Reichberg, Leviev, Tunnels and the Port Authority


On June 22, 2016 the newspapers throughout New York and worldwide reported that Jeremey Reicherg called in favors from high ranking officials to escort Lev Leviev, Israeli diamond magnate, to a fundraiser without the inconvenience of Lincoln Tunnel Traffic.

The lane closure for the escort of Leviev appears to have been off-book. The date of the closure remains unknown as does the fundraiser. If we had to venture a guess we would postulate that Mayor de Blasio  was present as were members of the ultra-Orthodox network of Reichberg’s Chabad- Lubavitz friends. We have no doubt that currency changed hands and even less doubt that some of it was in the form of diamonds.

What we cannot figure out is why Leviev’s daughter’s attorney would weigh in and claim that Leviev does not know Reichberg. With the two men deeply involved in supporting Chabad related causes and with Reichberg’s family a Chabad Rabbinical minion of who’s who in that community, it is next to impossible that the two men did not know each other.

The Port Authority Police Department, now under scrutiny for its potential involvement in the tunnel closures, may be our missing link to getting diamonds into this country. When we first began investigating our theory that all of the corruption revolved around the movement of diamonds, it was suggested that a Port Authority link would make smuggling diamonds on commercial flights remarkably simple. Perhaps our source knew more than he thought.

We await the results of the PAPD investigation but would wager that it is going to uncover a network of PAPD officers who assisted in making the US diamond trade a relatively simple endeavor, hidden in plain sight.

We are still left pondering whether Rechnitz was Leviev’s only connection to Reichberg, almost inconceivable, and why the denials of a connection to him by Leviev’s family member’s attorney. Leviev would likely, in our opinion, want to distance himself from Reichberg if he knew something was going on behind the scenes requiring discretion.

We postulate that Leviev does not want a trail of valuable stones leading back to him when thus far he has amassed enough wealth to own a few countries and probably has little need for any R&R.


Cops shut down Lincoln Tunnel lane for ‘King of Diamonds


Details of the incident came from a cooperating witness who’s been identified by sources as Jona Rechnitz, a real-estate developer who once worked for Africa Israel.

Rechnitz told the feds that the escort was arranged by his pal Jeremy Reichberg, “using his connections in local law enforcement agencies,” court papers say.

The complaint doesn’t say when the lane closure occurred.

Law-enforcement sources said Reichberg’s request did not go through official channels and there was no documentation about the incident.

Reichberg was arrested Monday, along with NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Harrington and Deputy Inspector James Grant. Another cop, Sgt. David Villaneuva, was busted separately, and the feds also revealed that a fourth cop — Officer Richard Ochetal — had secretly pleaded guilty and was cooperating with authorities.

The 59-year-old Leviev is a renowned investor in precious stones whose direct competitor is international diamond powerbroker The De Beers Group.

Born in Uzbekistan to a prominent Jewish family, Leviev moved to Israel when he was 15 and got his start as an apprentice at a diamond polishing business.

After a stint in the Israeli military, Leviev opened his first diamond company and soon expanded his business to the former Soviet Union and Europe.

He currently owns several diamond mines in Africa and Russia and operates pricey jewelry boutiques in New York, London, Dubai and Singapore.

A lawyer for one of Leviev’s daughters denied that Leviev had received the police escort.

“Lev does not know Jeremy Reichberg,” lawyer Charles Michael said.



NY police escort for Israeli billionaire said part of bribery scheme

“The NYPD has no jurisdiction within the tunnel’s boundaries,” Cuomo added. “If members of the Port Authority or PAPD [Port Authority Police Department] participated in any fashion – through purpose or neglect – the state will deliver immediate and severe consequences.”

The court papers did not say when the lane closure in the tunnel occurred.

Leviev, 59, is ranked 1,694th on Forbes’ 2016 list of the world’s billionaires, which said he is known as the “King of Diamonds.” He made his fortune in the diamond industry and currently owns mines in Africa and Russia, according to the post. He also owns and operates luxury jewelry boutiques in New York, London, Dubai and Singapore.

Born in Uzbekistan, Leviev, who is Orthodox, moved to Israel at age 15 and currently lives in London. He is a major supporter of many Jewish causes, including Chabad-Lubavitch, the Hasidic sect that focuses on outreach to Jews around the world.


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