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In less than two months, tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic boys will be returning to their Yeshivas where they will continue to be denied a basic education in English, math, sciences, and social studies
the NYC and NYS Departments of Education act quickly and begin enforcing the laws already in place that require non-public schools to provide an education that is “substantially equivalent” to that of public schools.

Will you speak out on behalf of those helpless children — who are about to be harmed for life — and demand that the city and state take quick action?

You can help make a difference by signing this petition and it only takes two minutes!

We have already amassed over 200 signatures. With your help, let’s bring that number to 1,000 by the end of the week. There’s power in numbers and every voice counts, and best of all, it’ll only take a few minutes of your time.

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What does a secular studies teacher from a Hasidic Yeshiva think about government enforcement of state standards?

Read it for yourself!

Coming up:
On July 27th (6pm), we will be attending a panel of NYC education policymakers and demand answers as to why it’s taking so slow to enforce education laws that have been in place since 1928.

If you would like to join, please contact us at

Please note, this month’s panel will be held in Long Island City, NY.

Check out these videos from previous panels:

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3 thoughts on “Supporting Public Education for Yeshiva Children…

  1. Just came across this website
    Congratulations on continuing to expose what needs to be. exposed.
    Just perused the manic comments of the precious commentator, well remembered from FM
    Is that the kind of blog you want to be??
    Allowing those disgusting less to be published
    I believe you can be better than that
    Publish, expose and criticize what needs to be.
    But try to do it with some class you’ll GM much further

    • @Bernard, sometimes the most amazing things can be discovered from the ridiculous comments and the manic behavior, namely where we are striking a particular chord. The louder the implications of the story, the more ridiculous (and frankly brash) the comments. We are allowing them to remain because they point us in different directions. We realize that perhaps they diminish certain aspects of the blog but if you review them carefully, you will see the directions they have taken us. The focus on trying to discredit us with regard to Gutnick just enforces our need to dig deeper. Hence, we leave the comment. Same holds true of Hayshe Deitsch, same holds true of Shlomo Rechnitz. Each time we print, something nasty is said. We follow-up. We have not been wrong so far.

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