Unadulterated Expansionism – Aron Wieder


Is The Ultra-Orthodox Community Interested In Separation Of Church And State, Or Sovereignty Of Church Over State

Amazing Video Every Resident of Rockland Must View: Is The Ultra-Orthodox Community Interested In Separation Of Church And State, Or Sovereignty Of Church Over State?

In this video leaders of the ‘Orthodox’ community candidly admit to their motives and tactics regarding their desire for a political takeover of New York State.

The simple truth is that if YOU don’t vote YOU don’t matter. Many Clarkstown residents showed that they mattered at the last election as you will discover in this video where the last election in Clarkstown is specifically described with the word ‘vile’. Now more Clarkstown residents need to show that they matter too regardless of how ‘vile’ their desire to preserve their quality of life may appear to others.

Just one minute into the video, moderator Rabbi AD Motzen poses the question as to whether or not members of the Orthodox community should be running for office. This begs the question of why shouldn’t any member of any community be free to run for office? Is the speaker questioning whether the ultra-Orthodox community is better served by remaining behind the scenes and pulling the strings of political puppets such as Alden Wolfe, Toney Earl and Aney Paul? In our view, that is exactly his question.

At the 4:55 minute mark in the video, Rabbi Motzen asks if it is best to be associated to with any single political party or if it might be better to court both parties and “let them BUY our vote.”

Yes, that is a direct quote.

It gets worse as the video moves along. Perhaps the highlight is at about the 24:30 mark where panelist Chaskel Bennett states how his community prefers to advance its agenda: “We’ll try to do it under the guise of darkness where nobody will know.” He then laments how this is no longer possible, as the media will expose it within 48 hours.

Watch for yourself. The video can be seen at the following link:


The meeting in which these comments were made was organized by Agudath Israel of America sometimes referred to as Agudah or abbreviated AIA, a Haredi Jewish communal organization in the United States loosely affiliated with the international World Agudath Israel.

Agudah serves as a leadership and policy umbrella organization for Haredi Jews in the United States. Agudah in the United States has been very successful in the difficult task of retaining its major Hasidic factions together. Agudah represents the vast majority members of the yeshiva world; all are commonly known as Haredim or “ultra-Orthodox” Jews representing Torah Judaism in North America.

Not all Hasidic Jewish groups are affiliated with Agudath Israel. For example, the Hasidic group Satmar dislikes Agudah’s relatively moderate stance towards the State of Israel. AIA is also a part of the World Agudath Israel organization, which convenes international conferences and religious conclaves.

For further information about this organization see:


In November 2015 AIA held a convention at which one of the modules under discussion was titled: “The Growing Political Force Of The Orthodox Community – Opportunities And Responsibilities”. Legislator Wieder attended this conference and spoke as a panel member during this module.

This video is nearly one hour long but as Rocklanders we must become educated about what the Haredi world is saying about its future expectations and how it intends to achieve them.

Here is a summary of some other points you will hear brought up in this video.

Orthodox households are home to 64% of all Jewish children in the New York area. The Haredi birthdate is three times that of the non-Orthodox world. They are the biggest private school system in the NY area. With that comes opportunities for political power.

Is it better to be a block vote? Should the orthodox community be a swing vote and let ‘them’ buy our vote – chase after our vote – let ‘them’ do something for us so that we will vote for ‘them’?

Block voting has become a pejorative term. It is important that the orthodox community is present in both parties so they have a voice in who is picked as candidates. That is not to say orthodox people can not cross party lines to vote and not have a split vote in the election. The Kiryas Joel vote is split and fractured. That’s a political loser for them.

Aron Wieder talks at time 15:00 about his position on block voting. He was thinking in Rockland County to form a party called ‘The Block Vote Party’. All of a sudden in Rockland County other groups are calling themselves a ‘block’ vote. There was a good relationship in the Rockland County Legislature and votes were usually unanimous before now.

Agudath Board of Trustees member Chaskel Bennett goes on as follows: “If you don’t vote, you don’t matter. That is the simple truth.”

Bennett continues that sometimes the community pays attention and unfortunately sometimes they do not. A defeat in Rockland County for the orthodox community is a defeat for all Jews across New York. In politics today it is an ‘us versus them’ mentality whether it is on school funding or on expansion it is an ‘us versus them’ approach. It is not the orthodox community that has created this approach – it is the world around the orthodox community.

The orthodox community can no longer go quietly about their business and think that nobody is going to notice. Bennett then makes the previously statement that they try to implement their action plan under the guise of darkness where nobody will know but there are no secrets that can be kept anymore.

As to the Block Vote – it’s People NOT Party. Candidates who support orthodox positions are candidates who will receive the orthodox community’s support.

Why the focus by the orthodox community on politics? One example in New York State is the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) which provides $20 million annually of new revenue stream signed by the governor and the orthodox community does not have to go back for it.

The speaker is basically talking about a $20MM heist. As Governor Cuomo continues on his crusade to consolidate and defund public schools, take a moment to view what is concurrently happening within the Ultra-Orthodox community. Every NYS taxpayer really needs to start paying attention to how the Hasidim are controlling Albany politics and effectively getting tax dollars into their communities for the purpose of teaching intolerance and isolation towards anyone who isn’t of their religion. Governor Cuomo and State Senator David Carlucci are both fully on board with supporting this Tuition Assistance Program.

If you live in NY City it is an absolute waste to register as a Republican – the elections matter in the primaries – the winner of the primaries will most likely win the election – and 98% of the time in NY City that winner will be a Democrat.” That means if you are orthodox in NY City you should be a Democrat and by voting in the Democrat primary where there is low turnout, the candidate that the orthodox community block votes for is 98% assured will be elected in the general election.

As far as orthodox political voting, (Timemark 30:00) it is really only in New York and New Jersey where it matters. The pitfalls of orthodox political power is that some of the worst and most anti-orthodox campaigning, vile, over-the-line things are said that would never be said about any other ethnic group. Look at the elections that just happened in Rockland County where the growth of the orthodox community was the pivotal issue in Clarkstown. The Democrat (Gromack) who said he was not a friend of the orthodox community was thrown out by his opponent (Hoehmann) who said he was even more unfriendly to the orthodox community.

Wieder declares at time 42:00 that if you want to win an election in Ramapo you have to be a registered Democrat but for the record Wieder states wryly that he is a Democrat because of his principles and ideals. He ran on both the Democrat and Republican lines last time because Republicans “wrote him in”.

Listen to how a senator in Albany changed his principles about one bill because of who funded him and by how much. Fundraising for politicians can change their minds and their votes despite their ‘principles’. Wieder urges that strategy as a prime principle to be followed by the orthodox community – presumably as the key way to buy their vote.

At the 47:00 minute mark, you will witness Wieder painfully describe the “tuition crisis” that he insists is burdening his community. Mr. Wieder, whom many allege was the most dangerous architect of the destruction and fiscal pillaging of the East Ramapo School District, apparently feels that public monies should be diverted for the education of religious indoctrination.

We shall be interested in reading your comments as you complete viewing this video. Although we have provided our opinion and comments about this video we are presenting the video in full (even though parts of it were apparently cut by the producers) so that you may form your own independent conclusions about what is said. We believe that this video presents the political strategy of the New York and Lakewood, New Jersey, Hasidic communities in their own words.

Given the number of times that Rockland is mentioned by the speakers, it is clear that Rockland County is now ‘ground zero’ for Hasidic expansion and growth of political power. You can bet that because Rockland is heavily Democratic – as is New York City – that registering as a Democrat to control who the Democrats run for office and voting in the primaries for their preferred Democratic candidate could be the main block vote strategy to further political power even if the result is not then 98% guaranteed as it is in NY City.

That is perhaps why the Rockland County Democratic Committee and its Chairperson, Kristen Stavisky, remains silent about its political support for what has happened in Ramapo. A similar strategy can be followed by registering orthodox members in the Republican Party and if necessary in the general election party lines can be crossed to deliver a block vote for the final preferred candidate.

To the people of Rockland County we entirely agree with the orthodox community in one aspect: If you don’t register to vote, or having registered to vote you don’t vote in EVERY election, primary or otherwise, then not only does your opinion not matter, YOU don’t matter.

We invite all Rockland County voters to join with Preserve Rockland in continuing to preserve and reform the political process in this county.


2 thoughts on “Unadulterated Expansionism – Aron Wieder

  1. Just saw an Orthodox man removing (stealing) a Vote for sign on 306 and Brick Church Road. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me. So, that’s what Donald referes to as a Rigged Election”. Godly people using un Godly tactics. Despecable !!

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