More Arrests and Indictments – Our Diamond Theory…



Lost Messiah, July 8, 2016

Our theory regarding the connections by and among the following people: Jona Rechnitz, Jeremy Reichberg, Africa-Israel, Norman Seabrook, Hamlet Peralta, Lev Leviev, Sam Pa, the Queensway Group, Platinum Partners, Mark Nordlicht, Murray Huberfeld and others has always been founded on the links that all of these people have to diamonds, diamond mining, diamond production, diamond investing and more diamonds.

389763bc-6455-4389-a590-fc714c20d1b2The ownership and providence of 23 Wall Street, the Antwerp Building, the Madison Avenue Clock Tower and their connections to both Africa-Israel and Jona Rechnitz and by default to Lev Leviev and Sam Pa has again led us to the underlying theme of Lev Leviev’s major business interests, diamonds.

Sam Pa and China Sonangol are also known for mining, diamonds.

sam-paIn fact, Sam Pa and China Sonangol have been accused of human rights abuses related to diamond mining. The fact that Rechnitz tells some outrageous fantasy story about duping Sam Pa into purchasing 23 Wall Street instead of the Madison Avenue Clock Tower building is all smoke and mirrors. Rechnitz’s indictment that Sam Pa purchased that building from Africa-Israel as a favor to Lev Leviev, who was apparently cash poor at the time,  is an incriminating evocation that the two men knew each other. That sort of favor, if true, would indicate more than simple cursory introductions. Rechnitz’s statement is a dead-giveaway in our opinion regardless of truth or accuracy of the statements, that Lev Leviev and Sam Par are business associates of sorts. We are guessing…. diamonds or diamond mining.  

project_rs_23wallNever mind that it is inconceivable that Sam Pa could have been duped; 23 Wall is listed on the website of China Sonangol and both the Antwerp Building and 23 Wall were on the corresponding website of Africa Israel indicating some measure of intent and leading to some confusion as to the ownership of those buildings. Disregard the fact that both Sam Pa and Lev Leviev are wealthy, savvy and internationally known for their diamond dealings, magnates, miners, pick your parlance; they are wound to one another by, among other things, a number of questionable real estate purchases and a string of diamonds. One might posit that they are also linked by diamond mines, but that theory remains on the back burner for now.

Metropolitan_Life_Tower_April_2008In our view, the real estate interests are secondary, but provided Sam Pa access to the United States. Sam Pa is precluded from doing business in the United States (leading one to question the current ownership of 23 Wall Street). Officially China Sonangol owns 23 Wall, woven into the seams however, there is a registered LLC also associated with that building and with Sam Pa’s name on it. The 23 Wall Street building appears to be Sam Pa’s key either directly or through China Sonangol into the United States, specifically New York. The buildings at 23 Wall, the Madison Avenue Clock Tower building and Antwerp are intimately linked to Africa-Israel and, in our view, diamonds. 

www.jsrcap.com2Jona Rechnitz’s company JSR capital’s purchase of the building at 5002-5024 13th Avenue in Borough Park, also called the Solomon Building further solidified our assertion that all things in this multi-tentacled corruption scandal in New York leads back to diamonds. Rechnitz paid $25 million for the three-story, 45,000-square-foot office and retail property in April of last year. In effect, Rechnitz paid $555.56 per square foot for a lousy building in Boro Park.”

As we see it, there’s no way that building could generates anywhere near the rent to justify such a price, except perhaps if there was a greater intrinsic value associated with it, like diamonds. Upon information from one of our sources, that building also houses the offices of another diamond merchant, bringing us back to the same place, diamonds. 

But that is not where the story ends. We had been trying to figure out how one might smuggle non-certified, non-conflict-free diamonds into the United States and a contributor suggested that if there were Bridge and Tunnel Authority officers involved, it would be easy. His reference was to the Port Authority Police Department. When the articles circulated that Jeremy Reichberg had managed to have a lane of the tunnel closed to traffic for the purpose of escorting Lev Leviev (above-named diamond magnate) to a fundraiser, we had our Port Authority connection. All roads lead back to diamonds.

Apparently our theory is being taken seriously somewhere….

More Arrests In NYPD Corruption Scandal

Some of the top cops corrupted by some top ultra-Orthodox leaders are being handcuffed. We have already seen some of the smaller players arrested including one (Shaya Lichtenstein) from Pomona who seemed to have wads of cash to fork over for gun permits.

The indictment against Deputy Chief Michael Harrington, Deputy Inspector James Grant, Brooklyn businessman Jeremy Reichberg, and Norman Seabrook, the ex-correction union leader, contained several additional wire fraud and conspiracy charges along with the bribery charges the quartet were hit with about month ago when they were arrested in separate cases.

If convicted on all counts, they could face decades in prison.

The feds allege that Reichberg and another businessman, Jona Rechnitz, who was a large donor to Mayor Bill de Blasio, spent at least $100,000 to bribe Grant and Harrington with cash, gifts, meals and trips. In return, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara claims the businessmen had “cops on call” to do their bidding, including providing police escorts, closing a Lincoln Tunnel lane for a rich friend or sending officers to intervene in business squabbles.…/nypd-bosses-businessman-union-lea…

The question that no one seems to be addressing is where the money was coming from to fund this massive ultra-Orthodox-led corruption scheme?

Lost Messiah appears to have some pretty good indicators as to how all of this NYPD corruption is possibly being funded.

It may all revolve around diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds!…/23-wall-street-s…/

Perhaps when Preet Bharara next appears before the cameras he will be pointing to charts showing how the diamonds got from ‘there’ to ‘here’ and into the pockets of the NYPD.



NYPD Bosses, Businessman and Union Leader Indicted By the Feds

The announcement confirmed a DNAinfo New York exclusive that prosecutors were poised to ask the grand jury to indict the four men.

The feds allege that Reichberg and another businessman, Jona Rechnitz, who was a large donor to Mayor Bill de Blasio, spent at least $100,000 to bribe Grant and Harrington with cash, gifts, meals and trips.  In return, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara claims the businessmen had “cops on call” to do their bidding, including providing police escorts, closing a Lincoln Tunnel lane for a rich friend or sending officers to intervene in business squabbles.

Sources and records show Rechnitz became a cooperating witness for the feds after he was snared in another bribery scheme involving Seabrook, who allegedly received $65,000 in bribes in exchange for funneling $20 million in union pension money to a hedge fund operated by a friend of Rechnitz.

Rechnitz has already pleaded guilty to bribery charges, but has not yet been sentenced pending his cooperation.

Lawyers for the accused say their clients are innocent.

“Allegations that Mr. Grant violated the police code of conduct do not support a conviction of a federal crime,” said John Meringolo, who represents Grant.

“Chief Harrington vigorously maintains his innocence and looks forward to a public airing of these baseless charges before an impartial jury,” said his lawyer, Andrew Weinstein.

“Mr. Reichberg is innocent and we will show that in court,” his attorney Susan Necheles insisted.

To read the full article click here.


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Metropolitan Life Clock Tower

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.’s Clock Tower has been gazing down upon Madison Square Park since 1909, a 700-foot column that once was the world’s highest timepiece as well as its tallest building. It held that title for four years, and even though it was eclipsed by the Woolworth Building in 1913, and later by many other skyscrapers, The Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.’s Clock Tower to this day is special among spires.

The 41-story structure, at 5 Madison Avenue between East 23rd and East 24th Streets, was designed by Napoleon LeBrun, an architect who was inspired by the Campanile di San Marco in Venice. (Oddly, the Clock Tower is actually older than its counterpart in Venice. The original Campanile was built in 1812, but unexpectedly collapsed in 1902. The exact replica that replaced it was completed in 1912 — three years after the Clock Tower sounded its first chimes.)

The clock itself is one of the largest four-dial timepieces in the world. Each of the four clock faces on the tower measures 26.5 feet in diameter. Each minute hand weighs half a ton. The tower’s original marble facing was replaced by limestone as part of a renovation in 1964.

In 2007, the Clock Tower got a new owner, only the third since it went up. It was originally built as an addition to the 11-story full-block office building that served as Met Life’s headquarters and that is now occupied almost entirely by Credit Suisse.

In 2005, the property was acquired from Met Life by S.L. Green, New York’s largest office landlord, for $918 million. Subsequently, Green brought in RFR Holdings and hotelier Ian Schrager as partners. In spring 2007, Africa Israel Investments Ltd. agreed to purchase the tower portion of the property for $200 million. The deal was Africa Israel’s third acquisition of a New York landmark within three months, the others being its purchase of the New York Times Building on West 43rd Street and the Apthorp Apartments, an iconic residential property on the Upper West Side.

Image via Kew Management


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