A Stark Contrast, Not the Pink Panther – Felix Not the Mastermind



IF A DEAD MAN COULD SPEAK… and the thousands of mailboxes…

We still do not believe that the drowning in Miami was really a drowning. Whether it is because there are simply too many “coincidences” and things that by our minds don’t make sense or whether something just doesn’t feel right, we cannot say.

We also do not believe that Menachem Stark was murdered  Kendel Felix. We believe that this poor guy is taking the blame for something far more nefarious. 

There are too many similar addresses, 199 Lee Avenue and the thousands of mailboxes and 266 Broadway, Klein, Leopold… too many links. We think that there might be answers in those mailboxes, those addresses, the deaths in Miami. We just haven’t figured it all out yet.

For now, we hope Felix Kendel’s lawyer can keep him from going to prison for a crime he simply was not smart enough to commit. To pull that off, one would have had to be very savvy, probably the same guy who wanted the men in Miami dead… in a mikveh…


Man accused of killing Brooklyn landlord may have made a false confession, psychologist testifies: ‘There was a great deal of coercion’


A man who confessed to police that he took part in the murder of a Brooklyn real estate mogul in a robbery gone wrong is susceptible to making false confessions, an expert witness for the defense testified in a pre-trial hearing Wednesday.

Marc Janoson, who holds a PhD in psychology, testified that Kendel Felix has psychological traits that make him more likely than the average person to admit to a crime he didn’t commit.

Felix, who is charged with murdering Menachem Stark, had outlined to authorities in a taped interview and written statements how he served as the driver when a group of men snatched the high profile real estate magnate from in front of his office during a snowstorm on Jan. 2, 2014.

Stark’s burned body was later found in Great Neck, L.I. Felix also admitted to buying gasoline, but not to lighting the body on fire.

B’klyn murder suspect says cousin planned landlord kidnap

“He has vulnerabilities that the literature has associated with false confessions,” Janoson told Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Neil Firetog on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, a video of the confession was played in court in which Felix fingered his cousin as the mastermind behind a plot to rob Stark because he “has a lot of money.”

Janoson said his prognosis was based on interviews with psychological tests administered to Felix and interviews with the accused killer and his mother.

During those interviews, Felix told Janoson that investigators had pressured him into confessing after saying his parents would be deported and he may never see his three children again. He was also told he didn’t need a lawyer, because he wasn’t under arrest, Janoson said.

Construction worker charged in killing of Hasidic Brooklyn landlord Menachem Stark

“I would also add that if the reports he gave me on his interrogation were correct, there was a great deal of coercion,” Janoson said. “He was told over and over, there’s black, white, and a gray area … If you give us the information we need, you can go home…He was told he would never see his children … (he has 3) … if he didn’t go to that quote unquote gray area.”

Felix told cops he served as the driver when a group of men snatched the high profile real estate magnate from in front of his office during a snowstorm on Jan. 2, 2014

The expert said that Felix has an IQ of 87, putting him in the bottom fifth of the population for intelligence level. He also said Felix showed signs of neurological impairment following a 2010 motorcycle accident.

To read the full article click here.


Detective says man accused of killing Menachem Stark wasn’t the “mastermind”


A New York City Police Department detective testified on Tuesday that the Brooklyn man accused of killing landlord Menachem Stark likely wasn’t the mastermind behind the grisly kidnapping and murder.

Kendel Felix, who faces 50 years to life in prison if convicted, claims that his cousin planned the robbery that led to Starks death in January 2014, the New York Daily News reported. NYPD Detective Christopher Scarry testified at a pre-trial hearing on Tuesday that Felix likely didn’t plan out the robbery.

“He (Felix) was quiet, lazy, laid back, a follower, definitely not the mastermind of this,” Scarry said.

Felix was arrested three months after the murder, on charges that he had grabbed Stark from in front of his Williamsburg office, bound him and forced him into a van where he eventually suffocated. Stark’s partially burned body was found in a dumpster in Long Island.

Though there are three other co-defendants in the case, no one else has been charged in the murder. Stark, a member of Brooklyn’s Hasidic Jewish community, was part of a group of investors and developers that helped fuel the borough’s development and sales boom in recent years.

Stark and his partner Israel Palmutter built a portfolio across Brooklyn that at one time reached 1,000 units.

Read the full article here.


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