Yossi on “The Accidental Murderer”

A wee bit more Esformes fraud: Health Care Fraud James Desnick, Dr Morris Esformes Philip Esfo…


  1. The Esformes are both crooks yet they will get away with it AGAIN!!! He had many admission directors at the facilities working with him admitting patients that did not require the care they were billing medicare for. It is disturbing to know this now that is out in the open. I don’t understand how his kids are still benefitting from us tax payer dollars! They now have the money that was stolen.!

  2. A billion $ – How does it get to that point? Guess the normal daily check and balance fraud control system isn’t working all that well.

  3. Just to clarify some points in the above article….
    The South Bend Yeshiva is now under new administration that has nothing to do with the South Bend Yeshiva referred to in the article. The “South Bend Yeshiva” in the article relocated to Indianapolis several years ago.

    The South Bend Yeshiva, under its new administration (that had nothing to do with the “child molestation accusations” referred to in the article), seems to be no longer operating and claims on their website that they are “reorganizing”.

  4. I noticed on the corner of 17th Avenue & 60th Street in Boro Park, where Novominsk Yeshiva has a square block Yeshiva a cornerstone with the name of a major donor obviously: ESFORMES…

    He the head of Augdah, where …… What a world we live in…

  5. The South Bend Yeshiva was under totally new administration and ownership until it went out-of-business last year. The administration which was swayed by its lust of money rather than concern for the welfare of its students is now running a yeshiva in Indianapolis.

    The South Bend yeshiva is currently out-of-business.

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