Abuse Publicity Brings Out “Attention Seeking Phonies” According to Down Under Rabbi Yosef Feldman

Mr. Feldman had hoped that we would print a retraction and an apology to our post regarding comments he made but were apparently taken out of context when they were printed.

His comments to our post speak loudly about what we believe to be his narrative: this is about the reputations of the abusers, those who covered up the abuse and those who have the daunting responsibility of dealing with it and not about the children who were abused.

Yerachmiel Lopin eloquently explains that silencing the abused also cuts the courage of other abuse victims off at the knees. We would like to see more people gather the courage they need to speak out and report. We would like to see the communities with rampant problems of sexual abuse confront the issue head on even if it means condemnation.

We would like to thank Frum Follies and Manny Waks for their posts.

FRUM FOLLIES by Yerachmiel Lopin

6081012-3x2-340x227 R. Yosef Yitzchak Feldman

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Feldman attained notoriety when Australian Newspapers reported on his testimony about sex abuse in the Chabad community in Australia to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

According to ABC (Australia) in Feb 2015:

The director of the ultra-orthodox Jewish Yeshiva centre in Sydney has resigned after last week telling a royal commission hearing he did not know it was a crime for an adult to touch a child’s genitals.

Since then, Feldman has gone on a spree of libel lawsuits. Manny Waks linked to a listing of those lawsuits in a post on FaceBook on 7/20/16. The targets of his eight lawsuits include The Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Australia, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry and a number of media outlets.

Feldman never learns. In response to the post and some admittedly taunting comments…

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3 thoughts on “Abuse Publicity Brings Out “Attention Seeking Phonies” According to Down Under Rabbi Yosef Feldman

  1. These lawyers acting “pro bono” for you. Will you categorically deny that there is any sort of funding agreement in place?

    • @Jay – Mr. Feldman seems to be confused between “pro bono” and “contingency” fees. He has already acknowledged that he is paying the attorneys. They are simply taking a percentage of his recovery. In practice, this gives them incentive to play any card, regardless of integrity, to make certain that they are not wasting their time. This is very different from pro bono which indicates some form of altruism. The work of these attorneys is likely, in our opinion, anything but.

  2. Re dishonest LM who doesn’t report what I’ve already posted.

    Firstly it is pro bono and if I lose I don’t owe them anything but if I win then obviously they’d want and Id want to pay them for their costs…
    Re leniency, again if you’d read the evidence you’d know. There were 3 perpetrators. One was in my charge thst before he left I didn’t know that there was sexual abuse. The other one who was a friend of mine in my younger years but didn’t have real remorse is in jail. The third one (Gug) who had remorse and paid his victims is, who I argued, should have leniency and the judge actually showed him leniency and gave him a suspended sentence.
    Did you know that there are different sort of abusers. There are some who act out of a natural tendency for sexual relations with little children and don’t control themselves. There are some with sexual attraction for young adults who don’t control themselves and there are some who abuse because they were abused. And in each group there are all sorts. Some can certainly and have been rehabilitated and the one who I called for leniency was from the category which I saw the report that he was rehabilitated with very little or no risk of reoffending…
    I am not looking for words of praise from yourself or from anyone else (besides from my parents and wife…) and even from my recipients! I do what I do as it’s the right thing. As I said in Sydney it is well known and even the paper reported how I help people and victims. The outrageous defamation against me was generated by the anti Chabad forces and so be it.
    As you may know all Chabad institutions here are working hard to rectify any mistakes made in the past and even M Waks met with the Groners to make peace as it was reported. Any mistakes were made -not because of not caring for the victims. But because of not realising the serious effect on the victims and how best to deal with it at the time. This is not the case now in Australia or in any Chabad institution in the world that I know of at present. Everyone is trying their best. Otherwise the reporting negatively is just Loshon Horo and hoitsoas Shel Ru as you see how you got it all wrong in my case. You attacked Chabad for supporting me in my cases. WRONG YOU SHOULD RETRACT AND APOLOGISE FORTHAT. You attacked myself for saying that I held that touching genitals sexually isn’t a crime. WRONG AND YOU SHOULD APOLOGISE FOR THAT.
    So instead of being a publicly false holier than thou person with me, do the right thing and make an article of retracting and apologising FOR ABUSING MYSELF IF YOU REALLY GENUINLY, SINCERELY AND HONESTLY care about abuse. Let’s see you have the courage not to do the easy thing by being a hero for all those Orthodox Jew haters but by showing you’re a person of integrity that when you make a mistake in a abusing someone you retract and apologise. If you don’t all you are is the Orthodox Jew basher protector and not an abuse protector…
    Btw a settlement may be to negate further costs but not an apology. Please read the apology. IBT understood they did the wrong thing an apologised because they don’t have the Jew bashing agenda. Let’s see if you can be as proper as these Goyim or you’re just a real continuation of Shmarya who ultimately no one of substance took seriously because it was clearly seen that he had an agenda and acted improperly accordingly and those loser Jew bashers couldn’t even support him because he was just catering to the low class substandard humans who couldn’t make a living. Is that the direction you want to go?
    I’m awaiting to see whether you’ll do the right thing resgarding your abuse of myself and Chabad or if you’re just a reincarnate Shmarya to end up like him. It’s your choice…

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