Aron Wieder – An anti-non Haredi in Rockland




Failed School District

Election Fraud Allegations

anti-ultra-Orthodox rants

anti- Child Victims Act

anti – Monitor

anti – zoning and code enforcement

and then there’s his donor pool…


Aron Wieder, Legislator in Rockland County, announced that he is seeking election for an Assembly seat in the NYS Assembly. We can think of dozens of reasons not to give him an Assembly seat soapbox as a voice of Rockland County. The first and foremost, he is the voice of a smear campaign against anything non-Jewish or non-ultra-Orthodox Jewish, “A Jew in Rockland.”

From the archives of Failed Messiah:


A Grotesque Smear: Rockland County Haredi PR Video Plays Holocaust Card, Equates The Situation Of Haredim In Rockland To Paris Terror Attacks

Aron Wieder Yossi GestetnerSatmar hasidic PR hack Yossi Gestetner’s Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council (OJPAC) has released a disgusting video that smears opponents of the haredi community as anti-Semites and potential terrorists without ever once mentioning the very real misbehavior of many haredim. It pulls from a tiny minority of opponents who are (or can be construed as) anti-Semitic and smears the vast majority of opponents with that very broad brush. And the video is narrated by the hasidic Majority Leader of the Rockland County Legislature Aaron Wieder.

Above: left, Aron Wieder; right, Yossi Gestetner




3 thoughts on “Aron Wieder – An anti-non Haredi in Rockland

    • You could just threaten that if he runs four girls will claim that he raped them. Or pay him 200,000 rubles not to run and sign that he enjoys and requests that people be antisemetic.

  1. What is his education and work experience? What does he do to support his family? When the “religious” run for school board seats they never tell you anything about their background, education, family, nothing. It’s all a big secret. We do know he’s a good BS artist. He is sneaky and cunning. He does favor one group of people over everyone else. I think he is more qualified to be an actor in the Yiddish theater than he is to be an assemblyman.

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