Diamonds, Platinum, Reichberg and Tunnels




Lost Messiah, June 21, 2016

A Ring of Diamonds and Platinum…

On April 12th and April 13th, we reported on the intimate connection between Jona Resnitz, Jeremy Reichberg, Africa Israel, JSR Capital, JSTD Madison and Diamonds. It was our theory then and continues to be our theory now that the criminal enterprise, including the private piloted jets and the transporting of bodies, all under the watchful eye (or with the assistance of) NYPD top brass was and continues to be all about transporting elicit diamonds.

We stand by our position, that it is no coincidence that Jona Reznitz worked for Africa Israel, that 23 Wall Street was owned by Africa Israel and is now owned by Sam Pa, a businessman with connections to Africa Israel, to diamonds, the Queensway Group and Lev Leviev. We contend that it is no coincidence that many of the R&R companies have addresses at the World Diamond Center, 580 Fifth Avenue in NYC, that Platinum Partners was also connected to Africa Israel and has investments in diamonds and oil mines and that Rechnitz paid a fortune for Solomon Plaza, a building in Brooklyn that shares offices with other diamond dealers. 

In an article we received today, it was reported in no uncertain terms that when Jeremy Reichberg covertly had a lane  in the Lincoln Tunnel to traffic it was to escort Lev Leviev to a fundraiser. This was, from our perspective deliberate and the name behind the article is not serendipitous. We unequivocally hypothesize that there are diamonds lining the pockets of nary a businessman, a politician and a NYPD officer, but many. The numbers are in our view staggering. 

2e4236d1-b40b-4d74-ba35-98613984acedFrom our perspective there are likely dozens of other names of people who should be under investigation: Leopold Friedman, Joe Chetrit, Landa, Philipson, Fensterman, Bodner and the list goes on.

We believe it is all about tying the knot and a ring of Platinum and Diamonds.  



New York – Diamond Magnate Identified As Businessman In Illicit NYPD Lincoln Tunnel Closure

New York – Diamond Magnate Identified As Businessman In Illicit NYPD Lincoln Tunnel Closure

New York – One day after U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara announced that a Brooklyn man with close connections to the NYPD arranged to have one lane closed in the Lincoln Tunnel so that a wealthy businessman could be escorted to a fundraiser for Mayor de Blasio, sources have identified the visitor as Israeli diamond dealer Lev Leviev.

As previously reported on VIN News (, Jeremy Reichberg and three members of the NYPD were arrested yesterday as part of an ongoing federal corruption probe.  Reichberg is said to have plied police with fancy trips and expensive gifts in exchange for preferential treatment, which included the lane closure.

According to the New York Post, law enforcement sources said that there is no official record of the shutdown, which did not go through official channels.  The date of the actual incident is currently unknown.

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New York – Diamond Magnate Identified As Businessman In Illicit NYPD Lincoln Tunnel Closure – Central Florida Shmooze


New York – Diamond Magnate Identified As Businessman In Illicit NYPD Lincoln Tunnel Closure

Leviev, a billionaire with diamond mines in Africa and Russia, is the primary shareholder of Africa Israel, an international real estate firm. Jona Rechnitz, who worked hand in hand with Reichberg and is now cooperating with authorities, was once employed by Africa Israel.
Leviev owns high end diamond boutiques in New York, London, Dubai and Singapore.



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  1. Platinum Partners Said to Be Raided by FBI Amid Bribes Probe
    Christie Smythe
    Zeke Faux
    June 22, 2016 — 12:54 PM EDT Updated on June 22, 2016 — 4:57 PM EDT
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    Raid focuses on hedge fund’s operations, a person said
    FBI and Postal Service agents visited firm’s offices in N.Y.
    Platinum Partners’ offices were raided by federal agents looking into the hedge fund’s operations after a manager at the firm was charged this month with bribing a union chief, according to a person familiar with the matter.
    The raid is separate from the bribery probe, the person said. It adds to the woes at the firm, which is considering shutting down its main hedge fund, another person said last week. A final decision is still pending because the situation is in flux, that person said.
    Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Post

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