Why Is Mendy Tevel Still Not On The Sex Offender Registry?

“Tevel is married into the wealthy and influential Illulian family of Chabad. This amplifies Tevel’s intimidation reach in Crown Heights. That reach might extend into the office of the Brooklyn DA.

Tewel was charged with 37 felony counts including 9 counts of 1st degree Criminal Sexual Act by Force (B felony PL 130.50.1). If tried and convicted he could have been sentenced for hundreds of years. Instead he pled guilty to five counts of a “criminal sexual act” (E felony PL 130.40.02) and by agreement with the prosecutor, this covered all his other charges. If he had been forced to plead guilty to even a single B felony, he could have easily ended up serving 5-10 years in prison. (See charge sheet at end of post).”

FRUM FOLLIES by Yerachmiel Lopin

Mendel Tevel Rabbi Menachem M (Mendy) Tevel (aka Tewel)

On June 8, 2015 ~33-year-old (born 1983) Menachem Tewel (aka Mendy Tevel) was sentenced to one year of imprisonment for repeatedly performing oral sex on a 14-year-old camper over a period of a year.

He was released after serving almost eight months on January 24, 2016 without any prior sex offender hearing. This is unusual. Yet more unusual, is that by now, almost six months have passed since his release, nine “risk level assessment hearings” were scheduled, and there has still not been any court ruling. Perhaps this is justifiable, but the DA’s office has not offered up any explanations when asked.

Tevel got a sweetheart deal typical of the Brooklyn District Attorney when dealing with the ultra orthodox community with its powerful block vote, and its pattern of witness intimidation. To date, DA Kenneth Thompson has never indicted an ultra orthodox Jew…

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