When Your “Get-up-and-go has Got-up-and-Went” – Arrested in Belgium

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We are posting the following article sitting here and shaking our collective heads.

Why would a professor at Bar Ilan not give his wife a “get,” impersonate someone, use a false passport, exit Israel and go to Belgium to stay married to someone who wants her freedom? Why would he risk the loss of his job, excommunication and now jail time in order to stay married to a woman who doesn’t want him anymore? The story is beyond absurd.

Moreover, why would there not be some concept in Judaism that places a statute of limitations on a failed marriage? Why can’t the rabbinical rainmakers make a law that after 3 years you are deemed to be religiously divorced regardless of whether a “woman’s husband” gives her a get (voluntarily) or not. Why is she the “Agunah” and he not the “Agun”?

Then…one must wonder whether he will be punished in the civil courts in Israel or Belgium for the fraud, identity theft and other assorted crimes he committed along the way…


Israeli Professor Who Refuses Wife A Religious Divorce Arrested in Belgium


An Israeli professor who has refused to grant his wife a religious divorce for more than four years was arrested in Antwerp, Belgium.

Oded Guez, who was a physicist at Bar-Ilan University, was arrested this week on suspicion of using a forged passport and taking on a false identity, Ynet reported. He is accused of using the false identity and fake passport to leave Israel after he was barred exit by the secular courts over his refusal to grant his wife the religious divorce, or “get.”

Guez disappeared from Israel in April.

The Justice Ministry said it will ask for his extradition to face charges of impersonation and using a false passport in violation of the order preventing his exit from the country.

In February, a rabbinical court excommunicated Guez, issuing a herem, or a writ of banishment, which laid out a number of prohibitions at synagogue, “until he relents from his stubbornness and listens to his betters and he unchains his wife and gives her a get.” A week later he was fired from his position at Bar-Ilan.



One thought on “When Your “Get-up-and-go has Got-up-and-Went” – Arrested in Belgium

  1. Hm. Stubborn, oblivious of consequences, self-absorbed, convinced of his invincibility; sounds like a Drumpff clone to me.

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