A Collection of Articles Tied to PAPD and Tunnel Closure


How Involved was the Port Authority Police Department with the Closure of the Lincoln Tunnel?


We are posting the following articles related to recent stories regarding the closure of the Lincoln Tunnel orchestrated by Jeremy Reichberg for or on behalf of Lev Leviev, diamond magnate, Africal-Israel principal, current or former owner of 23 Wall Street and the Apthorp building and one-time employer of  Jona Rechnitz. As we have mentioned, we are not so sure that umbilical chord has actually been cut.

These are being provided as a consortium of additional sources of information.

In our opinion, the Port Authority Police Department’s involvement with Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg runs far deeper than either currently reported or as yet understood. 


Cuomo Seeks Probe on Tunnel Closure Tied to Corruption Case

ABC News – ‎Jun 21, 2016‎
New York’s governor demanded an investigation Tuesday into allegations that a lane in one of the traffic-clogged tunnels connecting Manhattan to New Jersey was shut down as a special favor to a politically connected businessman accused of paying bribes …

NYPD allegedly shuts Lincoln Tunnel lane for Israeli billionaire

Jerusalem Post Israel News – ‎Jun 22, 2016‎
Did Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev have the NYPD close a lane for him in New York’s Lincoln tunnel? According the the New York Post, that is exactly what federal authorities are investigating as part of a larger probe into corruption in the NYPD

Cuomo wants probe of tunnel lane closure linked to de Blasio pal

New York Daily News – ‎Jun 21, 2016‎
Business fat cat Jeremy Reichberg allegedly used cops to close a lane at the Lincoln Tunnel. Now Gov. Cuomo wants an investigation into the lane closure. (James Keivom/New York Daily News). BY Dan Rivoli. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. Tuesday, June 21 …

Cops shut down Lincoln Tunnel lane for ‘King of Diamonds’

New York Post – ‎Jun 21, 2016‎
Israeli diamond dealer Lev Leviev was the mysterious businessman hustled through the shut-down Lincoln Tunnel on behalf of a Bill de Blasio fundraiser. Photo: AP (left), Getty Images. More On: nypd corruption scandal · Norman Seabrook’s corruption …

Port Authority To Cooperate With Fed Probe of Lincoln Tunnel Closure: Cuomo

DNAinfo – ‎Jun 22, 2016‎
An NYPD deputy chief reportedly arranged an escort through the Lincoln Tunnel for an international billionaire visiting the city. View Full Caption. DNAinfo/Paul Lomax. MANHATTAN — Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed the New York State and Port Authority’s …

NYPD Cops Close Down Lane of Lincoln Tunnel for Israeli Billionaire

Jewish Business News – ‎Jun 22, 2016‎
NYPD cops shut down to the general public a lane of traffic entering the Lincoln Tunnel to escort an Israeli billionaire, Lev Leviev, known as the “King of Diamonds”, The New York Post reports. This was done at the behest of a major fundraiser of New

Lincoln Tunnel lane shut down for Lev Leviev

The Real Deal Magazine – ‎Jun 22, 2016‎
That was basically the message sent when part of the Lincoln Tunnel was shut down to escort Lev Leviev chairman of the international real estate firm Africa Israel, the New York Post reported. It’s unclear when the shutdown occurred. Federal

NYPD cops close down lane of Lincoln Tunnel for unethical reasons, but no ‘Bridgegate’ for Dems

BizPac Review – ‎Jun 21, 2016‎
It’s not how big the political scandal is — it’s the party affiliation of the person who allegedly created the scandal. The truth of that statement was brought home in spades this week when police shut down to the general public a lane of traffic

NY Governor Cuomo Sends Letter to Port Authority Officials Regarding Reported Lane Closure in the Lincoln Tunnel

Yeshiva World News – ‎Jun 21, 2016‎
cuom Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today sent a letter to Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Chairman John Degnan, Vice Chairman Steven Cohen and Executive Director Patrick Foye regarding a reported lane closure in the Lincoln Tunnel. A copy of …

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