Anonymous Letter – 88 Queensway Group and US Real Estate Transactions

Anonymous Letter to Lost Messiah re: 88 Queensway Group, Lev Leviev, Ascorp and Angolan Diamonds

By Lost Messiah, July 18, 2016
We received the following letter, which we believe to be incomplete, but part of a longer letter. We do not know to whom it was written (or cannot independently verify the information we do have) or what questions precipitated the response. What we do know is that the information within this letter has been found on these pages, and where our accounts may have been missing pieces, the below seems to fill in many of the blanks. We have highlighted the most relevant points in red.
For our part, it is not at all clear that Gaydamak does not hold a retained interest in real estate in the US, a possibility further actualized if Marin’s claims of conflicts of interest within the Leviev business structure are correct.
We question whether the intermediary party mentioned here, and in the Marin clams was JSR Capital, which would implicate Jona Rechnitz and would call into question whether there is not far more to his story than accounts shared with the greater public.


Following your request for information from Mr. Gaydamak’s lawyer Mr. Barden from “Devonshire” I would like to clarify to you a few aspects of relationships between Mr. Gaydamak and Messrs Leviev, Kopelipa and Sumbula.

Mr. Gaydamak was in 1999 the founder of the structure which later developed diamond trading activitis in Angola and became – for many years – an exclusive exporter of rough diamonds from Angola. The name of the structure is “Ascorp”.

On October 7, 1999 Mr. Gaydamak signed a partnership Agreement for the above diamond activities with Mr. Laniado, Goldberg, a person, who represented Isabelle dos Santos, and Mr. Leviev.

On December 13, 2001, Mr. Gaydamak and Mr. Leviev signed a Trust Agreement between them, by which Mr. Leviev became Mr. Gaydamak’s trustee.

For many years Mr. Leviev refused to implement his obligations of the trustee.

In 2011 Mr. Gaydamak filed a claim in the High Court of London in order to oblige Mr. Leviev to implement his obligations.

Mr. Leviev fraudulently denied the existence of the signed Trust Agreement. Therefore Mr. Gaydamak presented to the Court many facts and evidences that confirmed his rights of the beneficiary.

After Mr. Gaydamak’s submission of his evidences, it became clear to Mr. Leviev that the Court would recognize Mr. Gaydamak’s rights and would oblige Mr. Leviev to provide Mr. Gaydamak with access to all the financial documents dealing with all kinds of financial and business relationships (not only the diamond ones) between the Angolan entities and Mr. Leviev’s structures.

Mr. Leviev since 2000 with Mr. Gaydamak’s assistance, developed very close business partnership relationships with Mr. Kopelipa and Mr. Sumbula.

Therefore, in order to protect their own business interests, and to avoid the implementation of obligations toward Gaydamak, Mr. Kopelipa – during Gaydamak’s stay in Angola in August 2011 – induced Gaydamak by ruse and intimidation – to sign a Settlement Agreement with Leviev.

On June 29, 2012, Judge Vos issued his Judgment, in which he recognized the existence of the Trust Agreement, but he also recognized the validity of the Settlement Agreement.

This surprising decision regarding the validity of the Settlement Agreement, where Gaydamak dropped all of his rights with no compensation, and the Judgment (See Paragraph 222 of the Judgment) clearly stating that the Settlement Agreement was signed under the duress conditions, is now being contested by the new Gaydamak’s Claim of September 2, 2013.

Below I provide a few examples of financial and business transactions between the structures, owned by Leviev, Kopelipa and Sumbula, that the access to the information is not in the interests of Kopelipa and Sumbula, and this is the reason why they interfered in favor of Leviev in order to induce Gaydamak to sign the Settlement Agreement.

There are complex interconnections between different companies where directly or indirectly Leviev partially is the Ultimate Beneficial Owner.

*New Bright International Development LTD;

*Ascent Goal Investment LTD;

*Artfield Group LTD;

*China Sonangol Resources Enterprises LTD;

*Nan Nan Resources;

*China Endiama;

Some of the shareholders of Nan Nan:

* Africa Israel Financial Assets and Strategies (5,88%)

* Africa Israel Investment LTD (5,88%)

* Lev Leviev (0,13%)

* Memorand 1998 – private company owned by Leviev (5%)

I will call all this Group of Companies the “88 Queensway Group” (See information on the Internet).

The “88 Queensway Group” is related to Angolan entities; and in accordance with oral, “de facto” and written Agreements with Leviev who is partially the Ultimate Beneficial Owner of 88 Queensway Group– Leviev keeps Gaydamak’s part “in trust”.

Leviev directly and indirectly owns at least 15% and perhaps more of China Sonangol.

In 2006-2007 the “88 Queensway Group”provided loans of around US$ 1 billion to Africa Israel USA.

All the conditions and aspects of regularity of these loans provided by companies related to Leviev to the public Company Africa Israel where Leviev is the major shareholder and Director should be examined.

With the above mentioned loans Africa Israel USA bought real-estate properties in NY in highly dubious conditions.

For example, the NY Times Building was bought in 2004 for US$ 170 millions by the previous owner, and then strangely, bought by Africa Israel USA only 3 years later in 2007 for US$ 525 millions. I should examine all conditions and aspects of regularity for this transaction.

In 2008-2009, only 2 years later, the same building was strangely sold by Africa Israel USA for only US$160 millions to the company of “88 Queensway Group” where Leviev directly and indirectly is the Ultimate Beneficial Owner.

Also, Leviev, in dubious conditions has transferred the management of the buildings that were sold by Africa Israel USAto “88 Queensway Group” to a private Company where Leviev is the owner.

Leviev, through his private company “Memornd 1998,” owns 18% stake in the Angolan Catoca Mining Company. Half of that stake is kept “in trust” by Leviev for Gaydamak, in accordance with oral and written Agreements.

At the beginning of 2011, it was announced that Leviev sold the above mentioned 18% stake to the “88 Queensway Group” (China Sonagol) for US$ 400 millions.

China Endiama, part of the “88 Queensway Group” for the last 5 years has bought diamonds approximately for US$ 1 billion value in Angola. Then, all those diamonds were transferred to Leviev.


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