Live, Pray, JPay


A new dimension to Seabrook corruption scandal?

They pray together and live blocks apart.

The man accused of bribing the city’s former jail union boss prays at the same synagogue and resides near the head of a controversial inmate money transfer system.

The CEO of JPay, Ryan Shapiro, is an observant Jew who prays at a Bal Harbor, Florida synagogue called “The Shul.”

Murray Huberfeld, 55, a part-owner of credit hedge fund Platinum Partners, is also a member of the synagogue.

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Home located at 9430 W Broadview Dr., Bay Harbour, FL (Daniel Portnoy for New York Daily News)


Huberfeld last month was criminally charged with offering union head Norman Seabrook $60,000 in exchange for investing $20 million of the union’s money in Huberfeld’s hedge fund.

Huberfeld and Shapiro also have homes blocks apart from the synagogue.

They vehemently deny that they have any financial ties to each other.

Ryan Shapiro, CEO of JPay

Ryan Shapiro, CEO of JPay


“Just because you assume they practice in the same religious establishment and live in similar neighborhoods does not mean they have any type of relationship,” said Shapiro’s spokeswoman Jade Trombetta.

Huberfeld donated $125,000 towards the synagogue’s building fund, according to newsletters from the place of worship.

Shapiro serves on the synagogue’s executive board, the bulletins show.

Condominium located at 9701 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour, FL (Daniel Portnoy for New York Daily News)

Condominium located at 9701 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour, FL (Daniel Portnoy for New York Daily News)


One jail system insider said it was a strange coincidence.

“All these coincidental circumstances remind me of Arsenio Hall’s catchphrase, ‘Things that make you go hmm.’”

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3 thoughts on “Live, Pray, JPay

  1. You have written some excellent articles re Huberfeld etc… However, there is a whole other angle that should be explored.
    In 1993 after Bodner was caught faking his test, he hired his brother in law Jack Mueller (Lakewood Ceo of Cedarbridge/ BMG) and his son Moshe Mueller to open a brokerage house in Lakewood where Bodner gave hourly orders of what to buy and sell.
    Millions were lent/ given/ funneled thru BMG. Many local Lakewood investors lost everything. Ultimately the Mueller and Company Brokerage closed down in 1997 and was sold to Dayteck!!!

    Moshe Mueller has been working with Platinum Partners since its inception. He travelled to China many times with Bodner and Huberfeld. The Mueller’s have been instrumental in getting platinum myriads of clients to invest with Platinum knowing very well the risky enterprises the brokerage was involved in.

    There is also a definite unholy alliance with Bodner/ Mueller and BMG. Check the IRS records for BMG and you will see proof.

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