Asking a Crook to Tell you if you are Crooked, the Irony




Community Board 12, in advance of the driving season, has “teamed up with” the 66th Precinct to check drivers’ licenses and advise if drivers are in good standing. We can’t fault the idea. Only a really good set of crooks would know how to keep people driving a straight line.

We just can’t help commenting on the irony. It seems absurd to be asking the guys who regularly drive Shomrim vehicles to private endeavors, who have been known to issue gun licenses for cash, who have endeavored to protect their own from criminal prosecution, to make certain that your license is clean.

For a fee we wonder if they will scrub the license clean. Wait… is that legal?

We certainly suggest advising them when you will be away (as they are giving tips on protecting your property. Will they protect your home for a fee too?

Did we mention that Mendy Israel was once a member of CB 12? Probably not… that’s next.

Ringel and Community Board 12

Boro Park: Community Board 12 Hosts License Check Drive In Anticipation of Summer Driving Season –

Every summer, during peak driving season, when people are travelling upstate or to resorts and vacation spots, we hear of instances where people were arrested for driving while having a suspended license. Most of the times that this occurs, the situation is a misunderstanding or a completely innocent mistake that could’ve easily been avoided. For instance, it happens when someone forgets to answer a traffic ticket or they thought that it’s being handled by a lawyer and it somehow got lost in the shuffle without them ever being aware of it. –
To help prevent this from happening, Community Board 12 has teamed up with the 66th Precinct to provide license checks to anybody that wants. It’s simple. Just come in to the Community Board office at 5910 13th Avenue on Monday between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm, hand your license to an officer, they check it and let you know if it’s in good standing or you need to correct something. This way you can avoid all the embarrassment and heartache that come along with being arrested on the street, let alone, all the travel plans that are now potentially ruined. –

2 thoughts on “Asking a Crook to Tell you if you are Crooked, the Irony

  1. Lemme guess: if they find a problem, they’ll give suggestions on how to fix it. But if you’re not a black hat and they find a problem, you’ll be locked up immediately.

    As for needing criminals to catch criminals, refer to Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s quote when he was asked why he wanted Joseph Kennedy to run the new Securities and Exchange Commission, when it was widely known that he was a crook: “Takes one to catch one.”

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