Corrupt Threats, Misuse of Leadership, Children as Political Capital




A Threatening Foreshadowing – War on Education Moves to Ramapo Central

See past distractions such as the Ed Day vs. Alden Wolfe smokescreen, created and exacerbated by Hasidic political leadership, and you’ll see a far more sinister agenda at play. There have been inklings of it for some time now, obscured in large part by East Ramapo, but now the battle for Ramapo Central School District is coming into focus.

If we have learned anything about the bloc’s political strategy, it’s that they do not care about expending long-term political capital to satisfy short-term selfish purposes. While this may seem illogical, the fact of the matter is any losses in political capital (special influence) will be made up by what they will have in terms of human capital (i.e., votes). So while the bloc’s activities may seem completely unreasonable and self-defeating (e.g., continuing to loot and pillage the East Ramapo school district, even after the brightest of spotlights has been cast upon them), they are not in fact hurting their bottom line, or their goal.

Enter Ramapo Central School District. While the bloc does not yet – keyword being “yet” – have the demographics to “take over” the board, as Yossi Gestetner threatened last night, they do however know how to game the system through other means. They’ve adeptly learned from East Ramapo how to manipulate well-intentioned State mandates for their own illegitimate purposes.

The District has made a financially sound decision in limiting busing for all students to days on which public schools are in session. Even the East Ramapo board made this “painful concession,” as it was phrased at the time, and the world is still spinning.

Yet the “Newspaper of Torah Judaism” has, unsurprisingly, began to hyperbolize the situation. As it describes it, the RCSD board is “beginning to limit funding for essential services for its growing Orthodox Jewish population. “Essential services” speaks to the bloc’s manipulation of education entitlements. Busing is “essential” but apparently a sound secular education is not. And “growing Orthodox Jewish population” speaks to the threat Yossi Gestetner advanced last night.

Ramapo Central must continue to remain vigilant and non-complacent. The district and its residents must enact strict safeguards to ensure that the bloc’s tactics employed in East Ramapo, and those that have evolved out of their experiences in East Ramapo, are met with an insurmountable wall of defiance.

Make no mistake, Hasidic political leadership sees in its future total control of the Town of Ramapo. If there is one way to quickly decimate a town, it is to destroy its education system. The district and its residents must make it abundantly clear that this district will not give anyone carte blanche to manipulate the system.

Make no mistake, this is a war for our towns, villages, schools and quality of life.

Make no mistake, if we do not act now, all will be lost.


One thought on “Corrupt Threats, Misuse of Leadership, Children as Political Capital

  1. . Bussing is essential but it shouldn’t be provided on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, etc.
    I’m sure they are getting all the mandated services they are entitled to get. I would hate to see Ramapo Central become another East Ramapo. One destroyed school district in the County is enough. Maybe someone at Ramapo Central will volunteer to give Yosele some English classes.

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