Yosef Feldman – The 4 Questions, at Your Behest…


Mr. Feldman:


Our thread stream is flawed. Mr. Feldman asked us to start a new one. Here, by your request are our 4 Questions:

  1. Do you still hold the position as a Rabbi? 

  2. Who is running the smicha program, giving smicha, etc. Are you?

  3. Please comment on the “ongoing harassment of victims, their families and supporters in Yeshiva Centre Melbourne.” You previously stated that the community is changing but commented to Mr. Waks that you did not know how bad it was.

  4. Do you believe that “all of the elements of Tschuvah [should] be fulfilled by the offending parties towards their victims.” 


Mr. Feldman,

We are giving you free reign per your request. The Seder table is set. Please be so kind as to tell the story as responded to by the wise son? Or? We leave it to you.

Your Audience awaits…

21 thoughts on “Yosef Feldman – The 4 Questions, at Your Behest…

  1. Mr. Yosef Feldman:

    Perhaps if I use less flowery words it will be clearer (though admittedly my comment had a typo). You said you would answer questions. You have failed to do so:

    1. Do you still hold the position as a Rabbi?
    2. Who is running the smicha program, giving smicha, etc. Are you?

    3. Are all of the elements of Techuva being completed with regard to each and every victim?

    These two first questions and the one asked by Zephaniah are quite simple. You are circumventing the questions with a dissertation on the two branches of Chasidism. I could not give a tinker’s damn about the divided Chasid’s, in my view… well, we will leave that out. JUST ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTIONS YOU PROMISED TO ANSWER.

    Add to that the following question:

    1. How do you define rape?
    2. How do you define molestation?
    3. At what point in your view does touching a boy’s genitals cross over from acceptable to unacceptable?

    As for your lawsuits, they shame the victims. They perpetuate the lies and the hate. They give non-Jews and secular Jews a reason to hate. We hope that in the process of those lawsuits and any archaic Australian laws related to them, that full discovery be requested and demanded of the Chasidic Templar.

    Now, as you have criticized me, quid pro quo, sir… ANSWER THE QUESTIONS OR SUBSTANTIATE WHAT THE REST OF US KNOW TO BE TRUE.. which will, undoubtedly, generate another article.


    • Dear LM

      I just noticed your last comment.

      I said that I’ll answer RELEVANT questions…
      I answered all the relevant questions and I also explained why the first two weren’t relevant.

      Re the further questions I don’t think there’s any misunderstanding by anyone re what constitutes rape and molestation. The only exception with regard to touching genitals is if it’s clearly not of a sexual nature like by an agreed Bris, then it’s not molestation…

      I vehemently disagree that lawsuits to defend my falsely affected reputation has anything to do with shaming or causing any negativity to victims and as I constantly emphasise, the contrary is true, that the victims cause is really hampered by exaggerations and lies against anyone involved, as any sensible person understands…

      • Re the Teshuva issue I also answered earlier re the three perpetrators I know about.
        Again I believe the perpetrator I spoke about re Teshuva tried to do his best to make amends with all of his victims. Perpetrator two who’s in jail I understand didn’t try to make amends and perpetrator three who left the country I don’t know the status but I believe not.
        I also responded my opinion re the organisations and individuals who have harassed victims who have come forward and family members of such victims, that proper Teshuva hasn’t taken place even though that most that were involved I believe are trying to rectify that but I am amazed and extremely disappointed that Tzefania Waks hasn’t as yet received an apology from anyone in Melbourne…

  2. Does he hold the title rabbi? Or has his smicha been revoked?

    Positions can be resigned, reassigned, or one can be fired. But he still walks away a rabbi.
    Is he somehow entitled to the title for life just because he took a test in a (cough) rabbinical school?

    • Mr Cha fraud
      Did you get my comment to you’ll your site re Gug that the molestations had nothing to do with the rectum and certainly not rape?

    • Dear LM
      Re the 4 questions
      1) As I mentioned I’d answer relevant questions. As you know I feel (as does anyone interested in the truth) that I didn’t do or say anything wrong re child abuse and I only resigned as a director of Yeshiva to help my fathers organisation because of the PR (that was my decision to help my father…) so therefore whether I hold the a position or not is really irrelevant to the truth so I won’t answer that now.
      The same is with regard to your second question.
      Regarding your third question which is relevant I have commented that re Tzefania in my opinion there has been no Teshuva. Re another victim and the harrasment towards him according to what I’m told it has continued by some. I know that there’s the new generation trying to oust the old and some of the old like the Groners etc are trying to rectify and do Teshuva like making up with Manny etc
      Without the discussion with Tzefania I hear that there’s a real balagan going on there and maybe if everyone did real Teshuva starting by apologising to Tzefania then Hashem will help that the community would start to see more blessing in everything…
      I don’t understand the fourth question. Obviously any wrongdoing to anyone has to be dealt with properly with the victims according to Torah with proper Teshuva and its details as Tzefania correctly pointed out and as is emphasised in the laws associated with Yom Kippur.

      • Yosef Feldman, your reticence to respond to the first two questions make the rest largely irrelevant. The real issue is the smicha. If that process is rotten then so too is everything that follows. Your refusal to comment is tantamount to an admission in our view that the organization is corrupt and no measure of response afterward has any basis in real and genuine truth.

        In our view, the dignified and truly genuine thing for you to do would be to dismiss your suits and walk away sending a message that this now needs to be about the victims. Failure in that regard is a let I mixing of the poison that flows through the very soul of your community. It is heartbreaking. Your response or lies of omission are more of the same.

        • Dear LM
          As everyone can see what you wrote didn’t address what I wrote besides that notwithstanding your colourful flowery words, the content didnt make much sense. I’m not sure if even you understood what you’re writing about. What organisation? So sorry for not responding with anything too meaningful…

        • Besides that the suits aren’t against the victims but mainly the media and if I win, a lot of the money could go towards helping the needy including victims which is anyway how I like to spend monies…

  3. I posted a reply to Yossi on the previous thread, before I saw this new one, I hope it is not boring that I repost here:

    As I said I would, I commend you for writing what you have above. A good start. I would stress that we agreed that apologies are really only step -1 (my paraphrase, & I pointed out that I personally am disinterested in them by this stage, since they will have no credibility in my eyes), that Tshuva has 3 main parts (free translation): disgust with the past, good resolutions for the future, but far eclipsing those 2 is what one does in the present, in the realm of action, not merely (cheap & possibly insincere) talk: repairing the damage one has caused by one’s actions, no loopholes, no nice legal clauses, no arbitrary evil limits etc. We also agreed that the claim by senior people in authority at YC Melbourne, that the way they are dealing with victims & their families is “just doing what the lawyers are telling them” has no place in Jewish Law. We also discussed the position of Chabad HQ in these matters.

    • My comment above obviously only complements 2 of LM’s questions above, & I concur with all of LM’s questions…

    • Unfortunately as I told you and also posted recently as s comment, even re myself, instead of supporting their own like Lehavdil even the Goyim who supported the cardinal Pell against the accusations, since PR and money (not the truth) is most important to them, they delisted me and were ready to throw me under a bus because of the backlash without finding out the truth and verifying any issue. Yes the Chabad Headquartes management certainly do not behave as the Rebbe would have and that’s why there’s a whole Chabad movement against the establishment. I won’t elaborate here… But this corruption hasn’t deterred me from being a Chabadnick and Shliach, as the Rebbe sent me and these glory and money hungry individuals can’t change my real status as they haven’t with so many other Shluchim etc
      So yes LM Chafraud H and all others who are disillusioned with Chabad I certainly understand you as what was done to me by even the HQ was totally disgusting and I’m sure in a sense you’d agree much worse than with many of yourselves, but I also understand that they’re not Rebbes and very human (caring mainly about their own survival and not being true to Chabads teachings) so it doesn’t deter me from being a Chabad Chosid and Shliach of the Rebbe to the best of my abilities and I encourage you all to do the same…

      • “being a Chabad Chosid and Shliach of the Rebbe to the best of my abilities and I encourage you all to do the same…”

        God forbid.
        (I’ll even give you one with a dash)
        G-d forbid.

        So you’re saying you’re still a Chabad ordained rabbi but not on Chabad’s official listings?

      • Yosef Feldman,

        you said: “there’s a whole Chabad movement against the establishment.”

        The only counter-movement of any sort that I’m aware of is the meshichist extreme who oppose Chabad leaders who are not open about declaring their Rebbe the messiah.

        • Dear Ch fraud
          There are many on each side that have different views what they really feel. The common denominator is that the establishment for PR purposes don’t advocate the Rebbe Moshiach issue whereas the other group which is first and foremost anti present establishment don’t care to express the Chabad belief openly which most Chabadniks believe which is that even if one holds that the Rebbe died he will get up and redeem us all… But there are many who hold the extreme views on either side…

      • As was pointed out, the lawyers representing the church made a cottage industry out of quiet financial settled, ultimately setting in motion more abuse. Is that who we want to be?

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