The Chief Chabad Rabbi in Russia, Arcady Gaydamak and Lev Leviev..

Fascinating story…would make a good documentary.

Why hasn’t Gaydamak filed suit against Berel Lazar, who by any telling is an unmitigated scoundrel in these events, an infamy as an opportunist enhanced recently by his unctuous support of Putin in going into Ukraine. – [response to missing comment on the Failed Messiah article]


Arcady Gaydamak v. Chabad Oligarch Lev Leviev – Two Diamond Magnates at War…

Last night we received information which we are in the process of sorting through regarding a case that was reported on by in April of 2014. We have decided not to post the newest information pending confirmation of both the source and the information provided. However, we are re-posting the article which we feel has current relevance to many matters we have been covering regarding Leviev’s business interests in New York and his connection to Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg.

The FailedMessiah article further serves as an additional source for information we have provided on the subject of Sam Pa, the Queensway Group and diamonds.



APRIL 25, 2014

In suit between Gaydamak and Leviev, London court rules no legal claims exist

(JTA) — No legal claims exist in a lawsuit between two Russian-Israeli businessmen, the High Court in London ruled.

Arkady Gaydamak, who once ran for mayor of Jerusalem, had sued Lev Leviev for approximately $1 billion, claiming that Leviev owed him the money in a 2001 deal to export diamonds from Angola, according to the Jewish Chronicle. Gaydamak argued that he and Leviev had agreed to share profits from the exports, but that Gaydamak had stopped receiving payments in 2005.

Gaydamak claimed that the only signed copy of the agreement had been deposited with Berel Lazar, one of Russia’s two chief rabbis. According to the Jewish Chronicle, Lazar signed a witness statement saying that he had lost the agreement.

Nonetheless, the High Court upheld the 2001 deal. But the court also upheld a settlement from last year in which they agreed to drop all legal claims. Gaydamak plans to appeal the decision.

During the case, former Mossad official Avi Dagan testified on behalf of Gaydamak.


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