Yosef Feldman, When Were you Going to Admit to Using “Mesira” as your raison d’être – UPDATED.



Yosef Feldman – Please explain the hypocrisy…

The above is a screenshot of an email from evidence at the Royal Commission. (source: http://www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au/exhibits/a5fd40f7-d96c-4043-9801-d4490fba4188/case-study-22,-february-2015,-melbourne) [Note to some readers: to use the link, you must right click and copy and paste into the browser search bar]

The email is written by Yosef Feldman to other Rabbonim, including Rabbi Yosef Feldman’s own father Rabbi Pinchus Feldman, Rabbi Moshe Gutnick, Rabbi Yoram Ulman and Rabbi Mordechai Gutnick, after Gug Hayman was arrested and charged.

The emails seemingly make clear Feldman’s belief that the reporting of Hayman was mesirah.

Feldman argues that the reporting of Hayman was mesirah, because the crimes happened a long time ago, and there was no present evidence of current offending by Hayman.

Yosef Feldman, dated 4 November 2013 5:05:55PM est

To: Rabbi Moshe Gutnick

cc: Rabbi Pinchus Feldman, Rabbi Mordechai Gutnick and Yoram Ullman

Subject: Mesiro


“Dear U Moshe

Are you happy that your strong statement to musser with an understanding and clear outcome for anyone knowing of the statement (and like most people, not learning it like a Gemoro…) is to musser in all instances and therefore was most likely (or certainly could have been…) the cause for Gug to be now jailed for something he did 25 years ago…”

My thoughts on the matter as detailed in my dialogue on failed messiah was that the idea of going to a Rabbi should be seriously considered mainly for such instances where the offence was committed decades ago as a young person and now the person has certainly changed…


Do you still think that you’re still right to have publicly embarrass me and also to come out with your strong statement??? What has been the tachlis benefits so far besides this great first one! and if you really think so and that such situations like Gugs should be mussered…!!!??? let’s see you be sincere with your strong position and come out with a personal or ORA statement that Gug is in jail is a great outcome….and let’s see what our frume community would think of you!!!”


Mr. Feldman, with all of your comments about how wronged you have been, how do you explain yourself? How do you explain the intimidation, the concern for the abuser and the use of Mesira as a sword and a shield. Please, sir. Explain.

The link in comprised of detailed information from the Royal Commission website. Please be reminded that in some cases, you may have to right click and copy and paste the link.

UPDATE: July 26, 2016

This article garnered numerous responses from Yosef Feldman. He did not, however, answer any of the questions posed. He claimed that all of this was explained away in hearings with the RC. The RC, to our knowledge, has not deemed his “explanations” to have been satisfactory. This article also brought attacks by Yosef Feldman against this site and the authors including asking whether we are Jewish and why we don’t hold to the Jewish principle: “Love thy neighbor as you love thyself.” One can only try not to vomit.

Our response to that is to ask the same question: How can you use judgment from a “frume” community as a weapon and then ask us that question, of all the questions there are to ask? Clearly this particular “frume” community (Chabad Lubavitch) did not read the memo as it has continuously failed Judaism each and every time it is ostracized, outcast and “judged” its neighbors, mostly victims of sexual abuse.

As to goyim and their response to childhood sexual assault and child abuse, with the exception of the Catholic Church and its governing entities, guilty of the same cover-ups and code of silence as the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in this regard, goyim view sexual abusers harshly, particularly those guilty of abuse of children. Upon release, a community is warned. In fact, it is known that in US jails, child sexual abusers are deemed the worst kind of criminals by those within prison walls. That says something, and in our view is the way it should be.  

We thank Mr. Josef Feldman for his responses insofar as they substantiate every one of our claims/opinions and those of much of our readership. The level of hypocrisy within the Chabad Lubavitch community is extraordinary. Mr. Feldman, in our view, represents the very worst the Jewish community has to offer – actually not quite, the Chabadnik who celebrated the Orlando killings of LBGTQ community members, and then videotaped and broadcast his praise on YouTube, might be the worst.

Even Chabad recognized his shining example of their version of Judaism and took that video down. We have a downloaded copy of that shameful and disgusting video for anyone who wants it.


26 thoughts on “Yosef Feldman, When Were you Going to Admit to Using “Mesira” as your raison d’être – UPDATED.

  1. “let’s see what our frume community would think of you”
    This is one of the central parts of the lack of morality in the UO community world-wide: what will the neighbours say. The hypocrisy in this immoral externality vis-a-vis the professed pnimius of Chabad in particular…

    • Dear LM
      Before you post all your posts re myself why don’t you read my evidence in full especially re the issues you bring up??
      If I was referring to it being real Mesiro then I would tell them that he’s Chayov misso and guilty of the capital punishment of death!
      I explained that at the RC that mussered means to inform but in this case it’s not the real Messiro in its full meaning as any reporting in this area falls under the law of the land.
      I already explained that in my evidence which is probably why Manny Waks (where you probably got this now off his page…) didn’t make an issue of that since he woukd have heard that there. Please read my whole evidence before posting issues re myself as you’re just wasting everyone’s time with your unprofessionalism…

      • Yossi, I don’t see why you posted this as a reply to my comment, you do not address my complaint, which has nothing to do with your evidence: is “let’s see what our frume community would think of you” a problem in the UO world in your opinion, causing people not to do the right thing in the most extreme & disgusting way?

        • Tzefania
          It wasn’t meant as a reply to you but to LM. You know how this site doesn’t work well. I’ll bH call you soon…
          I don’t disagree with EVERYTHING you write…😊

    • Also re intimidation, I wasn’t intimidating anyone just pointing out how I thought the publicity wasn’t useful and to the contrary in my and most other opinions.
      Even Goyim agree that any abuser has human rights and especially someone who has been rehabilitated…
      Because if your so called concern for victims are you worse than a normal Goy?? Where’s your Jewish values of Loving a friend like yourself. If you, your father or son would Sin would you think that there should not be any rights and doomed forever? I would suspect not! Ask What’s with the Jewish value of Teshuva?
      Mr LM
      Do you have any Jewish values or more so are you Jewish???

      • ” publicity wasn’t useful and to the contrary in my and most other opinions”. This is totally contrary to my experience. The police themselves in the YC cases came to agree that the publicity was necessary to at least partially counter the negative effects of your undoubtedly correct statement (one of the only ones I can agree with) “let’s see what our frume community would think of you”…

        • Tzefania
          As you should remember from the RC I was writing to him re the repeated publicising of Rabbinic statements how abuse is terrible and everyone must report it etc which I thought may have been the cause for Gug but afterwards likely the cause of the false accusation against Rabbi Glick…
          It was that treated publicity that I was against as explained in my evidence at the RC…

          • Repeated not treated…
            Btw my issue was if ANYTHING positive (besides Gug) was achieved ie if any other victim re any other abuser (besides) Gug which would protect children now came forward because of the repeated statements…

          • I must take leave of answering Yossi, the straw that broke the camel’s back for me is the assertion by him that publicity=false accusations. So from now on, my silence in not answering/refuting various nonsense is not to be taken as agreement or acceptance in any way.

            • Dear Tzfania
              It was very nice talking to you last night. It’s been a while. You certainly gave me to understand that Melbourne Chabad still has a lot to do Teshuva for. I was shocked to hear how no one has as yet apologised to you. That itself makes me expremely disappointed with them. This is certainly not the way Chabad teaches. I was also amazed to hear that people involved with your harrasment suffered tragedies. The Rebbe certainly taught us from the Baal Shem Tov that we should learn a lesson in serving Hashem from everything we see or hear. That’s besides what the Gemoro says that when suffering happens to a person he should investigate his actions as everything comes from Hashem. I’m very surprised that Melbourne Chabad haven’t as yet learnt their lesson to at the very least apologise to you. I plan to speak to someone of influence there regarding this and in regard to their general position at present. The time has really come for true Ahavas Yisroel and not just the talk…
              Kol Tuv

              • As I said I would, I commend you for writing what you have above. A good start. I would stress that we agreed that apologies are really only step -1 (my paraphrase, & I pointed out that I personally am disinterested in them by this stage, since they will have no credibility in my eyes), that Tshuva has 3 main parts (free translation): disgust with the past, good resolutions for the future, but far eclipsing those 2 is what one does in the present, in the realm of action, not merely (cheap & possibly insincere) talk: repairing the damage one has caused by one’s actions, no loopholes, no nice legal clauses, no arbitrary evil limits etc. We also agreed that the claim by senior people in authority at YC Melbourne, that the way they are dealing with victims & their families is “just doing what the lawyers are telling them” has no place in Jewish Law. We also discussed the position of Chabad HQ in these matters.

        • Mr H
          I am morally elevating Torah values for Jewish people over Goyim who are not obligated in these values…

          • But your values have been shown by your own resignations to be wrong and not Torah Values.
            Your only Torah is to look after the interests of you and your own. You have shown this by actions not words.

          • As a “Goyim” I’d say, paraphrasing the old hot dog add, you don’t seem to “answer to a higher authority”.

            Tell us all about your so called values.

            “Even Goyim agree that any abuser has human rights and especially someone who has been rehabilitated”
            Agreed, a fair trial and sentencing as appropriate.

            • And us Goyim also value the rights of the abused.
              Especially when they’re minors.
              And when these so called “rehabilitated” abusers(who often do lenghty jail terms)
              return to society.
              Mailers go out informing the public where they will be residing.
              No goyim PR teams for the abuser.
              No dancing or partying for released perverts.
              Goyim peasants(as we are known to the Frumkins)
              believe in forgiveness only AFTER penance.

              Yep. Lowlife Goyim values.

            • Hi flatearth
              Do you believe that the earth is not a globe but flat like some still believe?
              At least now it’s understood what sort of beliefs you have and accordingly why you attack me…

              • Mr. Feldman, he who doth protest too much. You insult others and don’t answer our very pointed questions. You are proving yourself quite worthy of attack, as we see it.

                • Dear LM
                  Which questions do you feel is relevant to answer. I’d be glad to do so but the comments on my phone on this post are word by word
                  downward so a new post for this would be better…

              • It’s sarcasm frowning upon backwards throwback persons who think the world is 6000 years old, created in several days and that humans and dinosaurs coexisted.

                Aside from that I have no use for pedophiles and rapists and those who aid and abet them.

                You sick cultist pervert.

          • The Goyim! The Goyim! The Goyim!

            Ah, memories of being in a Chabad shul…or at a Chabad meal… or a Chabad class.

            The Enemy! The Lower beings! The excluded from Jew Heaven! We have 613 and they only have 7.

            These are common Chabad tactics used exactly the same as any cult group who wants to vilify and create fear of ‘The Other.’ (Chabad does the same to Conservative and Reform Jews too when they’re not within earshot)

            The Chabad cults everywhere make standard use of the ‘us vs. them’ mentality. Anyone can go to their local Chabad and count the times “the goyim” are the enemy. Whether ancient history, recent history, or current events, Chabad is always telling customers the enemy is “the goyim.”

            In fact, when I left Chabad very sick and financially broke, it was non-Chabad Jews and GOYIM of all types that came to our assistance. They weren’t looking for a favor in return, nor had hopes of a fat donation check on their horizon. They helped because it was a good thing to do and they are good people.

            Read up Feldman: The goyim make you and my self-serving local shluchim look like shit. You can’t begin to approach the empathy and concern that so many of them have for others. They could teach you what chesed is, you worm.

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