Mendy Israel Remains on the Board of the Boro Park Y in Spite of a Child Molesting Indictment

We are posting this article found on Frum Follies which precedes the charges of today’s date and makes reference to today as the next court date. Again, we would like the DA to be clear about the importance of your role in the future of a child. Let the child victims of serial abusers feel that they can count on the system. Please don’t betray Mendy Israel’s victim now. We imagine that there are others.

FRUM FOLLIES by Yerachmiel Lopin

Mendy Samuel Shmuel Israel Mendy (Samuel, Shmuel) Israel

You expect a facility providing youth activities to steer clear of staff and board members indicted for felony child sexual abuse.

But 44-year-old, Boro Park Y board-member, Mendy (aka Shmuel, Samuel) Israel, was arrested on felony child sex abuse charges on March 2, 2016. This was publicized by Jewish Community Watch on March 3rd and yet he is still on the board three months later, as of June 4th.

This is insane. It puts kids at risk. Even if he doesn’t set foot in the building, his membership on the board sends the message that he is respectable and trustworthy with kids. This puts kids outside the building at risk.

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6 thoughts on “Mendy Israel Remains on the Board of the Boro Park Y in Spite of a Child Molesting Indictment

  1. There you go again. Next, you’ll probably bitch about a bank hiring a bank robber as a teller. Or a fire department hiring an arsonist. Or a prison hiring an escapee.

  2. He was previously a member of yidel perlstein and barry spitzer’s infamous community board 12 ( google new york daily news for details

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