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Jona Rechnitz, How Stupid Do you Think we Are???

Lost Messiah, July 5, 2016

This post is a follow-up to the posted  article immediately preceding this one. According to the Real Deal, quoting from the NY Post article found in our former post, Rechnitz claims that Sam Pa directed China Sonangol to purchase 23 Wall Street as a favor to Lev Leviev in 2008. At the time Rechnitz was “the founder of JSR Capital, was head of acquisitions for Leviev’s Africa Israel Investments when it sold the Financial District building for $150 million to the Chinese company. New York Post columnist Steve Cuozzo claims Rechnitz told him that Leviev needed the cash from China Sonangol.”

According to Cuozzo’s article “Rechnitz maintained that the Chinese company was duped into buying 23 Wall Street when it thought it was purchasing the 50-story MetLife Clocktower at 5 Madison Aveneue.” This is rather odd considering that China Sonangol has always boasted ownership of the Wall Street Building, and still does. See the following directly from the China Sonangol Website.

What we find more interesting, however, is that JSR Capital had offices in the World Diamond Tower at 580 5th Avenue, along with many other interrelated companies owned by Rechnitz and his partner (in crime?) Jeremy Reichberg and many other merchants and dealers. If you look at the bottom of the page, you will see the list of “mining” ventures of China Sonangol. Again, we reiterate that the common denominator in all of these equations is… DIAMONDS. 


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    China Sonangol Land’s flagship project in Singapore is the luxurious TwentyOne Angullia Park located in the main shopping street of Orchard Road. Sitting on 4,562 sqm of land and soaring 36 stories into the sky, the freehold development is designed by the award-winning SCDA architects and comprises 54 distinguished residences fitted out only with the finest materials.
  • Amber Skye (Singapore)

    Amber Skye is strategically located in the much sought after East Coast area (District 15) with a site area of 3,782 sqm. This freehold development promises a unique architectural form with breathtaking vistas of the sea, and unblocked views of the low-rise Tanjong Katong Estate. This 109-units project is developed in partnership with OKP Holdings (i.e. 10% equity interest).
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    Located within the Central Business District of Jakarta, Indonesia1 boasts a potential gross floor area of 2.2 million sqft and will comprise of two towers mainly offices, serviced apartments and commercial space with a Grade A, Greenmark Platinum Certification. This project is developed in partnership with Media Group.

    Indonesia1, with a site area of 18,925 sqm, is envisaged to be a premium integrated mixed-use development offering a live, work and play concept, supported by entertainment, retail amenities and facilities within the development and vicinity.

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    China Sonangol Land and the Sampoerna Group, one of the most respected Groups in Indonesia, co-own the Sampoerna Strategic Square, located in the prime business district of Jakarta. The development sits on a land area of 34,735 sqm, currently has two towers offering 937,500 sqft of grade A office space. Moving forward, both Groups will jointly develop two more new towers within Sampoerna Strategic Square to boost the total lettable area to 2.5 million sqft.

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    We acquired the 43rd to 45th floors of Lippo Centre, comprising of 9 office units, a total area of 29,618 sq ft.

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    China Sonangol Land owns the 42nd floor of Suntec City Office Tower One which has a total area of 9,989 sq.ft.

  • Intercontinental Bali Resort

    Intercontinental Bali Resort is China Sonangol Land’s foray into the hospitality market in Indonesia.The property is co-owned with the Media Group of Indonesia. The hotel sits on a 14 hectares of land facing the white sands of Jimbaran Bay and it has 418 rooms and excellent customer service.

    • Intercontinental Bali Resort was awarded the title of ” Best Resort Hotel in Asia-Pacific” by Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Travel Awards in 2013.
  • Wall Street (USA)

    Acquired in 2008, this property is a 140,000 sqft office and retail development located at the iconic crossroads of Wall Street and Broad Street, in the heart of the Financial District in Manhattan, New York City.

    • Total retail and commercial space available: 145,87.7 sqft

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    • Diamond Projects

      Located in Angola, Catoca is the fourth largest diamond kimberlite mine in the world. China Sonangol International Singapore is part of the consortium of international mining interests which has investments in the Catoca diamond mine.
    • Exploration and Production of Iron Ore with Bellzone Mining Plc

      Bellzone Mining Plc is a publicly listed company on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). It engages in the exploration and resource development of iron ore, nickel and copper in Guinea. China Sonangol International Singapore owns approximately 50.5% of Bellzone Mining shares.
    • Nan Nan Resources Enterprise Limited

      Our Hong Kong listed company, Nan Nan Resources Enterprise Limited, is a natural resources company engaged in mining, sales and distribution of coal. It owns the mining right to Kaiyuan Open Pit Coal Mine and an exploration right to Zexu Open Pit Coal Mine in Xinjiang; China.


Rechnitz claims China Sonangol thought it bought MetLife Clocktower, not 23 Wall: report

Jona Rechnitz | 23 Wall Street NYC | China Sonangol

Chinese billionaire Sam Pa directed conglomerate China Sonangol to buy 23 Wall Street as a favor to Lev Leviev in 2008, according to Jona Rechnitz, the man at the center of a campaign financing scandal that’s rocked Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration and the New York City Police Department.

Rechnitz, the founder of JSR Capital, was head of acquisitions for Leviev’s Africa Israel Investments when it sold the Financial District building for $150 million to the Chinese company. New York Post columnist Steve Cuozzo claims Rechnitz told him that Leviev needed the cash from China Sonangol.

In a strange twist to an already odd tale, Cuozzo says Rechnitz maintained that the Chinese company was duped into buying 23 Wall when it thought it was purchasing the 50-story MetLife Clocktower at 5 Madison Avenue (which is now the home of the New York Edition Hotel).

The tabloid columnist said he was unable to verify any of Rechnitz’s claims, writing that the people who supposedly were able to corroborate the JSR Capital head’s claims refused to speak.

Investment sales brokers told the Post that it would be impossible for China Sonangol to not know which building it purchased.

Since the 2008 sale, the Financial District building has failed to attract a retail tenant and Pa was arrested in China on corruption charges last year.

Meanwhile, Rechnitz is at the center of an investigation by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara into de Blasio’s fundraising. Rechnitz and associate Jeremy Reichberg allegedly traded gifts for favors to 20 New York Police Department officers, and funneled money to the mayor’s campaign coffers.

Reichberg allegedly arranged to have NYPD officers provide Leviev a personal escort through the Lincoln Tunnel, shutting down a lane for the “King of Diamonds.”

To read the complete article click, here.



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