Member of the Mile-High Sex Club – Kosher Food Required




Poking and Porking???

George Carlin, where are you when we need you?

This article could make for a George Carlin-worthy skit about the hundred different words or phrases that juxtapose the wholly “unkosher” romp at a mile-high with the demand for kosher food that followed. Dice Clay at his raunchiest could not poke at this one enough to even sow the seeds of humor.   The hooker involved had group sex with married men. If they could eat her why could they not then simply just eat the food on the plane? Oooops, did we just type that? Sorry.

R&R were poking the girl outside of wedlock (or directing?) and then would not stomach a little milchik and fleishik together? You think that they were wearing wool and linen? Or perhaps they were sheathing their shlongs in lambskin? Where to go from here?

Do you think she was milchik or fleishik?

We did it again. The humor is simply too much to resist.

Greco comments in the article that it was a “dark time” in her life and she speaks of embarrassment. In our estimation she did what she had to do to make a living but sold herself for far too little. They probably owe her another $50K for time, services rendered and for being the best behaved of the group. We wonder if they offered her some kosher deli sandwiches too…

Or were those non-Kosher sausages she was eating? We really should stop typing now….



Businessman demanded kosher meals after mile-high hooker romp

The Orthodox Jewish businessman who allegedly ordered up a wild, sex-fueled plane ride to Las Vegas as a bribe for NYPD favors demanded rabbi-certified food for the return trip, The Post has learned.

Real-estate investor Jona Rechnitz — who shelled out $59,000 for the round-trip travel — requested kosher deli sandwiches and a fruit platter for the group’s flight to Teterboro, NJ.

But airline manifests show the same six passengers got “standard stock” meals for the outbound flight, where call girl Gabi Grecko said she had group sex with the men, including now-disgraced Deputy Inspector James Grant.

E-mails obtained by The Post also show Rechnitz, who sources have said is cooperating with the feds in a bid for leniency, griped about having to pay the government its share for the shady getaway.

“Tax is 2k each way???” he wrote on Jan. 31, 2013, two days before the trip to Sin City.

“Tax is 7.5 %,” replied Keli McCabe-LaCrete of the Apollo Jets charter company.

The Post revealed the details of the cross-country trip on Friday after speaking exclusively with Grecko, who is identified in court papers as “Prostitute-1.”

Hours later, prosecutors demanded Grecko, 27, turn over the “sexy stewardess” outfit she wore aboard the eight-seat Bombardier Challenger 300 jet, sources said.

The feds also want Grecko’s photos from the Super Bowl-weekend excursion — two of which were published by The Post — and any related communications, sources said.

Grecko has said Rechnitz’s pal, Jeremy Reichberg, directed the kinky action on the plane.

“He’d call me a dirty slut while smacking my a- -,” she recalled.

She also said she was paid a paltry $1,500 for the trip, because the men placed a big bet on the San Francisco 49ers, who lost Super Bowl XLVII to the Baltimore Ravens, 34-31.

She spoke briefly to reporters before a Friday meeting with her lawyer, saying her role in the alleged gifts-for-favors scheme was “very embarrassing.”

To read the remaining article click, here.


6 thoughts on “Member of the Mile-High Sex Club – Kosher Food Required

  1. What the hell is “miltzik?”
    The word is ‘milchig’. Milch is milk; milchig is dairy.
    But then again, who am I to correct this pompous, ignorant and hateful person who runs this blog? After all she knows it all…

  2. It might have been easier to just give them a lunch box.
    Or they thought they could just snatch a quick nosh.
    “As we prepare for landing, please be sure your “seat backs” are in their full upright position.”
    “I’m sorry, but FAA regulations require that you wear this “blanket”.
    Is that a dill or half-sour in your pocket, or are you just happy to fly the friendly skies?

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