Aron Wieder – 98th Assembly District, the anti-non-ultra-Orthodox Jew



ARON WIEDER – A Nightmare for New York State, a Highly Beholden Political Figure, Anti Child Victim’s Act, Anti – Secular Education, Anti – Inspections



If ever there were someone suitably unsuited to run for an assembly seat, and there are many, it is Aron Wieder. His Legislature seat in Rockland County, according to one commenter, has been the worst thing to happen to the children of Rockland, particularly East Ramapo Central School District, marking the school district’s demise. 

Legislator Wieder has unabashedly spoken out against a monitor with veto power. He has systematically criticized the Rockland County Executive Ed Day for his position on inspections of Yeshivas and other properties, as well as his decision to enforce County tax laws. He has spoken of racism in Rockland County incessantly, but not about how unwelcome non-Jews are in ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods and how the non-Yeshiva contingent of children in East Ramapo are being deprived an appropriate education. Aron Wieder has systematically denied the poor behavior of many of his minions, crying racism in every criticism. 

Legislator Wieder avidly supports Christopher St. Lawrence whose actions have nearly bankrupted Ramapo.

The New York State Assembly needs Aron Wieder like a “hole in the head.”

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Aron Wieder arrested for East Ramapo election fraud.

NEW CITY — Aron Wieder, East Ramapo Board of Education vice president and special assistant to the Spring Valley mayor, was charged with violating state election law Thursday after turning himself in to Clarkstown police.

Wieder is accused of blocking the entrance to a polling station at Hillcrest Elementary School during Tuesday’s school district elections, said Sgt. Brian Gorsky of the Clarkstown police, adding that two unknown men are believed to have assisted Wieder.

Wieder was arrested after voluntarily arriving at Clarkstown police headquarters in New City along with East Ramapo School District attorney Albert D’Agostino about 2:30 p.m. Thursday, Gorsky said.

The board vice president was charged with a misdemeanor count of violating section 17-152 of state Election Law, conspiracy to promote or prevent election.

Clarkstown police were summoned to Hillcrest Elementary on Addison Boyce Drive in New City on Tuesday after a poll watcher accused Wieder of photographing and otherwise intimidating voters, and of blocking the entrance to the school, preventing voters from entering the polling station.

D’Agostino, who said he is not representing Wieder on behalf of the school district, but is volunteering his services, denied the accusations.

“He, as an elected official, had a right to go to that location in response to complaints that he was getting from constituents who felt that they were being deprived of their right to vote,” D’Agostino said.

D’Agostino said residents had told Wieder that poll watchers prevented mothers from the neighboring village of New Square from bringing baby carriages into the school and were being overly critical when analyzing voting signatures at the polling station.

Wieder has served as an assistant to Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin since December 2009 and has acted as East Ramapo board president since former President Nathan Rothschild resigned in April.

Wieder chose not to seek re-election to the school board seat he has held since 2008.

His name was not on Tuesday’s ballot.

Wieder was released without bail.

He is due in Clarkstown Town Court at 9:30 a.m. June 15.

May 20, 2011 NEW CITY — Aron Wieder, East Ramapo Board of Education vice president and special assistant to the Spring Valley mayor, was charged with …
May 24, 2011 Trustee Aron Wieder, the school board vice president and assistant to the Spring Valley mayor, owes fellow board members and the community …
Aug 27, 2012 “Rabbi Horowitz was well-respected and known to bring the community together,” county Legislator Aron Wieder, D-Spring Valley, said in a …
Jul 8, 2011 He takes over for former president Aron Wieder, who did not seek re-election. Newcomer Daniel Schwartz of New Hempstead was elected vice …
May 12, 2012 Legislator Aron Wieder, D-Spring Valley, who represents both communities, said he remains confident the police will stop the crime wave.
Apr 16, 2013 Aron Wieder is a former school board member and a former staff member in the office of Noramie Jasmin, the Spring Valley mayor indicted in …
Oct 21, 2010 Aron Wieder, a Hasidic Monsey resident seen as the leader of the Orthodox faction on the school board, did not respond by press time to …
Jan 18, 2011 When contacted at the office of the mayor of Spring Valley, where he works as an administrative assistant, school board member Aron Wieder …

Friday, May 20, 2011

Aron Wieder’s Bloc Appeasement Puppet Band

Introducing Aron Wieder’s Bloc Appeasement Puppet Band
 ‘Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite

Jeff P. Gillies and Michael N. Hull

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney had a lead role in writing and performing 80 top 100 Billboard chart hits. In addition to his uncanny ability to write great songs, he knows how to play over 40 instruments. McCartney’s status as a musical mastermind is unquestioned and perhaps unsurpassed.

Rockland County has an unquestioned mastermind of its own who might be on par with McCartney, albeit in the very different field of political bandsmanship. Legislator Aron Wieder is the master conductor of a large number of bloc supported politicians and officials both inside and outside of Rockland. Although we aren’t sure if he plays any musical instruments, we know for certain Wieder is skilled in the orchestration of his band of ‘bloc appeasement political puppets.’

Aron WiederAs the former Democratic Majority Leader in the Legislature, Wieder stepped down from that position to dedicate his time lobbying against a veto-empowered monitor to oversee the East Ramapo School District.  Along with promoting the controversial “Jew in Rockland” video, he recently invited Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who celebrated Purim wearing ‘blackface‘ to a Rockland County press conference, where they accused Rocklanders of being anti-Semitic.  As former President of the East Ramapo School Board, Wieder was once arrested for allegedly videotaping voters and blocking the entrance to a polling place during school board elections. Many  public school advocates credit Wieder with being the main architect of the district’s destruction.

Even with all his talent, McCartney didn’t accomplish everything by himself and teamed up with three others to write some of the Beatles’ greatest hits.  Likewise, Aron Weider has benefited greatly from the help of his friends particularly fellow Rockland County Legislators Philip Soskin and Ilan Schoenberger. Soskin is a longtime Rockland County Legislator representing Kaser, which holds the dubious distinction of being  the poorest area in New York State.  Soskin, who teams up with Wieder and Schoenberger to make up the “Three Amigos” of the County Legislature, has a penchant for rambling relentlessly in legislative sessions against a monitor with veto power in East Ramapo and has also rambled against a proposed illegal housing crackdown in Ramapo.

Legislator Schoenberger

Schoenberger, as the ‘Lennon‘ to Wieder’s ‘McCartney‘ can legitimately lay claim to the ‘writing credits‘ of many of the financial, environmental and social problems plaguing the county. He is the legislator for New Square and has been in office for over twenty years showing obvious disdain in recent years towards County Executive Day. Schoenberger seemingly puts personal grudges in the way of helping accomplish anything positive for Rockland’s taxpayers.  He admittedly created a crisis in which he was willing to risk bankrupting the entire county in order to continue funding non-profit agencies without contracts. Schoenberger ran for County Executive while receiving numerous contributions from the friends and employees of Richard Brega and his Brega Bus Company. He later tried to provide Brega with an additional $4 million dollars in taxpayer funds to wash buses on a daily basis supposedly to prevent them from spontaneously bursting into fire because of road dirt. Although Schoenberger lives in Wesley Hills, his district was absurdly gerrymandered to include New Square. This creative political design saved his seat in the legislature as he was handily defeated everywhere else by Michael Parietti, who ran on the highly successful and now highly influential Preserve Ramapo line; Schoenberger even lost Wesley Hills by a 3-1 vote margin. Alas, the power of New Square alone continues to keep him in office and so he strums along to its preferred tunes.

Christopher St. Lawrence

Rounding out the core band of ‘Fab Four‘ appeasement puppets, Wieder and Schoenberger are joined by Ramapo Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and County Legislature Chairman Alden Wolfe. St. Lawrence now spends his days avoiding questions about FBI raids and corruption, presumably looking over his shoulder all the while for an FBI agent carrying handcuffs. While Legislature Chairman Wolfe would probably much prefer to fly beneath the radar and not broadcast his allegiance to the bloc, his drumbeat record from the back of the band speaks loudly on its own. Wolfe appointed Wieder as the County Legislature’s Democratic Majority Leader and gave Wieder’s Ramapo comrades the two most powerful subcommittee guitars in the Legislature where they repeatedly play the ‘Ramapo riff.”  Wolfe has refused to sing any song that may indicate whether or not he supports a monitor with veto power in East Ramapo. While he takes every chance to clash the cymbals against County Executive Ed Day, Wolfe takes no leadership role in creating any harmonic themes associated with the dangers of illegal housing and over-development in Ramapo.  Wolfe could be the leader of the Bloc Appeasement Band if he would, while Schoenberger would be the leader if he could.


It was three years ago today” is what we will all be saying on May 16, 2016 which will be the third anniversary of the FBI raid on Ramapo Town Hall.  As you may recall, the focus of the investigation prompting that raid appears to be on the questionable means in which the Provident Bank Ballpark in Pomona was financed.  Two weeks ago on a Thursday in March 2016, many felt it was a ‘Good Morning Good Morning‘ when we learned of significant federal law enforcement activity in Ramapo, Kiryas Joel and Brooklyn. Nearly 300 federal investigators raided properties and seized computers and documents that may provide evidence of large-scale fraud related to millions and millions of dollars in educational technology funding in yeshivas with similar raids occurring also in New Jersey.

Samuel Tress

As the raids commenced, Christopher St. Lawrence retreated further into hiding, and has continued to remain silent on the raids within his town.  Two months ago, newly-elected Ramapo Town Councilman, felon, New Jersey resident, and St. Lawrence’s running mate, Samuel Tress, was arrested by the Rockland District Attorney’s office for voting to back a zoning change on a housing development in which he held a financial stake. Tress had earlier signed an affidavit stating he wouldn’t profit from his decisions as a Zoning Board of Appeals member.  Perhaps Tress is the “Pete Best” of the Ramapo Town Board making this early departure as the FBI band may be about to strike up its own ‘March of the Ramapo Perps?’

The Ramapo planning and zoning boards have become locally famous for allowing real estate developers to get away with destroying the town’s suburban character, and it doesn’t look to be ‘Getting Better‘ anytime soon.  The repeated failure of the town to enforce its building codes places families at the mercy of unscrupulous landlords and puts first responders directly in harm’s way.  A Day In The Life‘ of a volunteer firefighter can bring significant dangers, and it is merely a matter of time before a tragedy occurs. Through it all, Wieder and the Bloc Appeasement Puppet Band play on. While publicly crying anti-Semitism at the first sign of any minor criticism, Wieder remains silent on many of the publicized wrongdoings within the Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic community.  At the same time, he is extremely vocal whenever he sees an opportunity to further the agenda of his community.  Unfortunately, Wieder has no understanding of his duty to represent the interests of all his constituents and to seek balance between their needs and the greater good of the county.

Rabbi Twersky

This comes as no surprise given that Wieder had fertile ground upon which to hone his skills in discriminatory representation. While serving as President of the East Ramapo School Board he was arrested for allegedly blocking the entrance to a polling place during a school board election. After his time on the school board, his success in furthering the narrow needs of his own community was rewarded by an ever-increasing voting block of ultra-Orthodox Hasidic followers with an election victory to the Rockland County legislature.  The power of this voting block continues to grow exponentially along with the rise in its population. While the vast majority of the masses that enable this power elite live in what is called for Medicaid purposes ‘poverty,’ community leaders such as Village of New Square’s Skverer Rebbe David Twersky prosper greatly. One might even speculate that Twersky, who lives in a mansion overlooking the Hudson and not with his ‘poverty’ stricken followers in Ramapo, should be anointed as Legistator Wieder’s “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds?’

Once in office, Wieder made it a priority to meet with powerful Albany lawmakers in order to lobby against the appointment of monitor with veto power in the East Ramapo School District and, as we mentioned above, he went so far as to step down from his role as Majority Leader in the Rockland County Legislature in order to make sure his “Within East Ramapo, Without Veto Power” message was heard loud and clear in Albany,  Despite years of fighting by parents, students, activists, and local government officials pleading for a monitor with veto power in the district, Wieder, ‘With a Little Help From His Friends,’ particularly the Bloc Appeasement Band follower, Republican Senator John Flanagan, has been able to stop this proposal from being brought to the New York State Senate floor for a vote.

Senator Flanagan

Following reports from NY State education officials, Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan is very aware of the need for a monitor with veto power.  But, after meeting with Wieder and his Ultra-Orthodox lobbyists, Flanagan will not let the vote see the light of day (the NYS Assembly passed the resolution supporting the monitor last year).  And just recently, the Head of the Senate Education, Republican Carl Marcellino, stated his opinion that East Ramapo should “take care of its own problems”. Even though both of these Senators reside on Long Island, the bloc puppeteers have pressured them into prioritizing special interests of a religious sect over the educational rights of thousands of children.

Aside from the East Ramapo school issue, Wieder has had his say (or intentional lack thereof) in several other issues.  He backed a proposal for a chicken slaughterhouse in a residential area in New Square, which clearly posed a potential health hazard to the many of his community’s silenced residents that would be living right next to it.  He has been an opponent of cracking down on dangerous illegal housing even though much of it occurs in his own district.  And perhaps most notably, he promoted the controversial “Jew in Rockland” video in which the producers referred to Rocklanders as Nazis.  When critics complained, he invited Brooklyn Assemblyman ‘black faced’ Dov Hikind to come up to Rockland for a press conference on Rockland’s “festering culture of anti-Semitism.”

Assemblyman Hovkind

Many of the Hasidic community’s leaders feel brazen enough to continue to sit in silence as the town allows its developers and builders to disobey laws. The politicians have no fear of retribution as they are backed by a powerful voting bloc that offers them near immunity in elections. With leaders elected to represent only one segment of the population, that segment gets almost whatever it wants, such as a constant parade of zoning variances which has led to a rampant and unchecked over-development nightmare in many villages and towns in Rockland.

Although many taxpayers continue to hope they will be able to raise their families here more and more they are asking: Will I be able to live in Rockland ‘When I’m Sixty-four’?  They are now feeling the intimidation of increasing real estate blockbusting. There are legitimate fears this tactic will create an early exodus in the secular community; unwanted solicitation and door knocking with ‘cash offers’ may eventually lead many a homeowner to decide ‘(S)He’s Leaving Home.’

County Executive Day

Fighting an uphill battle against the Bloc Appeasement Band, County Executive Ed Day has been constantly ‘Fixing A Hole’ in Rockland County’s finances. All the while, the Ramapo Democrats in the legislature have been throwing every obstacle at their disposal in his way, in many cases purely out of spite.  Fab Four member, Alden Wolfe, has taken a hard stand against Ed Day’s improvements and makes no attempt to hide his contempt for the County Executive, often letting his ego get in the way of real improvements.

Some may ask who plays the George Martin of this Bloc Appeasement Puppet Band?  We would argue that all evidence points to Governor Andrew Cuomo and through him those, such as Hillary Clinton, who need his support in New York State in their own elections.  Last year, we saw Cuomo veto the oversight of the Kiryas Joel annexation in Orange County and shortly thereafter, he received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations.  We are guessing that ‘Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite is really ‘being for the benefit of Mr. Coumo’. In the last election, Cuomo passed on a meeting with the parents of the East Ramapo School District, choosing instead to visit New Square and Kiryas Joel a few days prior to his re-election. We expect to see a repeat performance from him with Hillary Clinton in tow come the Presidential election race this Fall.

Preet Bharara

As the bloc’s power grows, it is increasingly difficult to keep track of their puppets and associated enablers who are often referenced in newspaper articles and on popular social media pages.  So without further ado, we’d like to leave you to sort out the Bloc Appeasment Puppet Band’s other supporters and enablers for yourselves.  We continue to expect that U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara will ride into Ramapo one day in very near future.

When he does, he will leave the people of Rockland singing happy choruses of  Lovely RICO.’


Aron Wieder Has Resigned As Majority Leader From The Rockland County Legislator

“In a surprising and unexpected move, Rockland County Legislator Aron Weider submitted his resignation as the Legislature’s Majority Leader.

“A short while ago, I submitted (my resignation) to the president of the legislature”, Weider said.
“The reason I took the drastic step to resign was because some have turned my position as majority leader and strong advocacy to protect the constitutional rights and the civil liberties of the Orthodox Jewish community here in Rockland County a distraction for the work of the county legislature and the Democratic Caucus.
Therefore, I have stepped aside to put those concerns ahead of my own.”
Weider was joined at his press conference by by NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind and COO Of Agudath Israel, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Golding.
In his comments to those gathered Hikind said “It pains me to say this. Dennis Walcott stabbed the entire community in the back.”

Wieder’s resignation is a reaction to developments earlier this week when it was announce on Monday that the New York State’s Board of Regents unanimously approved a state monitor with power to veto decisions by the East Ramapo School District.

The three-person panel headed by former New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott recommended 18 additional reforms including an independent election monitor for school board elections.
The recommendation for a state monitor with veto power would require approval from the state Legislature.
The announcement was opposed in statements by Wieder, Hikind and Agudath Israel.

Interview: Rockland Legislator Aron Wieder

Local official discusses his concern with East Ramapo Schools’ Monitor Dennis Walcott


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7 thoughts on “Aron Wieder – 98th Assembly District, the anti-non-ultra-Orthodox Jew

  1. Oh, boy – Aron Wieder is up to no good. Now he wants to run for the NY State Assembly – please let’s not allow that to happen!
    He only cares for his constituents, which does not include the rest of us.
    Please vote and make a difference in September!

  2. It’s funny that all the lawyers the school board hired are listed as donors. Joel Klein was the School Supt. (East Ramapo), Minerva, D’Agostino and Butler were all attorneys that the Board appointed. Butler was making $650 per hour and his law firm went bankrupt. Railroad Avenue collision in Valley Stream. I wonder if they know D”agostino who’s office was also in Valley Stream. The school board attorney prior to D”agostino made $120 per hour. Weider hired him in the wee hours of the morning when the Board President was on vacation at $200 per hour and a few months later that was raised to $250 per hour. D”agostino got $125 per hour for sitting in his car. I have no fear that Rechnitz, Reichberg and St. Lawrence are spilling their guts and Weider’s name will pop up.

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