Sam Pa, China Sonangol and Lev Leviev – Diamonds



23 Wall Street, Jona Rechnitiz, Africa-Israel, Lev Leviev, Sam Pa, China Sonangol and Angolan Blood Diamonds

It is frightening  though unsurprising to consider that 23 Wall Street, owned by Sam Pa/China Sonangol, could be intertwined with a blood diamond trade in Angola. Thanks to one of our contributors we are providing you with additional information regarding Sam Pa and his link to Lev Leviev and in our opinion either directly or through Leviev to Jona Rechnitz. The source material cited by Professor N’gola Kiluange is information regarding Sam Pa, the Queensway Group and Sonangol, all of which we have cited in previous articles.

The following are a series of what we believe to be relevant excerpts from an article written by Professor N’gola Kiluange.


Now, how is it possible that Xu Jinghua (Sam), former Chinese counterintelligence operative and arms dealer in our country in the early ‘ 80… today appears as the owner of the China Sonangol Finance International Ltd.,China Sonangol Gas International Ltd.,China Sonangol International Ltd.,China Sonangol International Holding Ltd.,China Sonangol Natural Resources International Ltd., China Sonangol International Investment Ltd., China Sonangol Natural Resources International Ltd.,Sonangol Sinopec International Ltd, China Endiama International Limited, China Sonangol Singapore, China Sonangol Shanghai Petroleum Co ltd, China Sonangol Wall Street, China Sonangol International Airlines, Endiama China International Holding Ltd,etc.


Thus, the participation of Manuel Domingos Vicente and Francisco de Lemos José Maria (Vice President of the Republic and chairperson of the Directors Board of Sonangol, respectively) on the Governing Board of the following companies shows the footprints of Eduardo dos Santos associated with the Chinese mafia led by Sam Pa, together with influential people belonging to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP):

a. ) Endiama China International Holding Limited. Property: National enterprise from Diamonds of Angola, E. P. (Endiama) 55 %, New Corporate International Limited 45 %. Directorship: Lo Fong Hung, António of Jesus Matias, Zheng Gang, Manuel Arnaldo Sousa Calado.

b.) Global Investments Fund Limited.Propriedade: Gold Ascent Limited (100%).Diretoria: Lo Fong Hung, Verónica Fung, Manuel Vicente, Francisco de Lemos José Maria.

c. ) Sonangol Asia Limited. Property: China Beiya Escom International Limited 70 %, Sonangol, E. P. 30 %. Directorship: Lo Fong Hung, Wu Yang, Manuel Vicente.

d. ) Worldpro Development Limited. Property: World Noble Holdings Limited (100 %) Directorship: Lo Fong Hung, Manuel Vicente, Francisco De Lemos Jose Maria, Moshe Hallak.

Nevertheless, it remains to know the real amount of money that the Angolan government has been investing in these companies. . . so that we can have a right notion of the percentage of its respective undertakings and profits.

Jinghua, on the other hand, was arrested in Beijing last year for corruption relating to the business of his company China International Fund and Sinopec Chinese State.


Truth be told: in exchange for the services provided by Xu Jinghua, Lev Avnerovich Leviev, Arcadi Aleksandrovich Gaydamak against the forces of Jonas Savimbi during our civil war, Dos Santos decided to spoil them with large diamond deposits, oil wells and attractive business in our national real estate market, etc.

Lev Avnerovich Leviev made Isabel dos Santos the first billion-dollar African woman and in return controls our biggest diamond business together with Russian diamond company Alrosa … and provides security to Eduardo dos Santos with instructed doctrines by former members of the KGB.


Prof. N’gola Kiluange
Washington D.C

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